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Add a Signature to your Blog Posts. Hi There!

Add a Signature to your Blog Posts

Today I am going to show you how to add a signature to the bottom of your Blogger posts. It is really easy and is a fun way to add personality to your blog! First you need to create your signature. You can open up photoshop, paint, gimp, or any other image manipulation program. Create you signature with whatever fonts and colors you want then save it as a .jpg. Here is an example of a blog signature I just created for my friend, Kim. Drop Down Menu Widget For Blogger · How To Do ? Tech. How To Install a Blogger Template, The Complete Guide and The Problems often Occur. Adding a graphic to your blog header. Update 25 September 2008: The very nice graphic at Guide to Malaysia has been replaced by a leaderboard ad unit from Nuffnang.

Adding a graphic to your blog header

When there are no incoming ad, the ad unit is minimized to a tiny logo For an example of a Blogger Beta blog with a graphic above the header, surf to Cheap Airfares: Air Asia, Malaysia's success story and Testing Expandable Post Summary (close new windows to get back to this page). The difference between the two is that the image in the first example is clickable whereas the image in the second example is non-clickable. If you are in the archives or in an individual post page of the first example, clicking on the graphic will take you back to the main (home or index) page (or any other sites you choose, depending on what you want). Try clicking on the graphic in the first example and see where it takes you. Adding a "Add a Page Element" (Page Element is now called Gadget) widget in the Blogger Beta Layout.

How to Add Google Translator Widget to Your Blog - Blogger Templates. What's you first reaction when you land on a website that's written in Russian, Chinese or Japanese ?

How to Add Google Translator Widget to Your Blog - Blogger Templates

Most of us would hunt for that English language translation flag and if that's missing, we will copy-paste the site address in Google Translate website or Yahoo Babelfish to convert the site content to English. Way too much effort. Now let's reverse the roles and say somebody from China or Japan visits your blog (written in English). The foreign visitor will have exactly the same problems that you faced when you were visiting that non-English website above. Since more than 65% of web users speak a language other than English, it is essential that you provide language translation features in your blog so that you don't miss the non-English speaking traffic.

Using 1 Pixel Out's Wordpress Audio Player In Blogger. While searching for a free solution for hosting some demo clips in my composition portfolio, I found 1 Pixel Out's flash audio player below to be a lightweight and customizable solution.

Using 1 Pixel Out's Wordpress Audio Player In Blogger

To get everything working we will need a place to host our flash player and its associated JavaScript. For this tutorial we will be incorporating Google Apps' Web Pages as a files host. First, you will need to download a copy of the audio player from 1 Pixel Out: Then extract the zip file and locate audio-player.js and player.swf: Then upload the files to your Web Pages files: Now we are ready to add code to our Blog's template and to our posts. Now, for enabling the player in a blog post, put the following object HTML code in your post. Be sure to replace all the bold yourpageURL's in the codes above with your actual pages URL.

How to add CSS Rounded Corners to your Blogger Template. Rounded corners can add a great deal of style to an otherwise simple Blogger template.

How to add CSS Rounded Corners to your Blogger Template

Luckily, you don't need to create complicated images and CSS code to achieve this: Spiffy Corners is a free service which generates code that you can simply add to your Blogger template, and no externally hosted images are required! Since I originally wrote about Spiffy Corners, many people have asked me where they should paste the generated code in order to make those rounded corners appear. So in this article, I will offer a full explanation of how to use Spiffy Corners to create rounded corners in the main and sidebar sections of your Blogger template. What is Spiffy Corners and How Does It Work? Spiffy Corners is an online generator which creates CSS and HTML code to create anti-aliased rounded corners for your web/blog design. The way this method works when added to your Blogger template is simple and yet truly effective! New Blogger Tag Cloud / Label Cloud. New blogger templates (XML) 3 columns. Free Blogger Skins.