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Hi I am Charlotte Williams, living in Melbourne MBA Student. I am a freelance working as a business adviser.

Mirko Borsche: ‘I want people to see from a different angle’ It’s just about big balls.

Mirko Borsche: ‘I want people to see from a different angle’

Very simple. We are working in an industry where the marketing department gives the lead to designers, even to journalists – what they have to write, how they have to spell it, the trigger words – my opinion is that it’s because people who run brands have lost their balls completely.” It’s no surprise that German graphic designer Mirko Borsche has earned a reputation as something of a provocateur. His opinions are as attention grabbbing as his studio’s diverse projects. Borsche and his team at Bureau Borsche has created websites and logos for fashion houses Balenciaga and Givenchy, and the acid-meets-classicism season guides and posters for the Bavarian State Opera. Bureau Borsche has had a big year. Borsche misspent his youth as a graffiti artist in his native Munich (“bombing trains and walls influenced me a lot”) but went on to study graphic design at Kingston University, London, and the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany.

Legal weed faces its first crisis as vaping deaths spark health scare. More than 800 Americans have fallen ill and, as of Friday, at least 13 had died from a severe respiratory illness apparently linked to vaping.

Legal weed faces its first crisis as vaping deaths spark health scare

The mysterious illness left one Illinois teenager with lungs like those of a 70-year old. For the cannabis industry, the public health scare is its first major crisis and also perhaps an opportunity. Cannabis vape sales reportedly fell 15% the first week of September. But the scare arguably strengthens the argument for a fully legal and regulated market. “It’s a complicated situation,” said Sally Nichols, an executive with California cannabis company Bloom Farms.

The scare is tied to two distinct but easily confused products: THC and nicotine vape cartridges. The other product is nicotine vapes, produced by companies including San Francisco-based Juul, which uses “pods” in flavors such as fruit, mango, creme and classic tobacco. Four Corners: Islamic State women Australia doesn’t want back. The former brides of Islamic State terrorists will reveal the extraordinary details of their lives in the caliphate in tonight’s Four Corners investigation.

Four Corners: Islamic State women Australia doesn’t want back

In 2015, Mariam Dabboussy, her husband Kaled Zahab and their 18-month-old child took an overseas holiday to Lebanon, where they were later joined by Kaled’s parents. They travelled from Lebanon to a house near the Syrian border with Turkey and were eventually bundled into a car and taken to a house with the Islamic State flag on it. Shortly after arriving, Kaled left to be trained as an IS fighter and Mariam was left to take care of the house. Three months later, as Mariam was close to giving birth, Kaled was killed in a coalition air strike on his training camp.

Mariam says she believes Kaled’s older brother, Muhammed Zahab, conned them into going. “(Muhammad) had convinced Kaled that this was the plan, this was the right thing to do,” she told Four Corners. He convinced his parents, sister and brothers to travel to Syria. Love Island Australia 2019 cast: Born-again Christian, Model, lifeguard to divide viewers. Love Island Australia is right around the corner, but ahead of its October 7th premiere date, confusion has arisen as to whether there’ll be 10 or 11 contestants entering the villa on night one.

Love Island Australia 2019 cast: Born-again Christian, Model, lifeguard to divide viewers

While the Love Island Australia Instagram account has dropped a group shot of 10 reality TV hopefuls, eagle-eyed fans have picked up that there’s someone missing from the shot. Maurice Salib, a 27-year-old media executive from NSW who considers himself the “whole package” is absent from the photo. Following last season’s format, a “bomb” will be introduced during the Islander’s first couple of nights together. Last year, it was mother-of-one Kim who entered the already coupled-up cast. However, this year, it looks like the “bomb” could be Maurice, with his profile indicating that he is heading to Fiji, and his profile included in contestant roundups. It was understood previously that contestant Eoghan would actually be the intruder.

Channel 9 have been approached for comment. industry. CBD Melbourne: Short of a booming success - Melbourne Business Tips & Strategies. The Boomers’ historic win over the USA on Australian soil was a much-needed good news story for an event that has not met everyone’s expectations.

CBD Melbourne: Short of a booming success - Melbourne Business Tips & Strategies

Already, promoter TEG Live has offered some refunds to punters who coughed up hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a series that spruiked a line-up including LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons and didn’t deliver any of them. The competition watchdog is also investigating the event. But basketball insiders knew it was a joke months ago. After all, James last year signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for $154 million. Why would he risk injury with an international exhibition match? It’s worth noting the event also got a handout from the state government, with former sports and major events minister John Eren teaming up with Visit Victoria chief executive Peter Bingeman (a basketball tragic) back in 2018 to seal the deal.