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Stuck. Title: Stuck (in the metal with you)Author: Calis_1stRating: PG for languageCharacters: Neal.

Neal is stuck in a subway grate because of his tracking anklet and he makes phones calls to the agents and Mozz he ends being in twitter this just plain funny – chelseabarron

Heard only by Neal are Jones, Diana, Peter and Mozzie.Spoilers: NoneContent Notice: Rats are mentioned, but never, ever make an appearance.Word Count: 1300 Summary: You know those metal grates in some New York sidewalks?


The ones over the subway tracks? The ones that are perfectly safe to walk on? Unless somebody did something really, really stupid, and you're wearing a tracking anklet. This is in response to a prompt by dmk0064 on the Freak Accident Fest on the LJ White Collar h/c community. " Good morning, Jones. "Hey, Diana, funny you should call. Whatsoever I've Feared (R) Neal & Peter gen. Title: Whatsoever I've FearedAuthor: embroideramaRating: RPairing/characters: Neal & Peter genWord count: 1,492Warnings: Past violence, some gross details, discussion of rape (no actual rape) (Highlight to read)Summary: Peter always wondered about Neal's time in prison.

Whatsoever I've Feared (R) Neal & Peter gen

When he finally asks, he gets an answer he wasn't expecting. Adventures in Trick or Treating, a white collar fanfic. Disclaimer: I don't own or profit off White Collar, I just daydream in their world.

When Neal agrees to take Samantha trick or treating, a night of fun, fear and mischief ensues. – chelseabarron

"It just had to be on Halloween.

Adventures in Trick or Treating, a white collar fanfic

Samantha has been so looking forward to going out. She was trick or treating for charity. " June looked disturbed. "Now both her parents and I will be busy and Cindy is out of town. " "Not to be gruesome or anything, but there is a certain irony, having a funeral on Halloween. " The Dentist, a white collar fanfic. Clint Eastwood's Best Move. "See, this is the thing I don't understand," Mozzie said, and Neal groaned and eased the bag of slowly melting frozen peas off his cheek.

Clint Eastwood's Best Move

"How can you not know how to fight? " "I'm a lover, not a fighter," Neal said sullenly. "Yeah, and you also have like, two percent body fat. Have you seen yourself? " "Look, I never had to fight until Peter sprung me," Neal said. "And Wilkes," Mozzie supplied. Sign Language For Cop. Neal had never put much thought into what the FBI Academy at Quantico would be like; if he thought about it at all, he assumed it would be a lot of drab government buildings filled with overly serious, overly lawful people learning how to be FBI agents.

Sign Language For Cop

An army of little Peter Burke clones without Peter's sense of humor or flexible moral compass. And now he was going to see it in person, because what every con man wanted was to be surrounded by proto-FBI agents just waiting to prove themselves. Illustrations. Title: Illustrations (part 1 of 9)Author: IvorysilkRating: RSummary: Less than a month before the end of his sentence, Neal takes on a dangerous assignment against Peter's wishes.


As usual, Neal is hurt and Peter suffers, while Elizabeth picks up the pieces. Originally written for my round one hurt/comfort bingo card, as well as for the anonymous kink meme, for for a h/c fic inspired by the illustration in the link. Spoilers: Nothing specific really--this was started after I'd only seen season 1, and was horribly new to the fandom, so be aware that this is now rather AU. Sara is not really in it--you may feel free to believe that either she didn’t exist (she didn’t, when I started this), or that she and Neal broke up amicably (and she’s now in Tahiti being fabulous, so can’t visit, although she texts Neal from time to time), and are simply no longer together.

Part one. / Part two. / Part three./ Part four. / Part five. / Part six. / Part seven. / Part eight. / Part nine. We Protect Our Own. They were only supposed to be serving a search warrant on an identity theft case.

Neal and Peter are serving a warant when they discover something that is kiddie porn and Nela is the child Peter helps him deal with his past. one shot – chelseabarron

Forging IDs and social security cards was a small-footprint operation, the tools easily hidden.

We Protect Our Own

Owner's Manual. The disclaimer: I don't own WC.

This story gives whole new meaning to the phrase "pet convict." Neal is a convict in the world where conctis have their minds wiped an turned into thinking thier pets he is a cat – chelseabarron

The work: This is satire.

Owner's Manual

For the uninitiated, that means I've written a seven-chapter joke to discuss something that's no joke at all. The reason this happened: On the show, Agent Ruiz used the phrase "pet convict. " What You See And What You Get. I actually finished a Big Bang!

Peter is blinded by acid and Neal and ELizabeth take care of him and then the case they were working finds them and NEal is coerced into something e doesn't want to do eading into consequences ones shot – chelseabarron

This is the first time that's happened, so I feel very proud :) Also, this story actually has plot and stuff!

What You See And What You Get

(As well as hurt/comfort. Shockingly.) A Heart Thing. It wasn’t really lying, Neal always decided, when he thought about it at all.

Neal wasn't actually lying about his heart condition. He was just . . . omitting. Unyil it flares up and Neal doesn't get to go into feild 1-shot – chelseabarron

It just wasn’t the sort of thing he talked about.

A Heart Thing

His mom hadn’t talked about it, and as far as he knew she’d never taken any medication for it. But then, his mom hadn’t really been into the whole self-care thing after they’d gone into WitSec. Neal himself wasn’t exactly the poster child for self-care, either, but he had a life now that he liked and that he wanted to stay healthy for, and Peter nagged him into getting a physical once a year. It was during one of those routine physicals that Neal’s doctor saw the notation in his history and talked him into getting an EKG. I an not what you think I do. Chapter Text Disclaimer: All characters, etc belong to their respective creators, etc.

Poem story of Neal and secret identity? – chelseabarron

I am only playing. I am not what you think I do. Neal leaned against the elevator wall, eyes closed, keeping his breathing; if not as deep as usual, steady. The cut on his face was easy to explain away.Bugsy escaping from June or Cindy and nipping at his ankles while he was shaving. The Neal!Whump Master List. . - Not a Gun Guy. Neal's arms were originally crossed against the chill in the basement shooting range, but now it looks more like defiance, "No, Peter.

Just no. " "Neal, if you can use a gun, we might as well get you licensed to carry one in the field-" Sunshine and Roses vs Reality. Title: Sunshine and Roses vs Reality Author: christikat Fandom: White Collar Pairing/Characters: Peter/Neal/Elizabeth Rating/Category: PG-13 Word count: ~ 25,000.

Neal, Peter and El are in a threesome relationship. Watching El longing for a child of her own, Neal offers himself to carry out Peter and Elizabeth's child. Warning: Mpreg! Written for the mpregbigbang on LJ. – chelseabarron