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Financial Aid - Applying & Receiving Financial Aid - Graduates & Professionals - Summer Financial Aid. Documents/Pre-Doctoral Internships Complete.pdf. Mediasite Catalog. Useful Academic Links. FBS - sfs. Announcements Registration & Payment Deadlines - for Fall, Spring and Summer...

FBS - sfs

Student Health Insurance - may be waived when... Student Health Center fee cannot be waived... Guest Users - Only students may access, set up and maintain guest user information... Financial Aid - for questions about Financial Aid or anticipated loan funds... WIRE TRANSFER Payments - funds can take several weeks to reach us, so avoid late fees and get started early... Sign up for TWITTER - sign up reminders about financial deadlines, Payment Plan dates, etc... Office Closures - Our staff will not be available until 10am once a month... 1098-T Notification email - An email dated 01/20/2012 has been sent to students, informing them that: "Your 2011 1098-T tax document is now available on ECSI's website...

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SOWK 503. Master in Social Work Scholarships & Loan Forgiveness. In addition to loan programs administered by the USC Financial Aid Office, we also encourage you to explore the following scholarship and loan forgiveness resources.

Master in Social Work Scholarships & Loan Forgiveness

School of Social Work Scholarships The USC School of Social Work offers supplemental financial assistance to students whose financial need cannot be adequately met through need-based loans. To apply for any of these school scholarships, please complete the Virtual Academic Center scholarship application at the time you apply for admission. Virtual Academic Center Dean’s Leadership Scholarship Scholarship awards of $23,000 for incoming full-time Virtual Academic Center students with demonstrated leadership capacity and experience. Virtual Academic Center Scholarship Scholarships awarded to students enrolled in eight or more units with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Yellow Ribbon Program Students eligible for the Post-911 G.I.

City Year Scholarship The City Year Scholarship. Activities, Campus // SCampus 2011-12. Student Activities Director: Lily Chowana-Bandhu (213) 740-5693 Tutor Campus Center The Office of Campus Activities believes the unique Trojan experience is enhanced by activities and programs outside of the classroom.

Activities, Campus // SCampus 2011-12

Our role is to provide a link between students’ classroom experiences to activities beyond the classroom. The Office of Campus Activities sponsors services, programs and events to educate, advocate, entertain and challenge students. Campus Activities provides students the necessary tools and resources for their individual and student organization success as well as supports student advocacy efforts. The Office of Campus Activities comprises several offices/departments including: Clothing & Gifts. Distance Learning Services. New!

Distance Learning Services

Check out the Distance Learning LibGuide for helpful tips on Document Delivery and more! Access Library Resources Use Quick Search to find articles, books and more. If you are prompted to log in, use your USC e-mail ID and password. Having trouble? Get Help from a Librarian Obtain Items Not Available Online Can't find the article you want? ILLIAD also includes: Home - Social Work * There are LOTS of different types of information, and nearly just as many places to look for it.

Home - Social Work *

When doing social work research, you'll likely need to use multiple sources of information and multiple types of search engines. So how do you know where to go? Ask yourself: what kind of information do I need? For many assignments, you'll need to locate scholarly or peer-reviewed sources. Libraries. The Writing Center. Our philosophy.

The Writing Center

We aim to make better writers, not just better papers. We approach writing as a process, not a product. Our aim is to help student writers focus on the process of critical thinking, drafting, and revision that leads to clearly expressed ideas, coherent argument, and persuasive reasoning. Our job is to facilitate—to make easier. We do this by asking questions more than by offering answers. We encourage writers to explore their beliefs and their understanding of their subject.We challenge them to engage what they know with the objectives of their assignment.We lead them to express their own ideas in ways that are appropriate for their audience. Instead of telling writers how to answer a question, we show them effective problem-solving strategies for arriving at answers to questions. We don’t edit or proofread students’ papers.

School of Social Work. The MSW@USC program mirrors the stringent curriculum and academic rigor of the on-campus program delivered by our regular, full-time faculty.

School of Social Work

The foundation-year curriculum provides a common base of knowledge, skills and values by introducing theories, issues and practice methods that deal with individuals and their environment. The second half of the curriculum offers advanced training in a concentration area to develop in-depth knowledge and skills in Families and Children; Community Organization, Planning and Administration (COPA); Mental Health; or Military Social Work.

Please see our Curriculum Snapshot for an overview of courses by semester. View course content Foundation Courses Human Behavior and the Social Environment The ecological systems paradigm is the lens through which theories of personality, family, group, organization, community and culture and the interaction among these systems are explored. SHIRTs.docx.