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Top 6 Alternatives To Google’s Android One Smartphone. Let’s uncover the top 6 alternatives to Android One smartphones, because in a price sensitive market like India people wouldn’t really care about the what version of Android their smartphone is using or whether their device comes with a quad-core processor.

Top 6 Alternatives To Google’s Android One Smartphone

All they care about is whether the smartphone hardware can survive the long haul, and will they be able to talk or communicate with their friends and family easily. By now, you must be familiar with the Google’s Android One series of low-budget smartphones. Android One brought three Android smartphone at a dirt cheap price with top of the line features bundled with a highly competitive hardware configuration. Recently initiated Google’s Android One project in India has ransacked many of its burgeoning competitors. But it’s of little essence to a price conscious buyers in India, and that’s not the way they might be looking at the Android One, unless it is introduced in the layman’s language.

Moto E Asus Zenfone 4 A400CG. 6 Best Designer Sarees Available Online In India. Sarees have been synonymous with Indian culture across the world.

6 Best Designer Sarees Available Online In India

In India, a saree is considered as a traditional Indian attire worn by women in every part of India. Designer sarees in particular have gained a lot of popularity as ideal party wear. Whatever the occasion might be, designer sarees will always make you look bold, exclusive, graceful and sophisticated and the huge number of choices available online have made these sarees hot favorites among fashion conscious Indian women. Also Read:6 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men. The top 6 best designer sarees available for purchase online currently in India are given below. 1. This saree is from one of the leading designer saree manufacturers, Fabdeal. Checkout Fabdeal Printed Sarees Here!

2. The gorgeous lush green color of freshly plucked leaves has been used to create this green sensation. 6 Best Books On Meditation For Beginners. Best books on meditation for beginners, is one raging question that crawls under every meditator’s skin.

6 Best Books On Meditation For Beginners

It’s hard to sit without instructions, but it’s even harder to clear the fog of doubts that appears from nowhere, later. Actually, we don’t have to clear them, we just have to sit and breathe, but even for that, we need few good books on meditation to get started. No matter what, our meditation is not complete without some good books on meditation. Top 6 Online Payment Alternatives To Paypal. PayPal is undeniably an extremely popular online payment service used by several top brands to transact with its clients.

Top 6 Online Payment Alternatives To Paypal

With online payment mode growing rapidly, PayPal has started to face fierce competition these days with more and more players vying for a piece of the pie. PayPal in recent times has seen a dip on the popularity front with lot of unwarranted regulations and rules acting as a barrier to complete a smooth transaction. Customer complaints like below par customer service and frequent freezing of accounts has added to the decline in popularity.

For those who wish to move to another service, here we have provided the top 6 alternatives to PayPal that provide value added service and complete features. 1. As a top online payment service provider, Skrill offers some great features like free account setup, low fee, and text messaging service from an account. Related Read: Top 6 Low Tax Rate Countries In The World. Top 6 Influential Women Who Were Born As Men. Lots of women, female models who walk the ramp these days were born as men.

Top 6 Influential Women Who Were Born As Men

And with ever so successful transformation procedure, it’s hard to identify whether they’re really women or later transformed their sexuality. Beautiful models like these, look and feel like women, but are born as men, with male reproductive system. It’s hard to make out, whether the model walking the ramp or bossing the magazine cover, unless you’re someone closely known to them. 6 Tax Saving Investment Options For Young Indian Investors. Lately, I’ve been coming across many who are averted to savings and investments.

6 Tax Saving Investment Options For Young Indian Investors

Most such people are the ones who just started off earning. Of course, all of us, to an extent have the tendency to spend on all sorts of things we’ve been craving for ages the moment we make our own money, for there would be no dad or mom asking us to account for our expenses. While that sounds sweet, most (read : almost no one ) really cares a rat a$s for future financial planning. The moment such young pockets hear terms like – retirement planning, tax saving, investment strategy, etc., here is what we get to hear – You kidding me? Or something close to that. Well, I’m so not against enjoying ones’ today to the fullest. What if we do? I know such questions still look vague to many young earners. If you still have doubts like how it would help investing early in life, you gotta go through six reasons to start investing early. 6 Little Known Amazing Facts About Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee hardly needs any introduction.

6 Little Known Amazing Facts About Bruce Lee

Deemed as the most influential martial artist ever, Lee changed the way Asians were represented in American Cinema. Having watched Bruce Lee films, when one thinks of Bruce Lee, one is usually reminded of his shrill cat-like purring and shirtless fighting posture with sudden attacks made on the opponent. But there are many shades in a person’s personality and several fascinating incidents occur in a person life which we are mostly unaware of. 6 Places On Earth Where Sun Never Sets And Never Rise. We’re accustomed to 12 hour day and 12-hour night (unless you’re a reader from the poles or the countries listed below), but where on earth does the sun never set?

6 Places On Earth Where Sun Never Sets And Never Rise

6 Selfie Obsessed Smartphones With Best Front Facing Camera. “Selfie”, a word that has changed the way people shoot themselves, oh, with the smartphone camera held at arm’s length or a digital camera for a better quality selfie.

6 Selfie Obsessed Smartphones With Best Front Facing Camera

Smartphone manufacturers have been focusing on the smartphones with best front facing camera since then, such a buzz word, selfie is. Though, there have always been smartphones with the powerful rear camera, but that merely feeds the selfie obsession, most of them demands selfie obsessed smartphone with the best front facing camera. The request has been taken care for the selfie obsessed generation and this fall almost every leading manufacturer has launched one or few selfie obsessed smartphones. Which one are worth considering, take a look. 6 Exciting Types Of Coffee You Can Make 6 Days A Week. Today coffee has become a popular drink taken at breakfasts and tea-parties (yes, I’m aware of the contradiction, truth is harsh)!

6 Exciting Types Of Coffee You Can Make 6 Days A Week

Over the last couple of decades, the quality and variations of coffee has increased many folds giving us many options to choose for our favourite type.