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MS7A.gif (GIF Image, 88 × 62 pixels) 9 facts about marriages. MS_AR2014_Annual_Report. Our Heritage. Why did Marks and Spencer lose its edge, and how can it get it back? M&S goes with 'Barista' futuristic digital loyalty card. M&S has embraced the digital future of loyalty cards, thanks to a new ”M&S Barista” app that will make paper coffee stamp cards a thing of the past.

M&S goes with 'Barista' futuristic digital loyalty card

The futuristic app will reward shoppers for their purchases and send notifications to incentivise shoppers. It is now on trial in 58 of M&S’s Hot Food on the Move counters and Cafes in Greater London. “We are focused on providing our customers with excellent quality, value for money, and convenience,” said M&S senior marketing manager Matthew Legge. “The trial of a digital loyalty card in our Hot Food on the Move and Cafes will further help us meet those aims, whilst rewarding our customers for their loyalty.” The new “card” will send relevant rewards to shoppers and notify customers when they can redeem a free cup of coffee. The app was launched in partnership with digital consumer engagement specialists Eagle Eye Solutions. Consumer Price Inflation, January 2015.

URBAN WEEKENDER. Marks and Spencer unveils make-or-break fashion range. Marks & Spencer has unveiled the summer fashion collections that could save or cost its chief executive his job.

Marks and Spencer unveils make-or-break fashion range

The new ranges are due to arrive in store in the spring, when the City will demand concrete evidence that Marc Bolland’s turnaround plan is working. Clothing sales have been in decline for more than three years, but recent figures have pointed to an improving trend at the high-street chain. Womenswear sales rose by 1.3% in the first five months of the year, before a poor September widely blamed on the unseasonably warm weather. Wedding Events. The Sloane Room, Peter JonesSet on the seventh floor of Peter Jones, the Sloane Room provides a unique location for your wedding or civil partnership.

Wedding Events

With stunning views across the London skyline, the large glass expanse across 2 sides of the room allows the city to be an impressive backdrop to your event. The venue can hold up to 80 people in a relaxed and sophisticated environment. We offer 2 packages: a ceremony only option where the venue is available for 2 hours for £2,500, and a ceremony with drinks and canapés where the venue is available for 3 hours with prices starting from £4,500. Your ceremony can take place at either 10am, 12 noon or 2pm. John Lewis overtakes Marks & Spencer as darling of the high street. John Lewis has stolen the UK high street crown from Marks & Spencer after sales in Britain overtook the high street bellwether for the first time.

John Lewis overtakes Marks & Spencer as darling of the high street

The success was two-fold as both parts of the staff-owned retailer, Waitrose and John Lewis, cemented their status as middle-England's favourite shopping destination with record sales. "John Lewis has definitely replaced M&S as the darling of the British high street," said retail analyst Neil Saunders of Conlumino.

"M&S is still the more predominant – it has more stores and more shoppers – but when you look at new routes to market like online and mobile John Lewis is light years ahead. " The new heights scaled by the partnership are good news for its 91,000 staff – known as "partners" – who will share a bonus pool of more than £200m in this month's pay packet. Every member of staff from the chairman to Saturday shelf-stackers gets the same level of bonus – which has this year been set at 15%, or about eight weeks' pay. Marks & Spencer's supply chain to be transformed with new distribution centre.

Picture a new advertising campaign: "This is not just a supply chain, this is an M&S supply chain...

Marks & Spencer's supply chain to be transformed with new distribution centre

" Those words could well have sat alongside a press release from Marks and Spencer last week, as the retailer announced the opening of its new distribution centre in Castle Donington which it hopes will help it work towards a multi-channel future, with plans to deliver abroad too. The facility measures in at 900,000 sq ft and will be capable of processing one million products every day, with around one-third of these coming through Some 16 million products will be held at the centre, with 1,200 people being employed during peak periods such as at Christmas and seasonal sales. Along with the Castle Donington building, M&S has updated on its supply chain transformation programme which it hopes will help it to become a "leading international, multi-channel retailer". M&S: supply chain champions of sustainable business.

If Marks & Spencer's supply chain agenda was mirrored by all major retailers, the world would be a better place.

M&S: supply chain champions of sustainable business

With suppliers in 70 countries and some two million people working for the company across thousands of factories and farms, the giant high street retailer is taking its social and environmental impact seriously – and with great success. Launched at the beginning of 2007, M&S's Plan A sustainability programme is renowned for it's comprehensive and far-reaching goals to create step changes in its global supply chain. Its 180 commitments to be achieved by 2015 include targets on ethical trade, sustainable sourcing and energy efficiency, all backed by financial incentives for the M&S buying teams.

Adam Elman, head of delivery Plan A and sustainable business at M&S, puts the GSBA wind down to the "the scale, integration and level of importance we put behind our supply chain work" and the sheer scope of its goals. M&S-PlanA-2014. Traditional & Modern. App_store_badge_med.png (PNG Image, 430 × 162 pixels) 5 Facts About Millennials Every Marketer Should Know. The leading edge of the Millennial generation, born in 1980, is turning 34 this year.

