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AutoSizer. Wonderful Icon. TrayMin. Put program icons into the system tray—even if they're not designed for it—to save space on your taskbar. Today's huge hard disks and massive amounts of RAM enable you to open many programs at once. The result, however, can be an extremely cluttered taskbar. Some programs are designed so they can be minimized to the tray, and many people prefer this because it takes up less space. But what if an application was not designed with this capability? PC Magazine's TrayMin utility can solve the problem. TrayMin installs in the Windows Startup Group and runs under Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0. WorldTV. Push the Freakin' Button. XpanDesk. Say the Time. WinTidy 2. WinTidy 2 lets you organize your Desktop and keep it organized.

WinTidy 2

Don't you hate it when someone sitting at your desk moves the pencil jar or hides the stapler? If things aren't where you expect them to be, you can't work as efficiently. It's the same when the icons on your Windows Desktop are moved out of place. When you switch to a smaller screen size, for example, Windows shoves the off-screen icons into view, but doesn't put them back off-screen when you revert to a larger screen size.

This issue's utility, WinTidy 2, remembers your Desktop layout and restores it for you. This version of WinTidy supersedes the earlier WinTidy95 utility, which was incompatible with Windows NT-based operating systems. Weather Watcher. RapidRes. Change color depth and resolution, even toggle your screen saver—all from a tray icon.


Computer monitors can operate in many different video modes. In most cases, the decision about how many pixels and colors to display is yours—but not always. You may, for example, want to run some particularly picky programs (games mostly) that require your system to be set to a particular resolution and color capability. The standard way to change the video mode in Windows is rather clumsy. Before you can set the desired resolution and color depth, you have to open the Display Properties dialog box—the same dialog box you use to change your wallpaper and screen saver ( Figure 1 ). PersonalReminder. Tray Pilot Lite. SplashKiller. StickIt. TrayBar. Yankee Clipper III. RefreshEm. UNLOCK. TapeCalc 2. Quick Menu. Transparent. Memento. Memento is about 345k and does pretty much everything with little desktop notes that I want it to do.


The emphasis is on being convenient, unobtrusive, and easy to use. I hope you find it useful too. If you have comments or questions about Memento, please leave a message in the Memento forum. How to Use From the How to Use note that appears the first time you run Memento: Opening a new note Double click on the Memento icon in the notification area. Google Desktop Search Integration Starting with version 1.10, Memento now integrates with Google Desktop Search (GDS) automatically. If you click on the link in the Google window, then Memento will open the specified note (assuming it still exists).

Issues Amount of text you can put in a note under NT/XP is essentially unlimited, but don't take the piss. Download: Memento v1.12 Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP License: freeware Copyright: Tim Browse, 2002-2005 Status:Completeness: 9/10, Reliability: 9/10 Version History Version 1.12 (01/07/2005) H-Menu. Hot Corners. FastRes. OneButton. ButtonBoogie. ButtonBoogie gives you control and lets you set a default size and place for apps on the Desktop. When you're moving back and forth between two applications, having their taskbar buttons next to each other is convenient. But unless you opened the applications one right after the other, their buttons will not be adjacent.

In another case, you may have several browser windows open, and the one on the left is associated with the right-most taskbar button. This can be confusing! ButtonBoogie solves the problem by letting you rearrange taskbar buttons using drag-and-drop, which is much easier than closing and reopening the applications. ButtonBoogie is fully supported under Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, and 2000. Macro Recorder. Desk Marker. ArtTray. KeyWallet. HelioBar XP.