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Watercolour Florals. This week at Avon Valley Artists Group, the subject was 'Wild Aspects' There were lots of wild animals depicted by members and a few attempts at wild weather.

Watercolour Florals

From the title of this post, you can see that, true to my leanings, I chose to attempt to paint a wildflower meadow. It is not something that I have attempted often in the past but as I do try to be a bit experimental at AVA I thought I would give it a go. It took quite a bit of preparation, which meant work on the evening before the group met, and I was sure it would not be finished by the end of the session. Watercolour Florals. My Favourite Watercolour Papers. What is the most important item in watercolours?

My Favourite Watercolour Papers

Is it the paints, paper or brushes? Techniques applied to watercolour illustration (Ana Victoria Calderon). Online Course. Ana Victoria Calderón -silustrator, designer and artist specialized in watercolor-, has managed to create her own style and, usually, commercialize her works as art licenses that are applied in all types of projects.

Techniques applied to watercolour illustration (Ana Victoria Calderon). Online Course

In this course, he will teach you how to work with watercolor so that you can become an independent illustrator. Creation of Color Palettes with Watercolor (Ana Victoria Calderon). Online Course. In painting, design, fine arts and in any artistic branch, having a great mastery of color is fundamental and even as important as mastering the technique in question.

Creation of Color Palettes with Watercolor (Ana Victoria Calderon). Online Course

The painter and illustrator Ana Victoria Calderón, after a long career working with watercolor, combines and plays like nobody else with the colors in her organic-style creations. In this course, Ana Victoria will teach you the knowledge of mixing and theory so that you develop two color palettes applied to illustrations, unlike her previous courses in which she focused more on the part of techniques to illustrate: Modern watercolor techniques , to learn how to use the medium and Applied techniques of illustration in watercolor , complementary course to practice botanical and compositional elements. Ana Victoria will begin the course by introducing herself, showing you some of her works and talking about her sources of inspiration.

Then, based on your identity as an artist, you will develop your color palette. Birch Tree Watercolor Painting Tutorials 61+ Ideas. The Well Appointed House Blog: Living the Well Appointed Life. I planted two small Wisteria trees in my pool area last summer and it’s such a treat to see them in bloom right now.

The Well Appointed House Blog: Living the Well Appointed Life

Here is the one on the left: Wisteria is a flowering plant that includes species of climbing vines. As beautiful as they are, it’s hard to believe that in many parts of the United States, Wisteria is considered an invasive species because of its ability to overtake and squeeze out other native plant species. Best fruit illustration art watercolor painting ideas. When I’m Not Working As A Biologist, I Paint Watercolor Birds. I am a biologist/environmental educator and artist working mainly in watercolor and ink.

When I’m Not Working As A Biologist, I Paint Watercolor Birds

The wonder of our natural resources is something I strive to celebrate in my work. I am especially fascinated by birds – their beauty, personalities, and biology! After a recent career wiggle, I decided to pursue art more seriously. This painting line is the result. More info: Etsy | Belted Kingfisher Hummingbird Egret Morning Chickadee and Dogwood Birds On The Hook | Evening Owl Geese. 59+ Trendy Birch Tree Painting Watercolour. Cotman Water Colours. Professional Water Colour Neutral Tint. - learn to paint on-line with Matthew Palmer. Only £40.00 With spring finally here, why not join Matthew for a days painting, featuring the beautiful Isle of Capri. - learn to paint on-line with Matthew Palmer

With blue skies and seas and brightly coloured flowers, this lovely painting will make you feel as though summer is nearly here. This painting uses a variety of techniques, developed by Matthew, which will help to further improve your watercolour skills, suitable for beginners and more experienced painters. (note: pre drawn 100% cotton paper is available, so no drawing is required. This is optional) 10:00 - 4:00pm (arrival time from 9:45am) Materials provided (if required) Scones with jam along with savouries + tea and coffee provided.

Held at THE GRANGE HALL, SOUTHAM, WARWICKSHIRE CV47 1QA (DIRECTIONS CLICK HERE) Car Park is at the side of the hall, drive down the road, past the hall and the car park is to the right hand side. All detail shown on large 3.5metre HD video screen Remember you can borrow materials from Matthew on the day. Alan Owen is creating pure watercolours,acrylics ,pen and wash. Mijello : Mission Gold : Watercolour Paints. Watercolour Mixing Charts - Jane Blundell - Artist. My original mixing charts.

Watercolour Mixing Charts - Jane Blundell - Artist

I love colour, and find the process of colour mixing fascinating. The Ultimate Mixing Palette: a World of Colours - Jane Blundell - Artist. I have often been asked what colours I recommend for people to buy to get started in watercolour or to upgrade to artist quality watercolours so I created this palette to address that question.

The Ultimate Mixing Palette: a World of Colours - Jane Blundell - Artist

It is intended as a universal palette, suitable for any subject. It is also suitable for anyone from a beginner to an experienced artist. It is rather a Goldilocks palette - not so few colours that you have to spend the whole time mixing everything together, nor so many that you lose track of what you have and how to mix them. Too many colours in a painting leads to a lack of colour harmony. My goal was to find single pigment colours that would mix together efficiently so that most colours could be produced by mixing just two pigments.

Essential Yellow Hues for Art - science of colour. Yellow pigment form an important part of the artist’s palette as yellow is a primary color.

Essential Yellow Hues for Art - science of colour

For this reason, it is important not to confuse primary yellow with any other yellow pigment which may not be a primary color at all. To understand the difference between a primary yellow and non-primary yellow, exploring the pigment color chart is necessary. What is the Best Yellow Pigment for Art? Without yellow, an array of greens or oranges cannot be mixed. Lyveden. The home page of the painting, drawing and art of Liam O'Farrell Liam O'Farrell. Nuccio Art - Collezione Taormina. LUCY NEWTON. Mix good greens. I just finished doing color mix swatches for all of the tubes of paint I own, and new ones I purchased during the project! Out of 10 blues, 9 yellows, 6 pre-mixed greens and 7 browns I came up with the biggest range of wonderful greens, and some duds.

(Now that's a lot of different tube colors but some I just didn't like when I bought them so got replacement colors...) Some of the best greens were made with yellow ochre, raw sienna and Indian red. That includes mixing with blues, blue-purples and pre-mixed greens. I would suggest doing it yourself. I got a watercolor paper notebook (spiral bound) and ruled it into squares 1/2 inch square, 1/8 inches apart. At first I put the bluish greens all on one page and the yellowish greens on the facing page but found it works better if I put them in column next to each other... The columns were painted in pairs.

I did 4 washes for each square. Here is a sample done the first way - these are the blue shade greens...