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Coast To Coast Cheddarhead – CoastToCoastCheddarhead.BIZ. Brighter spotlight hasn’t changed Allen Lazard’s outlook. Asked whether he'd rather make a big catch or a big block that leads to a big gain on the ground, Lazard instantly chooses the latter.

Brighter spotlight hasn’t changed Allen Lazard’s outlook

He credits his father, former Iowa State defensive back Kevin Lazard, for instilling that grittiness in his game. Looking to take things to the next level in 2020, Lazard spent the offseason in Arizona with close friend Manny Wilkins, who was a member of the Packers' practice squad in 2019. That arrangement not only gave Lazard a capable quarterback to throw him passes but also someone to push him each day in workouts. A popular target for Rodgers on third downs last year, Lazard trained with the focus of preparing his mind and body for a full NFL season.

"Really, I was only playing the second half of the season so the first half, I wasn't playing as much," Lazard said. Simply put, Lazard wants to be an "any-down security blanket" for Rodgers this season. As Packers near return to field, practice film will be invaluable to scouts. GREEN BAY – After months of virtual meetings and off-site preparation, the Packers are finally scheduled to retake the practice field this Saturday.

As Packers near return to field, practice film will be invaluable to scouts

It'll mark the first time General Manager Brian Gutekunst and his scouts have seen Green Bay's nine-player rookie draft class and other offseason acquisitions in a competitive setting. With the preseason already cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every second of practice film between now and the start of the regular season will be invaluable in assessing which 53 players the Packers will take into their regular-season opener next month in Minnesota. "I think everyone around here is starving for us to get back out there so we have a little film to watch and start to evaluate these guys and get prepared for the season," Gutekunst said Monday.

Packers release LB Jamal Davis. Inbox: It’s going to take all of us. Mike from Mount Prospect, IL Gentlemen, if the starting QB is "the man," then the backup QB is one of the most difficult positions to fill.

Inbox: It’s going to take all of us

I've been watching some old GB games (my training camp), and I'm amazed at how Matt Flynn was able to come off the bench and perform at a high level so frequently. So many men in GB (and elsewhere) have floundered when thrust suddenly into the QB role. Given the challenges of the upcoming season, the backup QBs could make or break a season. For sure. Love the teddy bear idea. Happy Birthday to Chandon Sullivan! Happy Birthday to Jon Runyan! Happy 101st birthday, Green Bay Packers! Remix: The Packers have arrived. Packers Unscripted: Packers getting started. Davante Adams locking into the details at camp  Three Things: Urgency, don't worry Kenny, and the Packers' offense. LaFleur feeling a good energy among team. GMFB: Top 10 throws of Aaron Rodgers' career. #535 Packers Unscripted: Packers getting started.

Linsley expects offensive line to 'take another step' this year. #536 Packers Unscripted: Davante Adams’ legacy. LaFleur: 'Implementing game-like situations' key in Packers training camp. Packers Unscripted: Davante Adams' legacy. Wagner says 'it's a true honor' playing for Packers. Three Things: Road sweet road, playing through it, Packers practice. Packers Daily: August 6. Preston Smith: Packers' defense has 'a lot of talent'

Smiths want to be 'bigger and better' for Packers. LaFleur thinks Packers WR Allen Lazard 'attacks it the right way' Lazard wants to 'keep making strides' in Year 3. Allen Lazard poised for significant role with Packers. Gutekunst likes young talent behind Packers LB Christian Kirksey 

Jaire Alexander looking to 'master his craft' for Packers. Packers Daily: August 10. Inbox: Everyone’s after that ideal combination. Steve from Kansas City, MO Do you think Rodgers would be better served by simply saying he will not answer any questions speculating about his future with GB?

Inbox: Everyone’s after that ideal combination

Favre made the mistake of saying honestly how he felt during his last few years with GB, and it created all the "will he or won't he retire" BS. Inbox: There’s no better setup. Who would be the presumptive starter at TE at this point?

Inbox: There’s no better setup

Marcedes Lewis but it'll be fluid. I expect Jace Sternberger to play quite a bit as well early on. Inbox: Jace Sternberger is going to get plenty of opportunity. What about a self-sanitizing ball?

Inbox: Jace Sternberger is going to get plenty of opportunity

When thrown it shoots a mist out of the front of the ball and flies through it. Inbox: Robert Tonyan's one to watch this summer. Dean from Leavenworth, IN I've been skeptical the season can go off without interruption or be played to a conclusion.

