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Michael Anders

I am Head Trainer and Owner of Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting. I have been a professional trainer since 1998. In 2005 I have started Shape Up Fitness and Wellness Consulting to create a place where people who are passionate about fitness can come to transform themselves.

Have You Heard? Personal Training Is Your Best Bet To Grow! - Charlotte Fitness Training NC. Fitness Training in Charlotte. Weight loss by James Allen - Issuu. How to Motivate You at Home to Exercise. Many stays at home moms have the problem of getting into a routine of exercising.

How to Motivate You at Home to Exercise

This is because after you get the family out the door, your aim is to get back into bed, or, just “veg” out on the couch just to catch your breath for the second round of chores to do. Planning “me” time for one’s self is generally an uphill battle. We prioritize our family’s need above our own, and so we get put on the back burner. It takes motivation on your part to engage in an exercise routine that is satisfying. Planning a Schedule for Exercise Like most corporate persons, their daily planner is basically their friend. It does not have to be an everyday event, you can start off at three days per week. When Do I Start Exercising After Pregnancy. Being active or doing any form of exercise is very good for the body as well as mental wellbeing.

When Do I Start Exercising After Pregnancy

It can alleviate stress and enhances your ability to function at full capacity for the day. Pregnancy for any woman is different and whether you were active before getting pregnant, exercising after giving birth is recommended. Personal fitness training Charlotte. Now that winter is gone, and spring will soon be over, we make plans to begin our exercise routine.

Personal fitness training Charlotte

Not that we were not exercising indoors during winter, or challenging the weather during spring, but many persons prefer to exercise when the weather is much warmer. Preparation is very important when planning to go out in the sun on any given day. Exercising outdoors though is good and your bodies wellbeing must be taken seriously. What the Elderly Should Know About Beginning an Exercise Program. Keeping fit should be the goal for people of all ages.

What the Elderly Should Know About Beginning an Exercise Program

It has been proven that persons who do at least 30 minutes of some physical activity outside the norm of their regular routine find they have more strength to tackle tasks daily. Exercise is not structured for just the young, and many elderly have discovered it to be beneficial to them, even just walking for an hour daily. This keeps the blood circulating as well as improves the oxygen levels throughout the body. Schools have even ramped up the exercise programs for their charges, as they have realized because of the I-Pad, Smartphone, and the Computer era, children get less and less exercise than they need daily. So, if this is important, then it means the elderly need to take advantage of the time during the day to get some form of exercise going. First Thing to Do Before Starting the Exercise Program The doctor must be consulted before the elderly person begins any exercise program.

Exercising with Arthritis. Arthritis is not limited to old persons; you can develop this disease at any age.

Exercising with Arthritis

Knowing what to do for pain relief and strengthening of joints and muscles, there are simple exercises that are advised. The objective is to ensure you follow the instructions and do them correctly so you get the maximum benefit. Doing any exercise routine incorrectly can be counterproductive to what your goal is. Remember to consult your doctor whenever planning to engage in any strenuous activity, they should give you the green light to do this. Some persons choose to depend on medication for relief, however, this is generally not treating the underlying reason for your arthritic issues.

Exercising While Vacationing Is That Possible. Many people classify a vacation as a time to relax, be lazy and not have to exert any energy.

Exercising While Vacationing Is That Possible

If you plan a vacation and you feel driven to be active and not just relax and take it easy, it is very doable. Many persons feel they are cheating themselves if they do not go on vacation and just “veg out.” It is all a state of mind, and what we do not realize is, we end up stressed and not feeling rejuvenated after the vacation. Planning a Vacation with family People relax differently.

Vacation Spot and the Many Activities. Food Shopping to Stay Healthy. Because of the fast pace way we live our lives, we are tempted to ignore many advisories we have been following over the years.

Food Shopping to Stay Healthy

We stop eating healthy snacks, we stop cooking at home and we basically gravitate to restaurants that will serve us anything that is on the menu. Charlotte Fitness Training NC - Blog. Personal training Charlotte — Personal Fitness Training for Obese People – How... Important secrets towards finding the best personal trainer. Until very recently, personal training was been seen as a “luxury good” of the shameless and rich who are just bored to exercise by themselves.

