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Aussie German Translation is an Australia-based language service provider specialising in translations to and from German with the team of NAATI-accredited and an experienced professional. Our objective as a German translation agency is to provide good, affordable translations - quickly and simply.

Things You Should Think About Before Migrating to Australia. Things You Should Think About Before Migrating to Australia. How Medical Translation and Interpreting Can Help Healthcare Outcomes. Some Types of Vocational Certificates. Vocational education is a type of education which prepares people to do work such as a technician or a trade or a craft.

Some Types of Vocational Certificates

A vocational school is the place where training takes place and vocational certificates are awarded. A person who wishes to take part in vocational education can do it at any time in their life but it is typically pursued after completing secondary education. Sometimes the courses are undertaken at a highly specialized trade technical school while others take place at colleges of further education or community colleges. In earlier days a lot of vocational education used to take place while on the job but more recently there has been a trend for some of the theory at least to be learned through online courses.

Most people choose dual vocational training because you end up with both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge which is highly valued by lots of companies. Now Translating Social Media. “Social media” is a tool used by everyone throughout the world as a way of connecting family, friends and businesses that either do not have the time to meet or never have the need to meet, but still wish to maintain contact.

Now Translating Social Media.

Examples today of social media are platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The most commonly used social media platform today is Facebook because it has a variety of online facilities for both individuals and businesses. It provides a common way of linking businesses with new consumers who can then pass on the message to friends which helps to persuade new customers to buy their products.

Facebook does tend to attract a more general clientele while LinkedIn is a social media platform that focuses more on professionals seeking work and contacts by uploading their CVs online. Social Media Presence and Good Translations Some businesses short cut their translation work and use workers who state they are bilingual. The Social Media Language was English. Now translate marketing materials to magic for your brand. Language translation is not always easy because mistakes are often made.

Now translate marketing materials to magic for your brand.

For example, a direct translation of marketing material may turn into a strong marketing message that could be humorous, offensive or make no sense at all. When marketing material is being translated certain key points need to be considered before the translation process has begun. Translate the Message, not just the Words An experienced translator will always concentrate on understanding the message when in the process of translating any marketing content. In marketing, environment communications is critical in order to make sure the message will resonate with its intended audience. Understanding Cultural Nuances. Know why transcription is important to refine brand awareness. Marketing your business’s products in your own home base country is one thing.

Know why transcription is important to refine brand awareness.

Marketing them anywhere else is something else. As many companies have learned to their cost, you can’t just use the same marketing techniques in another country, however good you think your products are. This is true even if there are no language barriers, but the necessity to radically alter marketing techniques becomes even more essential when a company is intent on selling its products in a country where both the language and cultural norms are quite different.

Get The Benefits of Translating COVID-19 Resources. Covid-19, the disease caused by the SARS-cov-2, has spread to just about every corner of the planet.

Get The Benefits of Translating COVID-19 Resources

It is highly contagious, spread throughout the air on droplets released when people talk, cough or sneeze, or by contact with viruses left on hard surfaces. Its rapid spread has been aided by humanity’s insatiable appetite for long-distance travel. Many diseases often target the poorest communities, but Covid-19 paradoxically has infected wealthy and not so wealthy alike.

The Importance of the German Translation Industry. Keep the Communication River Flowing! Translation projects can at times be stressful.

Keep the Communication River Flowing!

There is a lot of pressure on every person involved in a translation team –project managers, translators themselves, editors and proofreaders – to get a translation project completed on time. Time, in fact, is the eternal enemy when it comes to translation. A rushed translation project is not likely to be a huge success as it could contain errors. That doesn’t help anyone, client or translation agency. It all boils down to effective communication. Communication by the Client Clients must understand that one of the limiting factors in their needs for translation is expecting too much, too soon. Time limit for completion expectedWord countContent typeStyle guideGlossary, if anyA description of who the translated material is intended for.

The client can help the whole project in advance as well by submitting easily to manage and read material. Excess verbiage can be removed during an initial editing and proofreading exercise. Importance of German Language Translation. How Important is the German Translation Industry? It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the German translation industry worldwide.

How Important is the German Translation Industry?

On the one hand, German as a language is spoken by around 100 million people worldwide and in countries that have a lot of economic and political clout, but the language itself is not a recognised international language. This has something to do with the history of Germany itself and its attempt in the nineteenth century to grab parts of the world as colonies. This is how countries like Britain and France joined Spain and Portugal as temporary colonial masters of large parts of the world. Much earlier still, Arabic speaking people came to exert huge influence over an enormous swathe of the world from Morocco to Indonesia and South to East Africa.

