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Onestopenglish: Number one for English language teachers. English study resources. By Kieran Donaghy.

It contains a wealth of lesson plans based on short films. As well as using these to teach language, the lesson plans deal with “cine literacy” and encourage critical thinking skills development, important in this day and age.  – charquis

The EFL SMARTblog. ESL Lesson Plans. A little blog of my favourite classroom activities, teaching tips and techniques. Hancock McDonald ELT. Science, health and medical journals, full text articles and books. Words and phrases: frequency, genres, collocates, concordances, synonyms, and WordNet. Teachit Languages - modern foreign languages teaching resources for the MFL classroom. Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English News Materials. The eltpics ideas site for teachers. By Teachers, For Teachers... Eltchat. The aim was to create a freely available social network for ELT professionals offering mutual support and opportunities for Continuous Professional Development.


Now, every Wednesday at 19:00pm GMT or 21.00pm GMT, ELT teachers from all over the world log into their Twitter account and for one hour hold an online discussion on a topic they have selected. To join in you just have to follow the hashtag #ELTChat. You'll see the conversation and anything you tag with #ELTChat will be part of it If you already use a Twitter app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you can follow #ELTChat in there. Follow it here A how to guide for Twitter apps Every Saturday, one of the moderators will put up a blog post on the #ELTchat Blog asking teachers who follow #ELTchat to propose some topics for the next chats. We then share it online and people can go to the post and suggest topics in the comments. Scott Thornbury's blog. Full of tips and ideas for creating ELT and ESOL resources.

Collaborative idea generation for ELT. Using Twitter for professional development – Lizzie Pinard. Twitter!

Using Twitter for professional development – Lizzie Pinard

Easy English Articles - English Banana — Teacher Resources for English, ESL, ESOL, EFL, TOEFL. 60 cortometrajes para educar en valores. El cine ha llevado a la gran pantalla muchas películas en las que se tratan temas relacionados con el mundo de la educación.

60 cortometrajes para educar en valores

Continuamos ampliado esta entrada con vuestras propuestas hasta alcanzar los 60 cortometrajes para educar en valores. Con ellos, el alumnado reflexionará sobre la amistad, la solidaridad, el trabajo en equipo, el respeto a las personas… 1. Alike Este corto de animación nos hace reflexionar sobre el valor de ser uno mismo en un mundo plagado de gente indiferente que pierde su identidad, absorbido por el sistema, por la rutina o por el ritmo que nos marca la sociedad. 2. A través de este cortometraje nos volvemos a encontrar con el niño que todos llevamos dentro, reflejado en el muñeco de nieve. All Things Grammar - Home. 70 grupos de Facebook para profesores. 5 great zero preparation lesson ideas. When the pressure is on and there are only so many hours on the week, you need a repertoire of zero preparation go-to activities which promote input and/or practice.

5 great zero preparation lesson ideas

70 grupos de Facebook para profesores. Endless stream of movie clips of specific phrases () Lingoda. 25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teachers. What are the best apps for teachers?

25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teachers

We asked TED-Ed Innovative Educators and the TED-Ed community. Below, 25 awesome apps recommended for teachers, by teachers. For teaching students how to present, create and code TED-Ed More than 250,000 teachers use TED education tools to spark student curiosity and explore presentation literacy skills. “TED-Ed is an outstanding resource in my classroom,” says TED-Ed Innovative Educator Jennifer Hesseltine. Haikudeck Students can create beautiful presentations with this app. Duolingo If the benefits of a bilingual brain motivate your students, try this app. Draw and Tell This app can increase creative confidence in kids of all ages. Galería de Gifs.

Question Words. I created a Question Words Game (two versions - 30 cards for each version) perfect for cycle three students.

Question Words

The game rules are the same as ''I have...Who has? '' I created another card game about question words. Esl lesson plans, 50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Esl lesson plans, Mobile. 25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students. Philip Haines is the Senior Consultant for Oxford University Press, Mexico.

25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students

As well as being a teacher and teacher trainer, he is also the co-author of several series, many of which are published by OUP. Today he joins us to provide 25 engaging and useful classroom activities for language learners using WhatsApp. There are three main obstacles to the use of technology in ELT. First is the availability of technology and internet connection in the classroom. Second is teacher techno-phobia. WhatsApp or similar messaging services can help overcome these obstacles. OXFORD CULTUREMANIA. First Day (or First Week) Activities, Icebreakers, or Introductory Activities for ESL Classes. 55 cortometrajes para educar en valores. Formal and informal verbs. ESL First Day Introduction Games. Secrets Age/Level: Elementary and above Time: 25 minutes Players: Individual Preparation: None Aim: To ask questions to determine who is telling the truth This is a fun mystery game to play on the first day of class.

ESL First Day Introduction Games

This game motivates students to ask questions. The students also get to find out interesting things about their classmates. Procedure Hand out a slip of paper to each student. Tell the students to write their name on the paper. 10 Ted Talks Every English Student Should Watch. This article shows you how to use TED Talks to improve your English, how they can be used in the classroom and suggests 10 great talks to use in the English classroom.

10 Ted Talks Every English Student Should Watch

TED is a series of informative, educational, inspiring and sometimes jaw-dropping talks that present ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. Ted has attracted many of the world’s most important thinkers such as Larry Page, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Ken Robinson, and a few winners of the Nobel Prize. Useful links for CELTA. Anyone following my blog will know that CELTA took over my life in August last year (2014), and will continue to dominate until the same time this year (2015).

Useful links for CELTA

I’ve been building this list in my head for a while, and it’s finally time to get it onto the blog. It’s arranged into categories, with subtitles and topics in bold to help you navigate. There’s a lot here, so just use the bits you need as you need them rather than trying to look at all of them – if not, you’ll end up being overwhelmed! A quick way to find what you need it to press CTRL + F (CMD + F on a Mac) and type a key word connected to what you’re struggling with, like ‘TTT’, ‘instructions’ or ‘writing’ – this will take you straight to the relevant section. Please let me know if any of the links are broken so I can update them, and feel free to add suggestions to the comments. Webs útiles: 12 ejemplos que quizás desconocías. No toda la red se reduce a Facebook, Twitter, y unos cuantos medios.

6 Excellent Free Sites to Practise Reading Comprehension. It’s been too long since I’ve written about improving reading skills. Last time I posted about sites to help you practise reading comprehension was in May last year. Way too long. The truth is that doing reading comprehension activities in class takes time, especially if we are talking about long texts with an amount of difficulty, and very often this is one of the tasks we give students as homework. On the other hand, I am one of those teachers who think reading aloud in class is a good exercise.

In my opinion, These are some of the sites I’ve been recommending my students to further practise reading comprehension.They are all completely free. 1. I teach different levels, and what I like most about Newsela is that you can give the same news article to all your classes no matter the level. My English Grammar. Fichas de ejercicios de inglés. Hoy en día, el inglés es una asignatura fundamental y cada vez son más las instituciones que plantean su enseñanza desde edades muy tempranas, ya que los niños de Primaria poseen una gran capacidad de aprendizaje. Los ejercicios de inglés son una buena forma de llevar al día esta materia y desarrollar conceptos en relación con la gramática, el vocabulario, o la comprensión lectora.