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Let Charles Moving & Storage provides you with peace of mind during your move. Our honesty and commitment has made us one of the most referred movers in New Jersey.

9 Quick Tips for Planning Your Next Move. Specialty Moving & Storage Services - Charles Moving And Storage. Trust Charles Moving and Storage to provide a special touch to your most treasured possessions during your specialty move.

Specialty Moving & Storage Services - Charles Moving And Storage

While most movers understand the best way to move a couch or carry a wardrobe box, there are some things that need more than strength for a specialty move. They require certain know-how and understanding of how to protect them. Charles Moving & Storage fully understands how important these specialty items are to you. Rest assured that they are a normal part of our moving process. Here are just a few of the specialty moves we handle at Charles Moving & Storage: Piano Moving – We have been a trusted mover of pianos since our start in 1997. Savings & Benefits For Veterans - Charles Moving And Storage. Senior Citizen Savings & Benefits - Charles Moving And Storage. We Treat Seniors with Special Care.

Senior Citizen Savings & Benefits - Charles Moving And Storage

We understand how difficult it can be dealing with moving at later stages of one’s life so we designed a discount package specifically for our senior customers. Our 65-plus program provides these benefits: 7% senior citizen discount10 free boxesRelocation service We have designed part of our service specifically for senior citizens and their families who are relocating to or from a senior community. We understand that each move is unique, especially when moving to a senior community. Our senior citizen moves include: Guaranteed price to eliminate stressCompassionate consultation on all aspects of transitioningHome accessibility modificationsDe-clutteringPacking and unpacking. Below is a small sample of the senior citizen communities we serve: Elizabeth Towers Senior HousingFairmount Towers ApartmentsRoselle Senior Citizen HousingEagle Rock Senior Citizens HousingThe Enclave at LivingstonClark Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Do You Need Long Term Storage? You finally found the job of your dreams!

Do You Need Long Term Storage?

You’ve worked hard to get to the point where you’re doing what you always wanted to do for a salary you always wanted to have. And the benefits are pretty exciting, too! The tough part about it is, the job is over a thousand miles away in a new city in a completely different state. A Commercial Moving Company That Has Your Back. Here's A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with Moving With Kids. Moving can be rough on kids.

Here's A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with Moving With Kids

There are a lot of unknowns for them like what their new room is going to look like, what their new school is going to be like, and how life is going to carry on. As adults, we often get caught up in the business side of moving because there is a lot of uncertainty for us too. We’ve got a few tips to help you ease the transition for everyone so your move can go as smoothly as possible. Countdown Make a countdown with your kids.

Let Them Pack Get your kids their own boxes to pack up their favorite toys. Keep Favorites Out Of Boxes Be sure to keep favorite toys, blankets, or any other small items close at hand. Why You Never See Organize A Moving Sale That Actually Works. If you are packing, you probably are realizing how much stuff you actually own.

Why You Never See Organize A Moving Sale That Actually Works

This is a great time to organize a moving sale! You never know who is looking for what you already have. Here’s some ways to organize your moving sale and earn some cash for stuff you don’t want to pack. Advertise Get you moving sale in the local papers. Arrange Items Put big items closest to the road. What Can You Do About Help Your Pet With The Move Right Now. When packing up and moving to a new location, you pet should also be considered in your plans.

What Can You Do About Help Your Pet With The Move Right Now

You can’t really sit your animal down and explain to them what is happening, so it is extra stressful for them because they don’t understand. Why My Packing An Overnight Bag Is Better Than Yours. When planning to move, sometimes your travels don’t always go as planned.

Why My Packing An Overnight Bag Is Better Than Yours

Unexpected stops need to be made, or things change. One way to be prepared for anything is by packing an overnight bag. This bag should be kept out of the moving trucks and with you at all times. How To 3 Packing Mistakes You Should Avoid. What is the worst part of a move?

How To 3 Packing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Packing! Trying to stuff your entire home into cardboard boxes only so you have to go through them again at your new home can make this task absolutely frustrating. While this task may be stressful as is, it can be even more so if you make any of these mistakes. MISTAKE 1: Forgetting About The First Week As you can probably imagine, there is no way for you to unpack those hundreds of boxes on the first day or even week of being in your new home. These can include: A few outfitsToilet paperTowelsToothbrushes and toothpasteShampoo and conditionerand your first aid kit or first aid supplies Basically, think about what things are vitally essential to your day and pack them in an overnight bag that you can just toss in your car. MISTAKE 2: Not Being Organized. 4 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Storage Unit. Storage units have been used for a large variety of reasons from getting rid of the clutter for an open house to helping you downsize.

4 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Storage Unit

No matter what your need may be, a storage unit can be a very helpful part of the moving process and allow you to keep important items in a safe space. Once you have decided on using a storage unit for your items, it is important to plan how to store them properly and efficiently. Here are just a few tips to improve your storage experience: Create aisle with the labels of the boxes facing outward. This will make is much easier to access your belongings for when you need something instead of forcing you to dig through box after box.Make sure not to stack the boxes too high or your things may end up toppling over. How To Choose The Right Household Storage Services. 5 Ways To Keep Stress At Bay On Moving Day. Don’t let stress get in the way of the move!

5 Ways To Keep Stress At Bay On Moving Day

Here at Charles Moving & Storage, we know just how stressful it can be to move an entire house worth of items into a new one. That is why we have provided a few helpful tips to provide you with an easy move. 1. Give yourself realistic goals! There is not much worse than feeling like you are running behind or out of time when it comes to your moving goals. 2. Moving is chaotic. 3. You should not expect to get all your unpacking done in the first day or even the second. 4. Moving stresses everyone out. 5.