5 Facts About Millennials Every Marketer Should Know

But don't be fooled by their age; Millennials are actually very different from their 35+ counterparts, especially when it comes to media consumption and technology. Experian's Millennials come of age report highlights the major demographic, psychographic, attitudinal and behavioural trends of this generation. Here are 5 facts from this report that every marketer should know if he or she wants to succeed at reaching them. Millennial fact #1: They are diverse Racially and ethnically, Millennials are the most diverse generation. Millennials are also 2.5 times more likely than the Silent Generation, 1.8 more likely than Boomers and 1.7 times more likely than Generation X to identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Racial, ethnic, sexual and gender diversity is common to Millennials, and marketers "should worry less about offending or shocking Millennials if they break from traditional imagery.

" Meet the Millennials: The Consumers to Change It All. Catering to the Millennial consumer profile Ongoing engagement is necessary to keep Millennials interested and feeling like the brand is adding value to their lives.

Meet the Millennials: The Consumers to Change It All

If you draw correlations to the high education levels of this group, you might assume that their hunger for knowledge drives their choice of brands. Studies have shown that Millennials don’t like brands that explicitly “sell” to them; but brands that sell by providing new, robust, relevant information will have more success and create repeat engagement.

Brands offering content that enhances a product or service while tapping into other Millennial interests gives more dimension to the brand’s relevance. For example, when a brand engages a cause its audience values or provides ways to use a product to enhance an experience, that brand has added significant value for the Millennial consumer. M&S magazine. M&S magazine has been successfully returning a great ROI for this Great British retail institution for 29 years.

M&S magazine

Every issue, over 3 million women engage with its pages for over 32 minutes and are reminded why M&S is the place to go for British style, quality and design. In M&S, we make every product on every page feel special, whether it’s the latest gastropub ready meal or a classic cashmere cardie. Industry-renowned photographers and stylists take as much time, care and attention making the fashion, food or homeware look extraordinary, as our editors and specialist writers take to make sure our readers feel confident enough to make them their own. Marks-and-Spencer-plc.pdf. How to Start a Bridal Boutique Business. BRIDES MEDIA PACK SEPT 14. How Much to Make an App. Apple Business Financing and Leasing - Apple Store for Business (UK)

Wedding Blogs UK Top 10. Top Wedding Magazines - Top Wedding Websites. Wedding Magazines Welcome to Team Wedding's ultimate list of the Best Wedding Magazines.

Top Wedding Magazines - Top Wedding Websites

Our popular Top Wedding Blogs post was a hit with our readers so we decided to share our favorite wedding magazine list. These are the perfect wedding magazines for wedding inspiration. How to Import Products from China to Sell on eBay! 4 Tips for Marketing to Baby Boomers in the Digital Age. My Baby Boomer mom once advised me to “hook up” with my elementary school pal in New York through “the Facebook.” Welcome to Forbes. The Value of Fashion. In pictures: PrettyGreen showcases John Lewis Gift List offering.

The activation will visit the show at London Olympia between 20 and 22 February, and will then head to Birmingham National Exhibition Centre on 27 February. The brand has worked with PrettyGreen to create an experience inspired by its marketing platform ‘Gifts as unique as you’. The centrepiece is a four-metre-tall wedding cake, constructed entirely from pieces from John Lewis’ wedding range such as TVs, cameras and lighting pieces. Brides-to-be are also given the opportunity to prepare for the big day with a photobooth experience. Participants are offered the chance to get dressed up in a range of bridal props before they are photographed for the front cover of the John Lewis wedding edition magazine.

Bridal Shop Sample Business Plan - Strategy and Implementation. Moms, Maids, and More has the distinct advantage of being the only store of its kind in its market. Our marketing and sales strategies will emphasize our unique advantages for the King County wedding party: our wide-range of clothing styles, designers, and accessoriesthe attention we pay to all the female members of the wedding partyour wonderful location in a destination shopping area. YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED - The New Yorker. Every year in the United States there are about 2.3 million marriages, and to the members of the North American Bridal Association, a trade organization for bridal retailers and wholesalers, each of those marriages represents evidence of the sovereignty of love in a world generally governed by harsher passions, proof of an urge toward commitment in a short-attention-span culture, and a demonstration of the endurance of traditional family structures.

It also represents a marketing opportunity. Beauty Candy on Branding Served. M&S chief to unveil revamp of clothing lines. Walking back to happiness for Marks & Spencer? Marks and Spencer 5 Year Business Plan/Strategy. Analysis: Marks & Spencer making progress, but sales still falling. Business advice on sales strategy from M&S. How the retailer bounced back after the recession - and how you could too. M&S is undoubtedly one of the most beloved fixtures of UK high streets, but it took a hard hit during the recession, and cheaper competitors often won out in the sales stakes.

M&S reinvents itself as 'agile, entrepreneurial' brand: in-depth on website overhaul. Global Branding Strategy - Marks & Spencer \\\ StartJG. Can a £1,000 wedding from M&S give you the day of your dreams? By Gemma Champ Published: 22:21 GMT, 13 June 2014 | Updated: 11:46 GMT, 14 June 2014. M&S hitches up with the bridal market. MARKS & SPENCER BRIDAL AND OCCASIONWEAR. Trend Briefing 2015 Sydney & Melbourne : The Flat Age Society. Branding in a flat age society. People are getting older, living longer, staying healthier, remaining younger.

As celebrated author and co-founder of Age Wave Maddy Dychtwald says: “We are at the early stages of a longevity revolution.” The post millennial generation: The impact of Gen X, How X-er parent…