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Curalate Insights: Pinterest, Instagram Analytics & MarketingCuralate Insights: Pinterest, Instagram Analytics & Marketing. Pinterest - The Social Media Darling Of 2012: Infographic. Pinterest Joins Twitter And Facebook As The Newest Self-Expression Engine. Get ready to start hearing a lot about Pinterest.

Pinterest Joins Twitter And Facebook As The Newest Self-Expression Engine

From the New York Times to The Wall Street Journal to XOJane it seems like more people in the mainstream press are covering and integrating Pinterest into their day to day media consumption habits than us covering the niche tech vertical. To give you some idea of how hot this product is, know of any other invite-only beta that has over 1.5 million active users on Facebook? Despite the whispers of Instagram-levels of user growth and elite investor interest, the tech press hasn’t yet quite caught on to the Pinterest phenomenon. Why not? Well aside from the fact that founders Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp are super press shy (and that women users, who are still sadly marginalized, are first on the bandwagon), the site touts itself as a “virtual pinboard” — and no one has any idea what that means.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Community Building Tool. Everyone is talking about Pinterest, the social “pinning” site used to share, well, anything.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Community Building Tool

It’s a little early to say, but judging by the buzz (and the amount of people posting about Pinterest on their blogs), it has a good chance of becoming the top social site for 2012 and perhaps the next big thing. Pinterest is different from your Facebook, Twitter or Google plus because it’s not about posting a sentence or paragraph in hopes of starting a conversation. Instead, folks post images of things that interest them and that’s what gets the conversation started. At this point, most of the people I follow on Pinterest are talking about food, fashion and home, but the sky is the limit. Pinterest is giving us an opportunity to share our interests and find other people who enjoy the same.