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Charlotte David

Fashion in the Digital Age | Designer Handbags Kisses. It’s a good time to be in fashion. We are at the cornerstone of fashion and technology becoming united even more so than ever before. There has always been a relationship between technology and fashion, however now the ties are even closer.

One of the most obvious fusions of fashion and tech is through online shopping. Ecommerce now makes up trillions of dollars in retail revenues. Recent reports have many department stores lagging in sales. One reason for the demise of shopping centers is because over the years stores didn’t update enough inventory and their physical appearance. In the past few years, ecommerce has really hit its stride.

Shop For Designer Iphone Cases - We hope you brought your sweet tooth because we are introducing some delectable designer iPhone cases. Inspired by the iconic macaron, our French pastry collection started with a love for the vibrancy and rich flavors of this famous French treat. At PLIA Designs, our love for form and design led us to create whimsically illustrated designer iPhone cases paying tribute to culinary delights and our favorite animal friends. Continuing our visual feast, we moved on to design several other cases showcasing sweetly vibrant indulgences.

The whipped cream topped St. Honoré just makes us want to take the next flight out and wander around Parisian cobblestone streets in search of the real treat! Our own Westie confidant, Sophia, comes to life on our designer iPhone cases with the help of her friends.