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Home | Modest Mouse In honor of the album's 10th Anniversary, Modest Mouse's landmark recording is to be reissued on vinyl later this spring. Out-of-print for the past five years, the 12" remastered heavy double vinyl will be released on April 17, coinciding with Record Store Day , the annual celebration of independent record stores. Recorded from July through November 1999, Modest Mouse's third album made it on many year-end Best Of lists in addition to ranking in the Top 10 on Pitchfork Media and Rhapsody's top of the decade lists. Home | Modest Mouse
YouTube - Brasileirinho - Waldir de Azevedo (Bico da Coruja)
YouTube - Brasileirinho - Waldir Azevedo
Jean-Marc Onkelinx - En avant la musique ! - Blog de Jean-Marc O Année Richard Wagner oblige, je me plonge depuis quelques temps déjà dans un énorme travail qui va m’occuper tout l’été. En effet, le Cercle belge francophone Richard Wagner m’a fait l’honneur de me charger de rédiger les textes qui illustreront le numéro spécial de la revue anniversaire. Lourde tâche, vu l’abondance des écrits spécialisés en la matière, que je veux mener avec mon esprit didactique et pédagogique. Jean-Marc Onkelinx - En avant la musique ! - Blog de Jean-Marc O
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Deep Elm Records Deep Elm Records Deep Elm Records is pleased to announce that we are now offering downloads of every album in our catalog (200+) on a Name Your Price basis. Fan support of our artists is a key element in the creation of music that inspires, excites and consoles you. It's about bands and fans coming together as one and experiencing music's awesome ability to move the soul.
First Listen: The Flaming Lips, 'Embryonic' Audio for this feature is no longer available. The album was released on Oct. 13, 2009. hide captionWith confetti guns, giant inflatable balls and furry animal costumes, The Flaming Lips' members craft an infectiously fun, truly surreal concert experience. Taylor Hill/Getty Images First Listen: The Flaming Lips, 'Embryonic'
Pitchfork: Album Reviews: The xx: xx Pitchfork: Album Reviews: The xx: xx The xx are four 20-year-olds from South London who make predominantly slow, furtive pop music, mostly about sex. They are also one of the stranger recipients of UK hype in recent memory. They have no calling-card song; members of the Pitchfork staff have ID'd no fewer than four songs ("Basic Space", "Crystalised", "Islands", "Infinity") as "the one." They are not fashion plates, nor likely to be.
"Your Father's Basement" is part 400 Blows, part Ice Storm, but with the stakes of neither. It's a half-remembered, more-than-half-literary coming-of-age recollection full of concrete details: searching for porno mags, prank calling, knowing where your friend's dad keeps his liquor, crushing on an older sister's friend, watching for bikini tops coming loose in the pool, blasting Eric B. on a rickety jambox. Recording again as Ola Podrida, soundtrack composer David Wingo doesn't fashion these details into a story so much as use them-- and the chiming guitars, the establishing bass line, the grainy restraint of his vocals-- to conjure the feeling of teenage boredom and freedom. Pitchfork: Track Reviews: Ola Podrida - "Your Father's Basement" Pitchfork: Track Reviews: Ola Podrida - "Your Father's Basement"
Pitchfork: Track Reviews: Hudson Mohawke - "Rising 5" Hudson Mohawke is not afraid to go lowbrow. That shouldn't come as a surprise, though, since his name would appear to come from Bruce Willis' one and only attempt at screenwriting. Likewise, "Rising 5", from his upcoming Warp Records debut Butter, is smooth and sleazy-- the kind of track that demands to be accompanied by a mai tai, a fur vest, and a bikini-carwash poster. On his Polyfolk Dance EP, Mohawke programmed breaks that sounded like they had been through the blender-- glitchy and sample heavy music not entirely unlike that of his Warp Records label-mate Flying Lotus. But on "Rising 5" Mohawke seems to be after something a little groovier than that. He juggles lush pads with glistening arpeggios and some Prince-worthy one-finger synthesizer melodies. Pitchfork: Track Reviews: Hudson Mohawke - "Rising 5"
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YouTube - GENERAL ELEKTRIKS "Take Back The Instant"
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Benefits of Bose Wireless Speakers Bose wireless speakers provide a solution to one of the greatest challenges of modern electronics that have a tangle of cables. The introduction of this wireless technology from the Bose Company has made our life easier by doing away with the messy wires. SoundsHunter | MSTRKRFT SoundsHunter | MSTRKRFT
Rn'B/Soul/Hip Hop Mitchell Brothers, Michael Jackson (video) Mitchell Brothers, Michael Jackson (video) We've already blogged a lot about all the Michael Jackson tributes that have popped on the Internet since his passing, so why not focus, for a change, on the marks of affection and support the King of Pop received while he was still alive ? Here is the video for a really nice track by british duo The Mitchell Brothers, actually released in 2007 ! Simply named "Michael Jackson", it has been remixed by UK's dance sensation Calvin Harris. Nice one.