Other countries that never became huge colonial powers nevertheless occupied large territorial areas and the most important language within each country became spoken by many millions of people. It’s the Economy, Stupid! The Role of a Translator in Enabling Intercultural Communication. The accuracy of a translation and an interpretation that takes place in intercultural communication is the main way that communication occurs successfully between speakers of different languages.

The Role of a Translator in Enabling Intercultural Communication

Precision in the translation is imperative so that the best communication can take place between those involved. That precision depends on the skills of the translator. Is Transcreation the Future of Translation? New words evolve and become commonplace from time to time and this time round transcreation is becoming a standard term used for translations in the advertising and marketing world.

Is Transcreation the Future of Translation?

It is a process which combines both translation and creative writing which collectively means creative translation. One example of transcreation is when a company wants its key slogan translated into Italian. It hires an Italian translator to translate the slogan which ends up as catchy and effective as the original slogan in English. That is precisely what transcreation is all about. However, there is something different about transcreation as it cannot be done well by any translator. Medical translation to beat COVID 19. Translation of Relevant Medical Information for Covid-19. When the world first got to hear about the outbreak of COVID-19 it was in a country where the majority of its speakers converse in Mandarin, or another Chinese language.

Translation of Relevant Medical Information for Covid-19

When information is written down in Mandarin, another Chinese language is the likely language to be used. This is not a commonly spoken language outside China and Hong Kong. This means as information unfolds about the pandemic it has to be translated into all the world’s languages so that each country can calculate whether it’s a global threat likely at some time to be transmitted through all global nations or just confined to China and borders close to the centre of the outbreak. As the translated information filters out from China, then health authorities can put their emergency plans into action to control the virus, inform the country’s citizens and take whatever action is required to save lives. Partner Visa Rules for Australia. If you are the partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen you may be able to apply for a partner visa which will allow you and any dependent children to live, study and work in Australia.

There are two visa categories: temporary (subclass 820) and permanent (subclass 801). You apply for both visa categories together at the same time and pay a single fee. Normally, your temporary partner visa is granted first once your application has been approved, but the permanent visa takes longer.

Is Transcreation the Future of Translation?

Won’t Be Replaced By Technology. How long does it take to get a student visa to Australia? What is the Value in Learning German? Learning German Opens a Window on to German Culture. German English translation. Moving to Australia Checklist. Why Companies Should Invest in Doing business in Germany? Translate Birth Certificate For Abroad. Translate Birth Certificate in German. German to English Translation Weird and Wonderful Links. Top Translation Services For Your Business Document. Translate Your Document from German to English in Australia. Know How New Year is celebrated in Germany. Overcoming Language Barriers to Communication. Hire The Best German to English Translation Company.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Translator

Things Consider When Moving to Germany. How Words Per Day Does Translator Translate. Translation Tips for Interpreters and Translators to Provide Quality Translations. Top Secrets of 6 Figure Translators. Certified vs Notarised Translations. Certified vs Notarised Translations: What’s the Difference? - Aussie German Translation. There are many reasons why people get documents or any sort of text for that matter translated. Some of these translations are done for official purposes and there is a need for them to be verified, i.e. that the translations are an accurate version of the original.

This is hardly important when extolling the virtues of Coca Cola in Arabic or Vietnamese as no-one cares whether the Arabic or Vietnamese version of the Coca Cola blurb is the same as the English original. However, when it is a translation of someone’s criminal record, their marital status or employment history, the people who are scrutinising the translated version are definitely interested in looking at something that has been faithfully translated. Immigration departments worldwide, employers, lawyers and court officials, law enforcement departments and officers and education providers are typically those who are most interested in receiving verified translated documents.

What’s the Difference Between Transcreation and Translation? German Translation Services. Translation. German Visa Documents Translation. Document Translation. What’s Going on in the German Translation Industry? - Aussie German Translation. The German translation industry is caught up in the same wave which is spreading its influence elsewhere in the world. The translation industry is affected by two main influences: the trend towards more and more globalisation, especially in the commercial sector, as well as the introduction of technology which improves the speed and efficiency of translation.

Germany is one of the world’s economic powerhouses, yet the German language is not nearly as widely spoken as English, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian. That makes German translation an especially important language service industry as German businesses attempt to communicate with the world and vice versa. Apart from the obvious fact that the key trio of translation, interpretation, and localisation have not peaked and continue to grow in importance, there are other important trends that are more related to technological innovation.

Application For Student Visa. Birth Certificate Translation. Business Document Translation. German translation services.

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Professional German NAATI Translation Service!

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