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There's a push in Sweden to deal with Internet trolls. Sweden has a high Internet penetration rate — almost 95 percent of people can access high-speed conections.

There's a push in Sweden to deal with Internet trolls

It's not surprising, then, that a lot of Swedes spend large amounts of time on the Internet — alongside countless Internet trolls. Internet trolls plague most any forum that offers people the chance to comment. But according to reporter Adrian Chen, there is a push in Sweden to confront such online hatred. A TV show called Trolljägarna (Troll Hunters) researches and tracks down purported trolls. The host, Robert Aschberg, confronts the subjects on camera. "It's like the American show 'To Catch a Predator,'" says Adrian Chen, who recently reported about the show for the MIT Technology Review. The trolls outed on the show usually end up facing some form of consequences, such as lawsuits. "The freedom of information in Sweden makes trolling easier in a way — but it also makes outing them easier," he says. It's not just the TV show, either. Chen has been the subject of trolling himself. CC Search.

Tips for Effective Presentations. 12/5/2014 - Maranda Gibson Presentations are mostly practiced by students and professionals, and they are a great way to convey ideas as well as educate and convince people.

Tips for Effective Presentations

Giving a presentation is not an easy task; it requires substantial research, organization, public speaking skills, and self-confidence. A good presenter has the ability to engage his or her listeners from beginning to end and compel them to take action. Those who wish to learn presentation skills can get training from expert presenters through classes or courses, or they can follow presentation tips that are available on the Internet. Here are some great tips and tricks for effective presentations, as well as links to related websites.

Here are three of our blog posts for presenters. Organizing Your Presentation Choose an appropriate presentation structure: topical, chronological, classification by categories, problem and solution, or cause and effect. Public Speaking Tips Avoid slang and jargon. Presentation Design. Find my Font - Font Identification Software Application. GIF to Flash Converter is a reliable and easy to use conversion tool that lets you convert animated GIF to AVI, SWF, FLV flash. GIF Animation is big business these days and with good reason.

GIF to Flash Converter is a reliable and easy to use conversion tool that lets you convert animated GIF to AVI, SWF, FLV flash.

Animations, be it cartoon, special effects in movies or commercials, animation has captured people’s imagination. It is only natural, then, that you will need some tools to help you keep your favorite animations with you wherever you go. Since most animations are in GIF format, and the most common player for most systems is Flash player, you will need a converter if you are to play these animations on any system, you will need the GIF to Flash Converter . It is a reliable and easy to use conversion tool that lets you to AVI, SWF, FLV flash. Beyond this, the GIF to Flash Converter also supports various image file formats such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF so you can extract images from animations just as easily as convert them from one format to another.

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