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Chazelles Fireplaces

Chazelles Fireplace is a one-stop luxury Fireplace showroom Sydney for a variety of modern fireplace designs ranges from the outdoor wood fireplace to modern gas fireplace with built-in fireplace functionality. Cheminee is the modern French term for fireplace, although in past references it has also been defined as meaning a chimney or a fireplace surround. The main building material was “Pierre de Chazelles” (stone of Chazelles), a fine quality golden stone, similar to high-density limestone mined in Chazelles.

Contact - Chazelles Fireplaces. Modern Wood Fireplaces Sydney. Chazelles Fireplaces, also known as Chazelles Cheminee, has been designing and manufacturing wood and gas fireplaces for over 20 years.

Modern Wood Fireplaces Sydney

We have an extensive range of advanced engineered technology to create wood burning fireplaces Sydney for architects and owners of new or existing homes. Our fireplaces will suit many interior styles including modern, country and classic. Our Radiant Collection of wood burning fireplaces feature a heavy-duty cast iron firebox. Our Design Collection of wood burning fireplaces are made from double skin 1.5 mm steel and firebricks. Firebox options include single sided, double sided, triple sided and corner units. Choose from a range of design features including: our exclusive Dual Opening Door System, removable handles, optional hot air ducting system, and a range of trim colours. Wood Fireplace - Google Maps. Wood Burning Fireplace - Google Maps.

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IP address: 2020-10-23T01:33:34ZURL: Contact - Chazelles Fireplaces. Chazelles Fireplaces - Google Maps. Chazelles Fireplaces. Wood Burning Fireplace. Chazelles Fireplaces. Hot Air Ducting System - Chazelles Fireplaces. The unit is fitted with a fan that has a maximum capacity of 500M3/H for blowing hot air through the room vents.

Hot Air Ducting System - Chazelles Fireplaces

The Hot Air Ducting System distributes hot air from the fireplace to selected rooms through a network of flexible insulated ducts. The fan is connected to the fireplace with a 3-metre minimum flexible aluminum pipe. This pipe starts close to the firebox inside the fireplace structure of the Radiant Collection or is directly connected to the firebox of the Design Collection fireplaces. A bypass vent is used to balance the network ducting system.

It is installed in the same room as the fireplace and is connected to the fan with a minimum of 2 metres of flexible aluminium pipe. Double Sided Wood & Gas Fireplace Sydney - Chazelles Fireplaces. Double Sided Fireplaces Open on one side or both to create a feature for your home entertaining area.

Double Sided Wood & Gas Fireplace Sydney - Chazelles Fireplaces

The double sided, wood burning fireplace designed by Chazelles allows you to extend the enjoyment of a wooden log fire in more than one living room or space in the home. Designed with installation and flexibility in mind, the DF1200 + CDF800L or CDF800R fireplace is ideal for large areas. As the ultimate dual focal point between two rooms, it allows you to create two very different areas within one space. All this while providing radiant warmth for both living rooms in the home. Dual Opening Fireplace. Modern Freestanding Fireplace Sydney - Chazelles Fireplaces. Radiant Collection Gallery - Chazelles Fireplaces. Electric Fireplaces - Chazelles Fireplaces.

French Factory - Chazelles Fireplaces. French Design & Production Factory Managing the TPS and supervising the manufacturing operation is Chazelles’ team of skilled technicians.

French Factory - Chazelles Fireplaces

They test all products before they are packed and shipped to ensure they comply with European and Australian standards. In addition, our technicians inspect all fireplaces to ensure they maintain and meet the top-level standard associated with the Chazelles brand. Research has played an important role in the evolution of Chazelles products. Through our ongoing research and development program, Chazelles highly qualified engineers are continually improving our product range in key areas such as design, heating technology and clean air technology. Engineering - Chazelles Fireplaces. Chazelles fireplaces have been built with advanced engineered technology to ensure you have year after year trouble free operation, energy efficiency, and maximum heat output.

Engineering - Chazelles Fireplaces

The details behind this technology include: Our Radiant Collection is built from heavy duty Lamellar Graphite cast iron, which provides a high level of corrosion resistance, vibration absorption and very good tri-dimensional stability.Our Design Collection is built from double skin steel and lined with 60 mm firebricks to maintain a high combustion temperature.The Chazelles retractable Dual Opening Door System uses a stainless steel axis mounted on high performance wheel bearings for smooth door operation and extra strong motorbike grade chains for the counter weight system.A secondary Hot Airflow System, specifically for keeping window glass clean and clear, and to ensure an appropriate balance of pre-combustion fumes.Lateral and vertical opening doors are fitted with 820°C heat resistant vitro ceramic glass.

Chazelles Fireplaces. The village of Chazelles is located in Charente, of the French region Poitou-Charentes, part of the Angouleme district, and is only 20 kms from another Chateau d’Angouleme, inherited by Francis I.

Chazelles Fireplaces

Francis was born near Cognac in 1494 and was Count of Angouleme. He decided to restore the Chateau d’Angouleme also using the Chazelles stone. Major building was undertaken over many years including extensions featuring the Renaissance influences of the time. Other French kings who were connected previously to the Chateau were Henri d’ Angouleme (Henri II) and Charles IX the Duc d’Angouleme.

Continuing during the reigns of french kings, Louis XIV, XV and XVI, in the middle 1600’s to late 1700, fireplace design continued to evolve. CHAZELLES CHEMINEE – THE BEGINNING Chazelles Cheminee was named after Chazelles, the place in which the company was established in the 1970s. About The Chazelles Brand - Chazelles Fireplaces. Modern Fireplace Designs.

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