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Star Trek. Star trek. Star Trek: Voyager Category on Jeopardy! Family Guy - Seth MacFarlane's Star Trek Interview! Missharleyquinn. Star Trek. Phoenix Command - Eine Star Trek Online Rollenspiel Flotte. Star Trek House. Funny Zachary Quinto Star Trek Interview 09. Startrek. Star trek. 5 million Star Trek pirates vs. 1 FCC broadband plan - Ars Techn. Paramount Pictures says that, in the months following the theatrical release of Star Trek, the media company tracked more than five million IP addresses that downloaded one of six camcorded copies of the movie.

5 million Star Trek pirates vs. 1 FCC broadband plan - Ars Techn

The first was in Russian, but it was followed by editions from the Philippines, the Ukraine, Spain, Germany, and finally the United States. Who does Paramount blame for this? Pretty much the entire Internet, it seems, including,, Microsoft's,, and, of course, millions of 'Net users. "Just five years ago, one had to be computer literate and exceedingly patient to pirate movies," Paramount wrote to the Federal Communications Commission on Friday. Star Trek Online Official Site. Star Trek.

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