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Why Use a Printed Circuit Board? Printed circuit boards or PCBs have become major parts of electronic mechanisms.

Why Use a Printed Circuit Board?

They have become major parts of electronic gadgets and machineries; in fact, there are electronic items that will be almost impossible to make without these PCBs. Why are printed circuit boards preferred for use of these devices? Steps In PCB Fabrication. A PCB or printed circuit board is the foundation that we use in designing electronic devices.

Steps In PCB Fabrication

As a PCB manufacturing company, we understand that PCB fabrication has two important roles, which are: 1. Granting mechanical support to the components in the electrical design. DIY Printed Circuit Boards Could Be Fun. Electronics and appliance stores are deluged with gadgets and devices that seem to be able to address just about every audio visual or data and communication requirement imaginable.

DIY Printed Circuit Boards Could Be Fun

There seems to be an off-the-shelf solution for any application effect or outcome one can think of, whether it is playing mp3 audio files, or even detecting radon in your home. There are, however, rare occasions when no commercially-available product actually exists to fit the bill of some specific requirement that may arise. One may need to be able to activate alternately flashing strobe lights, or to enable a motor home’s sound system to provide noise-cancellation outputs, or simply to augment a home appliance by adding a DV-power outlet for USB chargers, and not be able to find anything in a store or mail-order site that does exactly that.

When this sort of thing happens, one’s only recourse is to contract someone to build such a device. He may also decide to build it himself. How PCB Design Affects the Performance of a Device. To have quality machines and devices means they must be made with quality components as well.

How PCB Design Affects the Performance of a Device

Thus, devices must be designed for reliability. Otherwise, they will be rendered useless or obsolete in a short span of time. A device can be reliable for two things: one, it lasts; and two, it can carry out what it was originally meant to do. Suppose a mobile phone has a lot of glitches and cannot be used for sending messages, then what use does it have for people? The Parts and Components of Printed Circuit Boards.

Printed circuit boards, or “PCBs,” have a lot more advantages than the old ways of manufacturing electronics.

The Parts and Components of Printed Circuit Boards

Before, every component inside of an electronic device was connected using large wires and positioned anywhere they could fit. This resulted in a very messy board and used a large amount of space. These days PCBs make use of a different approach. CIRCUIT BOARDS OVER WIRE WRAPPING: ADVANTAGES OF USING PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS.

Electronic devices nowadays use printed circuit boards, or PCBs, in performing their designated functions.


These boards have provided not only users of such devices but also technical personnel with proper advice in relation to troubleshooting. However, concern is still rising as to the safety of using these boards basically because it exposes someone to the dangers of handling certain components (such as the copper traces). This is the reason why, despite the convenience brought by these boards, there are still some who resort to using wire wrapping to connect electric components.

The following are some of the advantages in choosing printed circuit boards over wire wrapping: 10 questions you should be asking your PCB assembly partner. How to Choose a PCB Assembly Manufacturer. With regards to choosing the contract manufacturing partner to delegate the printed circuit board assembly tasks, here are 7 factors that need to be taken into account in order to pick the best PCB assembly firm. 1.

How to Choose a PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Price Considering that labor costs differ, one must ask for detailed list of the total manufacturing cost. Examine what the things are deemed as part of the manufacturing costs. After that, carry out a research intended to compare the costs. Make Your Own Boards: A Step By Step Guide On How To Make Printed Circuit Boards At Home (Using Acid Etching Method) Choosing the right PCB assembly. Getting the printed circuit board prototype is just one of the significant steps in designing and marketing an electronic product.

Choosing the right PCB assembly

The printed circuit board prototype can be procured in two ways. Either you procure all the electronic components and the printed circuit board and assemble them all by yourself or you hire a PCB assembly company that will do almost everything for you. The first option has never been an easy task for most individuals as there will be a need for equipment and facility for the assembly and fabrication. It will be costly, and for prototyping purposes alone, it will certainly be impractical.

What Really Makes Your Gadgets Run? Basic Components Of Printed Circuit Boards. The Long Way Before Printed Circuit Boards Made Your Gadgets Run Apps (History Of Pcbs) Please follow and like us: Ever wondered what compose the electronics around your house and your office that (most probably) run your life?

The Long Way Before Printed Circuit Boards Made Your Gadgets Run Apps (History Of Pcbs)

Basically, almost all these electronics need a piece of board called printed circuit boards that make electricity flow accordingly to its function. These are “geniusly” designed boards that have shrunk in sizes as decades go by. PCB Assembly: Should Your Outsource or Not? Setting up an engineering and manufacturing business is a daunting task.

PCB Assembly: Should Your Outsource or Not?

The challenge grows exponentially when you have to increase production to cater to your client’s different needs. As a business owner, you can follow either of two directions. You can set up your own in-house manufacturing business or have a third party company do it for you. A practical decision to outsource your PCB assembly can save you time and loads of effort, but there is one thing that you need to focus on to ensure you have hands on grasp of what’s happening to your business. Here are a few advantages that you can get when you have your PCB assembly services. Selecting the PCB manufacturer that is right for your PCB assembly needs. When it comes to choosing the PCB manufacturing partner to entrust your PCB assembly needs, you have to have a set of selection criteria to ensure your desired quality output. Here are 7 aspects you should find in a good PCB manufacturer or assembler. 1. Price Obtain thorough information detailing the total cost of manufacturing, including the labor cost from the PCB manufacturer.

Then, examine carefully the things that are deemed to constitute the manufacturing cost and take time to make an accurate comparison with manufacturing costs from one or two other competing PCB manufacturers. How PCB Fabrication Changed the World of Technology. The world of technology has come a long way from its initial beginnings. The things that used to be mocked for being useless inventions have turned into the necessities that people can no longer live without. All the development in technology paved the way for the creation of better electronic devices that often have multiple functions.

A phone is no longer just a phone. It is also a calendar, a camera, a notepad, and a miniature computer all rolled into one device. What’s more, these modern devices are also more compact than their predecessors.