Important secrets towards finding the best personal trainer

Yet, over the last few years personal training has undergone an actual metamorphosis. 4 Attributes that Define a Good Personal Trainer. If you have decided to start a fitness routine, you have a wide range of options.

4 Attributes that Define a Good Personal Trainer

For example you could go to fitness class and explore all the equipments available. You could also join a fitness program and be ready to progress at the pace suitable for the class you join even if you cannot manage the pace. In other cases, you could find a personal trainers in Ballantyne and have the expert design you a fitness program based on your own terms and objectives. The Truth about Weight Loss. The Truth About Weight Loss By One of the Most Successful Personal Trainers in Charlotte: The Truth About Weight Loss By One of the Most Successful Personal Trainers in Charlotte Slide 2: Being overweight is the new normal.

The Truth about Weight Loss

The average woman’s BMI is 28.5; the average man sits comfortably at 28.9, to put that into perspective, the healthy BMI range is considered 18.5-24.9. We are considered overweight between 25 and 29.9 and obese above that. What does Fit Mean. Plusses and Minuses of being a Personal Fitness Consultant.

Loving what you do and being able to help people achieve their various goals is always a plus in any chosen career. The life of a personal fitness consultant carries both the good and the bad. The average fitness trainer will tell you that it is more financially beneficial if they work with a company as a gym or at a resort. The job though is geared to help in the improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not carry many long term benefits as working for corporate salary.

There are not many retirement benefits attached to this line of work. Workout Alternatives for the Summer in Charlotte. Workout Alternatives For The Summer In Charlotte: Workout Alternatives For The Summer In Charlotte Working out does not always need to be in a gym environment. Sometimes you need to change it up, especially if you want to do something with friends and family.

Charlotte has a lot of things to offer like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing etc. There are a ton of things to do in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Read more @ : Charlotte has a lot of things to offer like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing etc. Tone Your Body Right with Your Personal Trainer. Personal training Charlotte — Get a Amazing Figure: How to Lose Weight the Right... Personal Training to Improve Fitness Level on PhotoPeach - Fresh slideshows to go! Fitness training Charlotte: Important Things that you must know before Hiring a Personal Trainer. A highly qualified personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals while going beyond your expectations through the entire process. It is imperative to ensure you get the best workout trainer to avoid wasting your money and time. Over the years the demand for personal trainers has been on the rise at a very great rate. Transform your body from fat to fit by James Allen.

4 Essential Keys to Remember When Planning to Lose Weight. Today, there are lots of gym offers, daily supplements claiming faster results, several advertisements talking about losing weight in a week, month or even in a day! Numerous cd’s, and YouTube clips always teaching the viewer’s how to lose weight, but frankly speaking, there are details asking for an expert’s advice. Advantages of having a personal trainer - Charlotte Fitness Training NC. Personal training Charlotte — Personal Fitness Training for Obese People – How... Fitness training Charlotte: How to Live a Healthy Life: Your Personal Trainer Knows Best. Because of the stress of work and busy schedule, people will just eat and drink everything instant; may it be coffee, tea or meal.

If you are very fond of eating junk foods, then you should know that you are also storing empty calories. Add all of these together with poor health practices, and you will definitely get the obesity package. The inescapable fact is, storing excessive fats in the body is not healthy. Still, a big-time eater is not always necessarily obese. This means that a person can eat uninhibitedly and still maintain a slim figure. Weight Loss Vs. Weight Gain – The Battle For Success on PhotoPeach - Fresh slideshows to go!

Is It Genuinely Proper to Hire a Personal Trainer? A fit body can only be attained by combining the right exercise and diet. Is online personal training suitable for you? - Charlotte Fitness Training NC. Personal training Charlotte — Assess Your Ability through Different Types of... Build Your Body Right through Fitness Personal Training. Important tips to get the best personal trainer - Charlotte Fitness Training NC. Important tips to get the best personal trainer - Charlotte Fitness Training NC.