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OK-RM. David Ryle Identity – S-TS-T. Too many design. Too many design.

too many design

Emblemmatic — MarkMaker. Badesaison — Visuelle Gestaltung. Don't get a Job, Make a Job - how to succeed as a creative graduate. First things first – the days of trading in your degree certificate for a nice safe job offer are gone, and who knows if they will ever return.

Don't get a Job, Make a Job - how to succeed as a creative graduate

It is simply not enough to graduate anymore, the world demands more from you – you are the future, you are the next generation of entrepreneurs, design-thinkers, hyper-specialists and cultural agitators. You have a role, you have a responsibility…it is no longer about the world of the design…. it is about the design of your world! Being a writer is one of those jobs where you are one, because you do it. The title makes no grand gestures and has no barriers to entry – unlike many other professions – I love that about it. It doesn’t mean you will be a good writer obviously; there are no junior authors, middleweight bloggers or senior poets! I’m very much a why-not, why-wait, move-over-let-me-try kind of girl and being a writer isn’t the first job I made for myself, and it sure as hell won’t be the last.

HelloMe — Design & Art Direction. TUNICA - home. LETTERHEADY. Côme de Bouchony - Art Direction and design, Paris. The Smooth... Bart de Baets. Projects - Studio Luc Derycke. DEUTSCHE & JAPANER – Creative Studio – about. Printed Pages – It’s Nice That, 2015 MONOCLE UK Issue 77, 2014 M – Le magazine du Monde, 2014 Vogue US, 2014 Garagisme No. 4, 2014 MONOCLE Issue 61, 2013 Fully Booked, Gestalten, 2013 Gold & Silver, viction:ary, 2013 Culture Identities, Gestalten, 2013 Brothers Magazine, 2013 HOW Int.

DEUTSCHE & JAPANER – Creative Studio – about

Various Projects, Inc. / About. Elizabeth Beer & Brian Janusiak formed Various Projects, Inc. as a multidisciplinary creative collaboration in 2005.

Various Projects, Inc. / About

With backgrounds in design, art, and film, among other things, the practice seeks to solve problems and invent new ones. Collaborations are a central focus of the studio which has made garments, objects, books, furniture, and designed spaces as the need arises. Various Projects is always looking to link creative disciplines and to blur boundaries. Project No. 8 is the retail arm of Various Projects and currently has two New York locations: 38 Orchard Street (at Hester Street) and Travel/Hotel at the Ace Hotel at 22 West 29th Street.

These spaces have offered Various Projects and their many creative partners a chance to experiment with themes that reoccur in their work: questions of distribution, digression, and the creation of fluctuating communities. Various Projects’ Clients and Collaborators include: Études Studio. Mr L'Agent / About. Monsieur L’Agent is a Paris-based creative agency founded in 2007 by Alexis Le-Tan and Romuald Stivine.

Mr L'Agent / About

Since then, our ever growing roster of art directors, illustrators and photographers has forged a reputation for delivering innovative graphic solutions to all kinds of projects and briefs. Our clients range from independent organizations to global brands, the music industry to publishing and advertising. With artists from France, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK and USA we span differing styles and aesthetics held together by the common quest for unrivalled beauty.

Monsieur L’Agent’s sole emphasis is on facilitating creative results, professionally. We look forward to working with you. Zak Group – Projects. To accompany a solo exhibition by the artist Tony Oursler at the LUMA Foundation in Arles, we collaborated with Oursler on a volume that presents the artist’s vast archive of ephemera relating to thought photography, the occult, UFOs, colour theory, fairies, cults, séances, magic, optics, mesmerism and many other areas of intrigue.

Zak Group – Projects

The result is over 600 pages of photographs that document 1,200 objects tracing an intersecting visual history of various social, spiritual and intellectual histories and their paradoxical belief systems. Materials and production techniques include the use of metallic split fountain screen-print of a William Hope spirit photograph on a book cloth cover and a slipcase made out of archival board, which are both employed in order reflect the content within.