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Following Up and Drying My Tears - Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer talks with Pinterest - DDKPortraits DDK Portraits. Okay, so when I said in my last post “call me”, I didn’t really expect that Pinterest would actually call me. But it did. Or, rather, it’s founder, Ben Silbermann did. Now, to be fair, I did reach out to Pinterest first by sending an email saying “hey it’s little old me with a blog post that kind of went out of control and I’d love to give you a chance to respond.” Well, respond they did with an email from Ben Silbermann himself within just a few hours. Is the Pinterest Problem Really a Problem?

Just as guest blogger Beth Hayden and I were going to press with the Pinterest post on Monday, the s**t hit the fan.

Is the Pinterest Problem Really a Problem?

This blogger and that blogger have been raising legitimate concerns about Pinterest’s Terms of Service and copyright infringement. There is enough worry out there that I felt it necessary to follow up. Attributed sharing from Flickr to Pinterest. Making sure you receive proper attribution when your photos on Flickr are shared elsewhere on the web is very important to us.

Attributed sharing from Flickr to Pinterest

Given the sheer volume of fantastic photography that you upload to Flickr on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that photos on Flickr are amongst the most popular content pinned to Pinterest. Today, we are very happy to announce that we’ve worked closely with Pinterest to make it even easier for you to share to Pinterest in a way that will ensure that your Flickr photos are properly attributed, regardless where they are pinned from. Pin It in the Flickr share menu. Despite Policy Changes, Pinterest Still Doesn't Comply With DMCA. Despite changes over the weekend to its usage policies, Pinterest may still not be in compliance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, according to copyright attorney and blogger Connie Mableson.

Despite Policy Changes, Pinterest Still Doesn't Comply With DMCA

Pinterest said Amazon will be handling DMCA notices since Pinterest is hosted by the giant retailer. But Pinterest has still not updated its designated agent with the copyright office, as required under the DMCA, Mableson said, and that could cause problems if it tries to claim protections under the law. "So, even though Amazon may be handling the DMCA notices, it still remains to be seen whether or not Pinterest qualifies for the DMCA safe harbor immunity," she wrote. We've asked Pinterest and Amazon for comment and will update as soon as we hear back from either firm. How Pinterest Uses Your Content Without Violating Copyright Laws.

Pinterest, the increasingly popular pinboarding social network, is able to present a visually arresting interface in large part by using copyrighted images pinned by users.

How Pinterest Uses Your Content Without Violating Copyright Laws

"It's a huge concern for creative bloggers," said Amy Anderson, who blogs on the arts and crafts site Crafter Minds. "I don't think Pinterest does anything to help protect copyright besides removing content when people ask. " Pinterest is able to avoid violating U.S. copyright laws thanks to a provision in the Internet Service Providers Act, which gives immunity to sites that publish information provided by others, according to Aaron Messing, an associate with OlenderFeldman LLP in New Jersey. Why deleting your Pinterest boards over copyright concerns is an overreaction – Lex Technologiae.

Kirsten Kowalski of DDK Portraits wrote a blog post about why she “tearfully” took down her Pinterest boards.

Why deleting your Pinterest boards over copyright concerns is an overreaction – Lex Technologiae

The reason she gave was her concern over copyright infringement and the liability she felt she had opened up. Her blog post went viral, including an article on the ABA Journal about it, in part (I believe) because she is a lawyer. What You Should Know About Pinterest and Copyright. Content-sharing site Pinterest has been surging in popularity.

What You Should Know About Pinterest and Copyright

The bigger it gets, the more responsibility it has to ensure that copyrighted content doesn't show up on its site. Less than a week after Pinterest offered an opt-out code for websites seeking to protect their content, Flickr is adopting that code to help users protect copyrighted images on its photo-sharing network. If you're fitting Pinterest into your company's marketing plans, or seeking to protect your content from eager Pinterest users, what should you do? Pinterest: A Copyright Nightmare? How is sharing a picture on Pinterest any different than on other social networks? Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls on Pinterest. Welcome to my blog!

Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls on Pinterest

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