Inbox: Robert Tonyan's one to watch this summer

Mitch Goldich had an article on the SI website (a proposal to save the 2020 NFL season) that made a lot of sense. He suggests an eight-game schedule (six division and two inter-conference games) with alternating AFC and NFC weeks that would allow teams to recover and adjust to any positive tests. It made a lot of sense and looked like a way to get teams through the whole season with minimal interruption. Inbox: It’s part of the natural progression.

Jim from Thousand Oaks, CA Only when you find the missing oak.

Inbox: It’s part of the natural progression

The question about why Packer helmets aren't gold (like the 49ers, Notre Dame, and Navy) made me reflect on a memorable Pro Bowl. As you know, the NFC and AFC each have either blue or red jersey colors, but each player wears the helmet of his own regular team. And when the starting QB for the NFC was flinging it down the field to his starting receivers (Lofton, Jefferson, and Coffman), those yellow helmets shone out like spotlights among all the duller blues and grays. Inbox: It’s going to take all of us. Photos: Packers S Vernon Scott in college. Three Things: The virtual offseason, Jerry Gray and the mystical 'it' Inbox: The key will be who develops additional strengths. Some recent questions in II downplayed the severity of COVID-19 in certain populations, but it can still cause problems regardless of age or health.

Inbox: The key will be who develops additional strengths

Von Miller's comments on his experience with COVID-19 show this. Yes, he has asthma, but he is as strong and as in shape as they come and was still struggling to get back in shape two-plus weeks post-COVID-19. He's probably not the only player with asthma or underlying conditions to think about, either. There needs to be a plan in place to ensure safety. There most certainly will be. Christopher from Frederick, MD Hearing that Dalvin Cook might holdout if he doesn't get a new deal from the Vikings, with their backs already against the cap, makes me a little happy, I can't lie. Remember, the Inbox does not endorse chortling. Lambeau Field Losing Streak: Packers Nation’s great divide. The median age in the United States is close to 40.

Lambeau Field Losing Streak: Packers Nation’s great divide

That also is probably about the age of the great divide within Packers Nation. Those around 40 likely have some recollection of the tail end of the franchise's gory years. Those much under 40 probably only know the Packers of the Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers' good times era. Of course, those of us 65 or older lived through all the horrors of that 24-year drought, from 1968 through 1991, and can still recite our own laundry lists of the lowest of the lowlights.

From the 40-0 Lambeau Field loss to Detroit in the 1970 season opener – Phil Bengtson's last – which was the shatterproof truth for all of us the Glory Years were over. Playbook won’t be new when Packers hit the practice field. GREEN BAY – By the time the first practice of training camp rolls around in another six days, the Packers probably will be sick of reviewing film in meetings. But that's sort of the point. If there's a silver lining to all the limitations and changes regarding how Head Coach Matt LaFleur is preparing his team, it's that the players will mentally be in a better place with their playbooks before the first practice than they've ever been. After all the virtual meetings in the offseason, followed by walk-throughs on top of meetings through the first two weeks of training camp, LaFleur said the players will have gone through all the playbook installations twice before they take the field.

Inbox: It’s part of the natural progression. Photos: Packers DL Jonathan Garvin at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. Packers Daily: June 17. Inbox: It’s going to take some getting used to for everyone. Texas is already allowing fans to attend professional sports (even though there's not really sports to attend). If the NFL defers to states, could this lead to the most unbalanced home-field advantage in NFL history? Say every Cowboys home game they are allowed 50/75% capacity, whereas the Giants are forced to go fanless every week. I think the NFL will make a decision based on fairness, but it would definitely be an interesting story.

Inbox: The streak is scheduled to extend. Bob from Port St. Lucie, FL Mike, baseball without chewing and spitting? How will these guys get through it? No high-fives either, apparently. Packers expecting young receivers to ‘step up’ in 2020. "He's shown that he's a really talented player on the field, and he's coming into his own confidence-wise," said Adams of Lazard. "Once you start to truly believe you're a really, really good player, and you know your role on the team and all that, that's when you start to have an Allen Lazard. Really excited to see … this next year jump for him, because he's a lot more confident. " Valdes-Scantling began last season in a starting role, posting a six-catch, 99-yard performance with a touchdown against Denver in Week 3 and another 133 yards and a score against the Raiders in Week 7. Happy Birthday to Jonathan Garvin. Packers Daily: June 18.

Inbox: They connected with that. Kyle from Bell Buckle, TN Ethan from La Crosse was right. We should only allow for pertinent questions. So who would win in a fight between Rodgers and a hurricane? Lambeau Field Atrium to close for Holiday, Saturday July 4. No easy tasks in current environment for Packers. Staying in tune with the players' physical conditioning will be paramount, because in a normal training camp, there are extended breaks built in for veteran players. Usually they hold just a light practice or walk-through the day before a preseason game, play only a few if any snaps in the game itself, and then get a weight workout in the day after the game.

