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I am here to create friends and huge network where i can learn about the technology, semiconductors, product design which will be helpful in my work profile and self knowledge.

Cloud Operations and Continuous Monitoring - Product Engineering Blog. Q&A on ASIC-FPGA-SoC Design and Solutions - Product Engineering Blog. 1.

Q&A on ASIC-FPGA-SoC Design and Solutions - Product Engineering Blog

What is FPGA design? FPGA stands for field-programmable gate array of programmable logic gates like AND or XOR and RAM blocks to implement digital computation in a best possible time interval. FPGA design is being used in various applications, including industries like Aerospace, Broadcast, Medical, Surveillance, Automotive etc. 2. Improving DevOps Success with Well-Defined Metrics - Challenges and Opportunities for the Semiconductor Industry in the IoT. The Internet of Things has become a mainstream technology strategy for businesses looking to accelerate growth in 2017 and beyond.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Semiconductor Industry in the IoT

The semiconductor industry isn't immune to the ongoing IoT buzz, as experts believe that major players will soon abandon the pursuit of Moore's Law in favor of a wholesome strategy necessitating more powerful chips and reliable IoT applications—an important enabler to a connected world. So, what explains the draw to IoT movement? Most semiconductor companies are motivated by the pursuit of an increased foothold in the technology space, as well as stronger customer relationships that will be fostered owing to their ability to deliver unparalleled customer experiences through IoT solutions. Product Engineering Blog. 1.

Product Engineering Blog

How do you define DevOps? DevOps is a clipped compound term which combines “Development” and “Operations” practices of IT software development, having originated in the mid 2000s among IT professionals looking for efficient and innovative ways to automate and speed up the process of software delivery. As a change agent, DevOps promotes a culture of collaboration and information sharing across the organization, a radical departure from the ‘silos’ of the past.

Correlation of Routability and Placement Density for better QoR in 16nm technology. Design And Reuse Design And Reuse Correlation of Routability and Placement Density for better QoR in 16nm technology By Chirag Maniya, Dhaval Parikh (eInfochips) In any physical design procedure, Placement and Routing are the two chief steps.

Correlation of Routability and Placement Density for better QoR in 16nm technology

To get better QoR in routing, engineers tend to give a first glance to placement density. As technology nodes shrink, it can be observed that starting utilization is becoming lower and lower in order to make the design routable. In this paper, we will concentrate on placement utilization in order to make design routable. The observation can be divided into three categories. Custom Design SoM / SBC based on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 212 (APQ8009), 410, 600, 625(APQ8053) and 820 processors. Q&A on ASIC-FPGA-SoC Design and Solutions. 1.

Q&A on ASIC-FPGA-SoC Design and Solutions

What is FPGA design? ANS: FPGA stands for field-programmable gate array of programmable logic gates like AND or XOR and RAM blocks to implement digital computation in a best possible time interval. FPGA design is being used in various applications, including industries like Aerospace, Broadcast, Medical, Surveillance, Automotive etc. 2. UVM Verification Framework for Optical Network SoC - eInfochips. An introduction to ARM Cortex-M0 DesignStart. Design And Reuse Design And Reuse An introduction to ARM Cortex-M0 DesignStart Phil Burr and Tim Menasvet, ARMMarch 2017 Introduction The availability of the ARM Cortex-M0 processor within ARM’s DesignStart portal makes designing and prototyping a Cortex-M0 based system-on-chip (SoC) much easier.

An introduction to ARM Cortex-M0 DesignStart

Combine this with the availability of a low-cost, simplified, fast-track license to the Cortex-M0 for the commercialization phase of the development means that a custom SoC based backed by the #1 ecosystem of tools, software and operating systems is now more readily available. Komal Chauhan on Flipboard. SoC Verification - eInfochips. DevOps in IT versus DevOps in Internet-of-Things. In our last post on How DevOps drives business in PES, we briefly touched on the key differences between DevOps for connected devices and DevOps for pure play IT.

