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Feedly: a magazine-like start page. Home - Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy. 15 Advanced DropBox Hacks & Tips. Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Comments We've updated this popular post for 2013 with all of the newest hacks we've seen for Dropbox :) Dropbox is an application for Windows, Mac & Linux that allows you to seamlessly & securely backup, store or share files between multiple locations.

15 Advanced DropBox Hacks & Tips

Typical uses include sharing important files between home PC's & laptops or having a secure online backup of all your important stuff. Dropbox is free to use for up to 2GB of storage, the premium version ($199.99 per year) upgrades your storage to 100GB. You can also get up to 4.5GB of extra space if you test you the new experimental build of Dropbox for Photos. In this post we'll look past the basic features of Dropbox & delve into some of the more advanced ninja type things it can be used for.

Get 512MB Of Extra Space Sign up for Dropbox, then visit this page. Portable Dropbox - Take It Anywhere Take your Dropbox everywhere with DropboxPortableAHK. Start Bittorrent Downloads from Work Sync passwords with KeePass. Tips: 15 Advanced hacks for Dropbox. How to Hack Your Dropbox: Five Amazing Mashups. As any PC power-user knows, getting files from one place to another is one of the oldest tasks in the book.

How to Hack Your Dropbox: Five Amazing Mashups

Since way back when people have used floppies, ZIP disks, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, thumb drives, email and more to get the files you need from point A to point B. But now there’s DropBox, which has—in the half year or so since it came out of beta—become our very favorite way of making sure that we always have our most important files at hand.

If you’re not familiar with how DropBox works, it’s simple: You create a free account with DropBox, and install a small app on your computer. This app creates a folder on your computer (wherever you choose) and monitors that folder at all times. Whenever you change the contents of this folder, by adding, modifying or deleting files, DropBox automatically syncs these changes to your account’s folder on their servers. Still, with a little creativity, DropBox can be a lot more than just a way to move files from one computer to another. 1. 2. 15 Hacks Every Dropbox User Should Know. When you get right down to it, Dropbox is a pretty simple app.

15 Hacks Every Dropbox User Should Know

It syncs folders—that’s it. But what makes Dropbox amazing is the sheer number of different ways you can use that functionality, by itself or in conjunction with other programs, to improve your computing experience. We like Dropbox so much that we’ve written about it several times before, and we still haven’t gotten to every cool thing you can do with the program. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to share with you a whopping 15 things that we think everyone should know about Dropbox, from how to get extra storage for free to how to use Dropbox to control your Bittorrent client. Run Dropbox as a Windows Service. Best Dropbox Hacks and Dropbox Portable.

Dropbox has literally changed the way I do things in the Internet. If you haven’t heard of Dropbox, it is an online file synchronization service with the following cool useful features: File Sync between multiple computers Cross platform support – Windows. Linux & Mac No complicated interface – runs in the background and access via your regular file browser. Access from anywhere from the Internet Share your files with other users Show photos You can read my detailed Dropbox Review here.

Best Dropbox Hacks I often write about Dropbox hacks as I come across them. Dropbox Portable I use Dropbox at home and work and so does my wife. I drop a file for my wife in our Dropbox folder and it instantly appears in her folder at her workplace or at home – in our desktop or laptop. Welcome to HootSuite - The Professional Twitter Client. Online Mind Mapping - MindMeister. Diigo - Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes, Online Bookmarking and.

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