D'obscures et populaires pensées prédisent que les hommes seront un jour à la solde des machines.Mais même dans ce décor futuriste, aseptisé et déshumanisé, l'homme reste au centre de la création : les sons proviennent de bouches d'hommes, contrôlées par leurs copains, du genre humain également. La machine ne reste alors qu'une interface. Joli paradoxe ! Ce film réalisé par NangLee est tout simplement éblouissant et se passe de commentaire. J'arrête donc. FaisTourner: Best Hip Hop video ever by Technics (?) FaisTourner: Best Hip Hop video ever by Technics (?)
YouTube - Freestlye Rap Battle: Translated
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Welcome To The Essential Guitar Guide
YouTube - Brand New 'The National' Song on Q TV
Pitchfork: Track Reviews: Frida Hyvönen - "Jesus Was a Cross Mak Frida Hyvรถnen is not the first singer to reinterpret Judee Sill's debut single from 1971, but she is almost certainly the best. Though Warren Zevon, the Hollies, and Rachael Yagamata have each recorded notable covers of the song, their versions are all marred by vocal performances that are simply not up to the task of conveying the fluttering cadences of Sill's melody. Hyvรถnen is not only capable of singing the melody as written, but she arguably sings it better than its author, who possessed a lovely if modest singing voice. Hyvรถnen's performance is arresting from the first note, with her lightly reverbed alto investing the tune and its lyrics with a heart-melting poignancy without tipping into sappy melodrama.
Production-wise, "Despicable Dogs" is a little masked and faint (how bedroom), but it tugs at you so sweetly and sorrowfully that it begins to feel overwhelmingly huge. "Just Like Honey" huge. Small Black is the Long Island duo of Josh Kolenik and Ryan Heyner, and they make the kind of hazy lo-fi we've been hearing a lot this summer (live, they add contributors Juan Pieczanski and Jeff Curtin to the mix). Pitchfork: Track Reviews: Small Black - "Despicable Dogs"
Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Wild Beasts: Two Dancers In a day where Hot Topic peddles guyliner to millions of male teenage mallrats, it's hard to imagine a time when glam-rock was truly shocking. But there remains one gender-bending device whose provocative, polarizing power remains undiminished: the falsetto-- a sound that tends to elicit both laughter and skepticism, if not outright hostility. Still, it remains a highly effective weapon in the endless war against safe, overly earnest indie-- and few bands brandish it so wantonly as UK art-pop quartet Wild Beasts. On the band's striking 2008 debut, Limbo, Panto, frontman Hayden Thorpe unleashed his shrill, glass-shattering shrieks as a means to project both the vulnerability and depravity of his sexually frustrated protagonists, and he didn't care if he went hoarse in the process (you can practically hear his vocal cords disintegrate on the galloping single "Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants").
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New & Upcoming Indie Releases 4/15/2014 Lakeshore's New & Upcoming Release list 4/15/14 If you see anything you're interested in or have any questions about anything you see listed please email us at Alternative Music, Hard to Find Music, Rare CDs, LPs - Alternati
Bob Gruen, Rock and Roll Photographer - The Files
YouTube - The xx - Teardrops
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YouTube - swollen members - RPM feat. Iriscience, DJ Bab - Bad D
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White Denim et le garage se barre
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Bonjour Matthieu, bienvenue chez pearltrees et félicitations pour tes premières cartes ! Ici tu peux gérer, discuter et communiquer tes passions sur Internet grâce à des cartes Web.Par exemple, tu peux créer des cartes sur ce qui t'intéresse ; disons "la musique". pearltrees va alors connecter ta carte aux cartes d'autres passionnés dont tu pourras découvrir les cartes et avec qui tu pourras échanger. En fait, pearltrees est un réseau d'intérêts humain et social. Si tu as besoin de plus d'informations clique sur "help" ou laisse une note sur mon compte. Bonne découverte ! PED by PED Jul 22