DevOps in IT versus DevOps in Internet-of-Things

It was shown that when it comes to product engineering, the physical component and existing legacy systems add an extra layer of complexity to the overall automation process. In this post, we will elaborate further on the key differences between DevOps in IoT companies and pure play IT, and the specific challenges that teams working in IoT and connected devices are trying to address to achieve a smooth transition to DevOps methodology. Development Pipeline A company operating in the IoT space, more often than not, recruits teams with diverse skills-set and operations, given the vast variety of hardware and software that they have to deal with. Such a diversity usually leads to the creation of multiple small teams and a very fragmented development pipeline, with each team working in phases.

Product Pipeline Automation. Design Rule Checks (DRC) - A Practical View for 28nm Technology. Design And Reuse Design And Reuse Design Rule Checks (DRC) - A Practical View for 28nm Technology Vipul Patel, einfochips ltd Abstract The main objective of this paper is to explain the various types of design rule checks (DRC) violation, their causes and how to fix the various design rule checks (DRC) at lower technology node on block level as well as full chip level implementation while meeting the design rule with respect to latest technology standards.

Design Rule Checks (DRC) - A Practical View for 28nm Technology

The first question that comes to the mind of an ASIC designer is “what is a design rule check?” Physical Design on TSMC's 16nm FinFET for SDN - eInfochips. Consulting, Implementation, CloudOps. With the exponential growth of connected devices, the challenges of handling huge volumes of data and complexity also arise alongside.

Consulting, Implementation, CloudOps

Connected devices bring with them a large ecosystem of continuous software deployment need, across multiple application delivery endpoints such as diverse devices, web, mobile etc. This brings an opportunity to unify the development and operations efforts, giving rise to DevOps culture within the IoT and Product Engineering space, encompassing its people, processes, and tools as a single unit for more coherent and efficient working. Intelligent Vending Machine - Controller Design - eInfochips. RTL to GDSII Turnkey ASIC for MEMS Applications - eInfochips. The client is one of the the world’s leading providers of MEMS sensor platforms which consist of patents in MEMS fabrication, motion sensing, and tracking.

RTL to GDSII Turnkey ASIC for MEMS Applications - eInfochips

These products address the technology needs of smartphone and wearable device makers, smart home providers, and industrial and automotive solution companies. The client has further presence in location software services to address the demand for improved performance, accuracy, and intuitive interfaces (motion, gesture and sound-based) in end consumer applications. Having delivered multiple successful tapeouts for the client at 180nm, eInfochips was chosen to work on their first, complete, turnkey Silicon project (RTL to GDSII) for MEMS applications.

PLCs, PICs, and SBCs. Semiconductor. Achieving Verification Excellence through Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) - Examlysis. Share Tweet Email As technology becomes more pervasive, there is a pressing need for embedded circuits to communicate with the analog world. Since most modern SoC designs comprise of AMS elements integrated with digital components, chip manufacturers need to perform a variety of verification processes: from verifying the analog design, to checking the integration level of the analog and digital components, and testing if the combination of analog and digital components performs as intended. Verification Challenges over the Years Over the years, verification has evolved into a complex project that often spans several teams. Pokémon GO Season in Full Swing: Does your Smartphone Performance Measure up? The Role of Snapdragon 820 in 4k Ultra HD Technology – eragon by eInfochips. 4K Ultra HD has changed the whole way we perceive image quality and videos.

It is slowly making its presence felt across applications ranging from: Cameras and camcorders – e.g. Panasonic Hc-X1000, Canon Cinema EOS C500)Smartphones – e.g. Sony Xperia Z6, Samsung Galaxy S7High Definition Televisions – e.g. Sony Bravia 4kGaming – e.g. Top Tips to Enhance Design For Testability (DFT) for Semiconductors Industry. When we talk about Design for Testability (DFT), we are usually referring to the architectural and design decisions that can help us test a system. The context of the tests need to be understood. One needs to isolate the tested parts from the rest of it. For testing a functionality of a class, we need to detach the same from the rest of system.

