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Inside the magnificent empty spaces of Europe's grandiose palaces. By Beth Stebner Published: 17:39 GMT, 4 October 2012 | Updated: 19:47 GMT, 4 October 2012 They were once filled with courtiers, kings, and other members of the aristocracy.

Inside the magnificent empty spaces of Europe's grandiose palaces

But stunning images capture the silent galleries, corridors, and libraries of Europe in a whole new light. Captured by Italian photographer Massimo Listri, the images span from Portugal to Sweden, France, and Italy, and show the intricate masterworks from ages past. His images evoke a certain solemnity, both beautiful and isolating at once. Included in his portfolio are pictures from the library of Wiblingen Abbey, which was once a Benedictine abbey and has since been transformed into housing medical facilities for the University of Ulm in Germany.

Another image shows the the Malatestiana Library, located in Cesena, Italy, which was the first European civil library that allowed everyone -including the common people - access to its books. Massimo Listri Home. Quisquis huc accedis quod tibi horridum videtur mihi amoenum est si delecta maneas si taedet abeas utrumque gratum “So his gaze began to seek places and symmetries without particular monumental importance. A wall, a room, a geometry, the archtype of which, the root of memory of which, was within him rather than in the external history.” Vittorio Sgarbi The central and frontal perspective of his photos involves the spectator in the silence of the rooms, in the magnificence of the constructions bringing to memory known spaces but ever visited in reality. His images are often focused on inside environments of great architectural importance, some open to the public, others not easily accessible, in which the history, the culture, the know-how of whole decades are layered.

25 Bone-Chilling Photos of Abandoned Places. Top of the grand stairwell, Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, 2008 Though insane asylums, prisons and hospitals wouldn't necessarily be the first places that come to mind when you're thinking about beautiful places to shoot, you might find photographers Ian Ference and Katherine Westerhout there.

25 Bone-Chilling Photos of Abandoned Places

These two have made it their mission to find beauty in the decrepit, stories in the forgotten and stunning imagery where most would never look. While Ian Ference mostly shoots inside abandoned buildings in New York, Westerhout has shot in everywhere from Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Detroit to Southeast Asia. Though most of these photos have that ability to make your skin crawl, you might be surprised at the range of emotions you can feel while looking at them. In fact, you might even ask yourself these questions. Chair in patient bedroom, shot by moonlight, Taunton State Hospital, 2006 Easy chairs and patient art, Creedmoor State Hospital, 2008 Violent ward hallway now used to store chairs, St. 100 Breathtaking Examples of Architecture Photography.

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100 Breathtaking Examples of Architecture Photography

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