Those pockets of time are natural rest-and-recovery spots through the grind of camp for veteran players prepping for a 16-game slate, but they won't exist once the practice regimen begins in a little over a week. Za’Darius and Preston Smith have targets in mind. "He said, 'I can see it this year coming, to where we're going to have a ton of sack fumbles and forced fumbles.' So I can't wait, man, because Coach is speaking it into existence.

" Inbox: Robert Tonyan's one to watch this summer. Happy Birthday to Adrian Amos! #18 Alumni Spotlight: Colin Cole. Inbox: There’s no question about it. Does the 70-year-age limit apply to all levels of the organization? If so we could have Aaron Rodgers for another 33 years and Wes for like 50 years. OK, I laughed. Good morning! Allen from Birmingham, AL. Packers’ future at tight end starts with Marcedes Lewis. Packers training camp memory: 12-hour trip to the end of the world  At 10 a.m. on July 27, 1952, roughly 50 players, as well as coaches, boarded two buses at the Greyhound Bus Depot in downtown Green Bay and departed for Grand Rapids, Minn. They arrived at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night, completing the more than 400-mile trip in 12 hours. Rick Wagner ‘very happy to be home’ with Packers. General Manager Brian Gutekunst brought Wagner back home to help replace one of the team's longest-tenured players in right tackle Bryan Bulaga, who signed with the Los Angeles Chargers as an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

Lambeau Field will not host fans during first two home games this season. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities around the country and throughout Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers announced today that Lambeau Field will not host fans at the first two home games this season. The Packers' third home game is on Nov. 1 against the Minnesota Vikings. Whether fans can attend this game and others later in the season will depend on the status of the virus. Inbox: Jace Sternberger is going to get plenty of opportunity. Happy Birthday to Robert Tonyan! Alumni Spotlight: Colin Cole.

Inbox: He would be the next name on the list. Mike, you let the league off far too easily in the question about Washington's nickname. Yes, the owner doesn't want to change, but the league hasn't forced the issue. NFL is a private business that makes lots of rules teams, players, staff have to follow. They need to show leadership on this and not just give lip service. Inbox: He gave Packers fans much-needed hope. When picking in Rounds 5-7 of the draft, which position group has the best chance of success? My hunch is offensive line, with running back and defensive back not far behind. Matt LaFleur will prepare Packers for possibility of no fans this season.

LaFleur and his assistants devoted a lot of time, energy and resources during the pandemic to ready themselves for what's bound to be a rollercoaster of a 2020 NFL season. A lot of ideas were scrapped during that process, but the information gained from those discussions gives LaFleur confidence his staff can adjust to a constantly shifting tide. Packers claim FB John Lovett. Corey Linsley projects Packers’ ground game will continue making strides. Inbox: There’s no better setup. Photos: Best of newly-signed Packers DL Treyvon Hester. Will Davante Adams be a Top 5 fantasy WR in 2020?

Inbox: Never stop fighting. MT5: Packers, NFL face difficult decisions. Kenny Clark eager to show he’s one of NFL’s top defensive tackles. Davante Adams remains fully dedicated, on and off the field. Inbox: Everyone’s after that ideal combination. Through the Lens: Familiar surroundings, iconic moments for Packers. Billy Turner discusses his role in Packers' social-justice video. Inbox: Whatever works. Inbox: The bumper sticker was finally right. With no preseason, Packers look to create their own competition  Packers release QB Morton and FB Wellman. Aaron Rodgers: ‘Urgency is definitely up’ with limited prep time.

Inbox: There’s only one way to find out. Countdown to Packers Camp: Defensive line. Countdown to Packers Camp: Linebackers. Happy Birthday to Lucas Patrick. Happy Birthday to Darnell Savage. First Look: Packers players arrive at Lambeau Field. Countdown to Packers Camp: Defensive backs. Arrival Photos: Packers at Lambeau Field on Saturday. Sunday Snapshots: Packers return to Lambeau Field for #PackersCamp. 'Top 100 Players of 2020': Aaron Jones. 'Top 100 Players of 2020': Aaron Rodgers. #29 Alumni Spotlight: Mike Wahle. Alumni Spotlight: Mike Wahle. Packers GM Gutekunst: 'Everyone is excited to be around football again' LaFleur on Packers' training camp layout: 'Unprecedented' Three Things: Packers embracing accountability, unsung heroes, and all that's different.