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Curation - Tools. Curation - Tools. Curation - Tools. Curation - Tools. Use Cases of Pearltrees in Education. Curation of the MOOC. CONTENT CURATION. CONTENT CURATION. A company fighting the meaningless cycle of clicks and likes. For many of us, our lives are an endless feedback loop, punctuated by clicks and likes.

A company fighting the meaningless cycle of clicks and likes

Wake up. Check Facebook. Check Twitter. Click on a few links. Post one of those links on Facebook with a funny comment. Repeat until the nursing home takes away your device. The fact is, our social networks, like free-to-play games, are designed to stimulate our nervous systems, sucking us into ever-increasing levels of engagement. And over the past few years, these businesses have gotten very, very good at this. I don’t think many people would argue that all that time is making us smarter. A new startup, Kifi, wants to create a different dynamic, using the design and social media techniques that other apps have honed not to make you click on the latest memes, but to help you find more useful knowledge. Above: Kifi lets you save web pages into topical libraries, then recommends related content from others’ libraries. Image Credit: Kifi. Connecting People with Knowledge. The expert curation network. » Factr Factr. Sign up.

Storify Founders Leave For Open Source, Baby. They’ve got new tales to tell.

Storify Founders Leave For Open Source, Baby

After five years running Storify, which lets you collect social media updates into narrative timelines, co-founders Burt Herman and Xavier Damman are leaving the startup which was acquired by Livefyre in 2013. They’re passing the reins to several original Storify members, who will keep the service running. Herman’s plan is to focus on raising his newborn son, while Damman will build out his open-source whisteblowing tool Tipbox. Storify co-founder Burt Herman is leaving to raise his newborn son Eli Storify had a rapid rise as a buzzy service designed for navigating the churning seas of social. Storify had raised $2 million from investors, including Great Oaks and Khosla Ventures before being acquired by Livefyre. Storify’s ongoing support for new journalism will be led by Product Manager Bo Hee Kim, Lead Engineer Philippe Modard, Community Manager Skyler Rogers and Engineer Devon Govett, plus recently added Engineer Max Malin. Pearltrees Radically Redesigns Its Online Curation Service To Reach A Wider Audience.

Pearltrees, the Paris-based online curation service that launched in late 2009, was always known for its rather quirky Flash-based interface that allowed you to organize web bookmarks, photos, text snippets and documents into a mindmap-like structure.

Pearltrees Radically Redesigns Its Online Curation Service To Reach A Wider Audience

For users who got that metaphor, it was a very powerful service, but its interface also presented a barrier to entry for new users. Today, the company is launching a radical redesign that does away with most of the old baggage of Pearltrees 1.0. Gone are the Flash dependency, the tree diagrams, the little round pearls that represented your content and most everything else from the old interface. Here is what Pearltrees 1.0 looked like: And here is the new version: Pearltrees’ mission is still to allow you to organize everything you want on the service (in that respect, it almost competes with Evernote). 3.

“We took what everybody liked about the old version and put it into a visualization that everybody could grasp right away,” Lamothe said. Comparison between Confluence and Share point Features. Hallo Rameshtn I answered a similar question recently at Technical Writing World: Here's the gist of my comment from that site: I did spend some time a year ago doing a comparative analysis of Confluence and a beta version of SharePoint 2010.

Comparison between Confluence and Share point Features

My comparison was specifically related to using SharePoint or Confluence for technical documentation. I examined the following aspects of designing a documentation suite: Curation tools - eLearning - The University of Queensland, Australia. What is a content curation tool?

Curation tools - eLearning - The University of Queensland, Australia

A content curation tool allow you to collect information from a variety of multimedia sources and present and organise it in a meaningful way around a particular theme. These tools allow students to sift, sort, arrange, annotate, share and publish research resources. s instructors, we are all information curators. How do you collect and share currently relevant content with your students? How do your students research and share information that they find with the rest of class? Facebook and the Age of Curation Through Unsharing. Facebook’s Open Graph is ushering in a monumental shift in how we curate what we share.

Facebook and the Age of Curation Through Unsharing

Curation used to mean opting in to sharing. You found or did something you thought your audience would care about, and you went to the trouble of sharing it. This worked when we didn’t have so much content at our finger tips, but as more news and media consumption moves online, the friction of constantly opting in exhausts us and we don’t bother to distribute what others might enjoy. That’s why I believe we are entering the age of curation through unsharing, and it will force us to change. Some believe “frictionless sharing” via Open Graphs will be the death of curation. Pearltrees Brings New Editing Features To Its Curation Service. Pearltrees, the Paris-based curation and bookmarking service, is launching a major update to its service today that brings a number of new editing tools to the site.

Pearltrees Brings New Editing Features To Its Curation Service

Pearltrees users were already able to write and save notes, as well as store images and other content on the service. Now, they will also be able to annotate the texts they saved from around the web, caption images and use the service’s new WYSIWYG text editor to write more complex notes. The service is also adding a couple of new personalization features that allow users to add a new background to their collections and change the overall look and feel of the collection.

The new editor, as well as the ability to caption images and illustrate their collections with handpicked images will be available to all users, while the more advanced personalization and annotation tools will only be available for paying Pearltrees Premium subscribers. 2.