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Building & Configuring the Media Center With Plex Media Server. November 27, 2015 December 20, 2013 Server The Plex Media Server is a backend application to help you manage and stream media to almost any network connected device.

Building & Configuring the Media Center With Plex Media Server

This app has been integrated to ClearOS's Network Map app that allows you to restrict when users/devices on the LAN can access the media server - a useful feature if you allow guests on your network but do not want them to automatically have access to your family photos, music etc. Smart phones, iphones, Windows and Mac desktops have dedicated client applications to stream or display media from your server.

Documentation for this app can be found here. OrganizationeGloo ContacteGloo Dev Team APC Battery Backup Manager APC Battery Backup/UPS provides status information, reporting and administrative actions for managing supported APC UPS models. ClearOS - OpenVPN Plugin. Checks With These One-Time Antimalware File Scanner Tool. Antimalware File Scan The Antimalware File Scan app provides a quick way to check for viruses on your file shares.

Checks With These One-Time Antimalware File Scanner Tool

The scanner check: User home directories Installation If your system does not have this app available, you can install it via the Marketplace. Antimalware File Scanner Software. Hire Android App Developer – Company Vs Freelancer. If you have an Android app idea and want to execute it with great perfection, quality and affordability, then you surely need to hireAndroid app developer.

Hire Android App Developer – Company Vs Freelancer

However, the main question arrives in such condition is where to find the best Android developer. Essentially, you have two options – company and freelancers. While you may easily find freelancers on innumerable websites out there, you may also find thousands of Android app development companies in the market. The main question is about finding the best one amongst them. And the bigger question is determining which option would be more suitable for you. both of them have their respective pros and cons. Hire Android App Developer – The Company: There are thousands, if not millions, of Android app development companies out there offering highly professional services at very affordable prices. Pros: App development companies have required resources, experience, team and tools to create powerful apps that is hard to find with freelancers. What is Dynamic DNS and Why You Need It?

What is Dynamic DNS and Why You Need It? 10 Strong Reasons to Hire Mobile App Developer. Obviously, you got a few mysteries and accommodating thoughts for making your organization fruitful and productive.

10 Strong Reasons to Hire Mobile App Developer

Here in this post, we will discuss about how you can advance your organization and get amazing advantages from building up a business mobile application. Why does your organization need to hire mobile application developers? Why such ventures are rapidly reimbursed? Answers for every one of these inquiries and more you'll discover in my article. Mobile application designers are continually ready to give your organization business applications paying little heed to how muddled the errand is. In this way, there are 10 great purposes to hire mobile app developer to make a mobile application for your organization. 1. There are more than 200 million cell phones around the world. 2. While working with your site's mobile form, a client needs to download all representation and pages outline components and to hold up long. 3. 4. Technology Geeks — Why you Need an Intrusion Detection System and...

5 Tips on Finding the Best Web Content Filtering Software. Top 10 Reasons to Choose Joomla Development Services. Being a highly popular and powerful content management system, Joomla powers more than 2.5 million websites across the world.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Joomla Development Services

There are certain reasons that make sure this technology is used with utmost perfection. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Joomla is that it’s an open source technology, which means, it’s completely free to use. Many more reasons are there that makes Joomla a CMS powerhouse and Joomla Development Services a highly demanded opportunity. Here is a list of top-10 reasons suggesting why everyone should go for Joomla Development Services: It’s Open Source: Joomla is an open source CMS platform licensed under GNU. It’s Free: Using Joomla is completely free for developers. It’s SEO Friendly: SEO remains a big concern for webmaster because what matters the most in web-world is having strong online presence.

It’s Highly Secured: Security is an important parameter for any content management system, and Joomla is most secured platform amongst all CMS platforms. ClearOS IPS Intrusion Prevention System. March 27, 2016 July 13, 2012 Gateway The Intrusion Prevention app is a plugin to the Intrusion Detection system.

ClearOS IPS Intrusion Prevention System

The service dynamically creates firewall rules (iptables) to block IP packets if a packet stream matches a known attack signature. Signatures are provided by the intrusion detection app, containing over 1000 known attack vectors. Documentation for this app can be found here. OrganizationClearFoundation ContactClearFoundation Development Team Egress Firewall The Egress Firewall app enforces policy on traffic leaving your network. Dedicated Joomla Experts. Does your Linux System Needs a Linux Firewall?

Linux Servers for Small Business - ClearOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE & Debian. Top 5 Linux Servers for Small BusinessThe Linux Small Business Servers powers many iconic organizations including Amazon, Facebook, Google and the London Stock Exchange.

Linux Servers for Small Business - ClearOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE & Debian

With their modest requirements, immense power and flexibility, these servers remain the first choice for SMEs. Here in this write-up, we will discuss about the top 5 Linux servers for small businesses.The servers mentioned in this post demand modest hardware to offer the zenith of reliability, stability and security. You get the complete list of functionalities you desire, plus, you get innumerable added services, networking and security.

So here we go with our list: #1. Android-vs-ios-which-is-better-platform. Internet Web Proxy Filter. Web Proxy The web proxy in ClearOS is a high-performance proxy caching server for web clients, supporting HTTP, FTP and some lesser known protocols.

Internet Web Proxy Filter

The software not only saves bandwidth and speeds up access time, but also gives administrators the ability to track web usage via web-based reports. Linux Server for Your Small Business Server. How does a Content Filter Work? Features and Applications of Plex Media Server. Why Small Business Server Can Be Essential for your Business? Small Business Server can empower you to access enterprise level backup, and monitoring software.

Why Small Business Server Can Be Essential for your Business?

Location hosting could offer dependable power with clean, uninterrupted power, via a combination of numerous networks electrical, generators, and best-of breed preservation practices. Linux Servers for Small Business - ClearOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE & Debian. Does your Business need a Small Business Server. You’ve read about dedicated servers, but you really aren’t sure what they’re and if you must have one.

Does your Business need a Small Business Server

And on the other hand, perhaps you know that you need a small business server, but actually have no idea how to select the right host. With regards to web sites hosting, basically they provide you with two choices namely dedicated servers or shared servers. What's the difference? Well, shared servers are the form wherein you'll share the space with others. How to make your Web Proxy More Productive? A proxy server is just a server that sits between a customer and a real server. The proxy server intercepts request to real server to see if it can look after the requests itself and, if it intact, forwards a request to the real server. A user requests a webpage via his browser. The proxy server first checks the cache to see if the page has already been there and might be served generally. If not, it passes the request for the web page from the browser to the web server. Since proxy servers offer indirect access to web servers, your internet protocol address along with other somewhat identifying information might be kept passed onto the real server.

Quick Guide to Setup a Dynamic DNS? Why Small Business Server Can Be Essential for your Business?