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J'ai testé pour vous: le hangar plein de laine perdu au milieu de nulle part. Pour Pâques, je m’en suis allée dans la brousse belge chasser la pelote de laine.

J'ai testé pour vous: le hangar plein de laine perdu au milieu de nulle part

Ma très chère sœur m’a emmenée chez « Fibrex ». Il s’agit, si je ne me trompe pas, d’une mercerie de fin de séries. Le magasin se retrouve dans un hangar remplis de tas et de piles de laine, de coton, de tissus et de boutons.Bon, je m’y suis un peu perdu mais c’était bien sympa tout de même! Même Minimoog s’est éclatée à s’enrouler dans les fausses-fourrures, à tomber dans les piles de laine et a passer le reste du temps à compter les boutons (et à m’embêter). La laine vendue est de qualité différente. Les deux vendeuses sont bien gentilles et bilingues flamand – français (je sais que ça vous est égal mais c’est un petit plus). Choisi toute ma laine.Après la rencontre de Knitspirit en plein métro parisien, voilà la rencontre de Anyamarianne en pleine cambrousse belge. M’enfin bon. Les plus- la quantité de laine et le choix- la disponibilité des vendeuses, de bon conseil- le prix. Edwin Thomas Galerie. Violaine et coton. Photos Stories Feathers & Dreams.

This paragraph from Sarah Jane sums up my thoughts about this really well: Doesn’t copyright protect my idea and composition?

Photos Stories Feathers & Dreams

No. Art and craft is so subjective, and ideas really can’t be copyrighted. Here is what the US copyright office has to say: “Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts, systems, or methods of doing something. You may express your ideas in writing or drawings and claim copyright in your description, but be aware that copyright will not protect the idea itself as revealed in your written or artistic work.” What can I do when I see someone else coming up with creations obviously similar to mine? I would love to here your reaction to this, but here is mine. You are noticing some copying going on. But for me, this is where I stop. Your branded and patented products. Through your brain. Why? You are the original creative idea, and have power to always rise above the competition.

Competition is good and will most always be there. From-your-own-gut creation. Trap! Featured Seller: MilesOfLight. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Featured Seller: MilesOfLight

My name is Romina Bacci. I’m a graphic designer and photographer born in Argentina. I come from an Italian family that loves to cook and talk loudly. I currently live in Plano, Texas with my husband and dozens of squirrels and birds that live in the nearby trees, who are also considered part of the family. Miles of Light represents my obsession with nature, photography and my favorite aspects of graphic design. I’ve enjoyed designing books since I was in college. Miles of Light * Home & Garden Decor, Modern Nature and Botanical Photographic Prints.

Petrified design - shop. Michael James Moran Woodworked Furniture. Andie's Specialty Sweets. Andie and Jason Moore of Dallas, Texas are master artisans of the culinary variety.

Andie's Specialty Sweets

They carefully craft all manner of sugared creations that tend to leave you a bit speechless with their perfection. After seeing their shop, I believe they could create anything. But, they do specialize in all things found in mother nature, from fall leaves to fungi... as well as cute round things like gears and buttons. Andie and Jason are the original purveyors of vintage button candy and what makes it all the more sweeter is how all of their tasty candies are made with high quality, certified fair trade and earth friendly ingredients such as organic chocolates, flavorings, sugars, oils and starches.

I particularly like all their edibles from the sea, which include shells, oysters, starfish, sand dollars and corals. Andie and Jason have created quite the niche for themselves in crafting some of the best edible candies available. Photos: Andie's Specialty Sweets Content: Sweet Peach. Edible Sugar Fall Leaves 2 dozen Autumn by andiespecialtysweets. Modern handmade functional ceramics and pottery by hopejohnson. TABLES AND DESKS - ROUGH SOUTH HOME. Gallery. Entertainment Center Entertainment Center detail Chalkboards Sofa Table.


Christopher White. Home page. Roadhouse RelicsRoadhouse Relics. Dan Cordero. Sweet Peach - Home. It's a funny thing- if you live in Atlanta and mention Revolution Doughnuts among friends, there are always a few people who start salivating on the spot.

Sweet Peach - Home

They shout out their favorites, "the Almond Joy Nut,"... "Nutella Cream Puff" or "Raspberry Sprinkle," and all this enthusiastic talk of scrumptious doughnuts reminds you how good this place really is. Maria Moore Riggs has always loved to bake. When she moved to Atlanta from San Francisco, she started selling her homemade scones, muffins and cookies at the local farmer's markets and quickly found a following. When the thought came to try something new like doughnuts, the response was very encouraging... And so, with all of her savings and a lot of hard work, Maria opened Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur, Georgia during the summer of 2012.

Maria is also a smart business woman. And the Baked Cake has a texture like a pound cake or a muffin. What she can guarantee is a fresh, delicious doughnut that is made from scratch that day. ColetteBream.