After creating an instance from that class, one can activate the tested functionality to make sure that the behavior matches expectations. Here are a few issues one faces while testing in this regard: Instantiating a class – A class is mostly not created in a standalone manner, and the same goes for writing tests for the class. Fly a Drone! Last month 3DR introduced the world's smartest drone - 3DR Solo. 3D Robotics, a Berkeley based company, has enabled it to be interoperable with GoPro cameras. The drone offers a wireless connection for live HD video content and telemetry. This enables real-time video on a mobile/tablet, and real-time control.

It can be programmed to record (and transmit) video from a pre-defined angle and path/orbit. Additionally, it can operate object identification and tracking algorithms and define a real-time motion and orientation trajectory. This drone operates on two 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processors that run Linux - one for the drone and one for the controller. That is a lot of processing to do, if done on the drone batteries.

Best Tips for Enhancing the Efficiency of Automated Testing - All. One can associate a lot of benefits to the implementation of automated testing and with the use of best practices in automated testing, one can ensure that the testing approach can deliver the maximum return on investment (ROI). Escaping Technical Debt With Agile Methodology - DZone Agile. How to 'Productize' Your Service Business Offerings. If you own or lead a professional services company, you understand the unique challenges you face in not offering a tangible product.

Even if your business is thriving, you still only have so much time to exchange for money. Try as you might to maximize price or delivery and allow yourself a comfortable margin, you will still reach a natural ceiling. Some Cool Tips For The White Balance Eyedropper Tool. This video not only features a few cool tips for using the White Balance Selector (the eyedropper), but you get to experience an awkward moment of silence (you’ll see why, and we’ll have a moment of shared pain). Plus, this will be a good test to see if you can “bare the pear.” Brian May launches smartphone adapter for stereoscopic virtual reality viewer: Digital Photography Review. Sugar - I Had No Idea. Cool tricks with magnets and marbles.

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DO-254, DO-178B/C, DO-160, ARP-4754 with all levels of SOI Certification.

This is tremendous platform to make Avionics field rise to the new level. Good going!! – alexispeck73

Innovator and wind-flow software developer, Liz Walls. Liz Walls created Cancalia Engineering & Consulting, and released Continuum 1.0 wind-flow modeling software in the spring of 2014 and version 2.0 in the fall of 2015. Engineer and software developer, Liz Walls, didn’t start her career in the wind industry. Jefferson 3-D images software developer Scandy gets $1 million in funding. Scandy, a Jefferson Parish tech startup that’s developing software that lets users capture, share and print 3-D images from mobile devices, has received $1 million in seed money to build an app for an upcoming wave of smartphones that will be equipped with depth sensors.

The software is expected to make the technology more accessible to consumers. Get Freescale i.MX6 Development Boards & Kits at eInfochips. Order Now!! Data Analytics, Visualization & Reporting Services. Latest Trends Shaping the Direction of Security and Surveillance Market. The global security and surveillance (S&S) market is witnessing a steady increase at over 14.9% CAGR per year. With futuristic technologies in CCTV cameras, biometric access devices, RFID systems, retina and face recognition software, and more playing an important role in ensuring secured, connected systems across various industries, it is important to look into key driving trends which would accelerate the adoption of S&S products in the coming future. Apart from preventing loss and theft which is the primary. 10 Of The Coolest Gadgets We Saw At CES 2016. We met tons of brand new tech startups at CES this year and saw gadgets ranging from health-focused wearables, drones, 3D printers, and AR/VR headsets.

We even got views of the Las Vegas strip from 1,000 feet off the ground in the UberCHOPPER. These were the hottest hardware startups and most interesting gadgets from the show, and you can find our full coverage of this year’s show here. 1. The EHang 184 is a human-sized drone built by the Chinese UAV company EHang. Security, Surveillance & Access Controls: Network/Digital Video Recorder Video Surveillance Evolving Trends.

CBP Picks Telephonics Mobile Surveillance Vehicles for Border Security; Joseph Battaglia Comments. Influencing Trust for Human-Automation Collaborative Scheduling of Multiple Unmanned Vehicles. - Abstract. ASIC Product Design and Development. Ecommerce softwares. Semiconductor News. Aerospace & Defence. Technologies.