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Blankets and footmuffs

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How to Sew A Baby Receiving Blanket. Made By Marzipan. Foot muff for toddler buggy. Sew a bag blanket for a stroller. How to make tag blankets - Making Baby clothes and accesories. Very simple and straight forward but thought i'd do a bit of a tutorial incase you needed some inspiration :D theres several tuts on the internet for these i actually couldn't figure out how i was ment to do the tags so had to look it up :O Select your material im making a patchwork one so cut out several pieces Lay them down and position then in whatever order you like pin them Now sew them i sew 3 rows of 3 then sew the rows together If your using just one piece ignore the above steps This is what it looks like the right way around Now pin you tags (ribbon folded in half with the loop bit facing in towards the middle of the material) sew tags on make sure you go back and fourth a few times so they are secure (remove pins) now place your bottom peice (lining) face to face with the top and pin in place sew around leaving a small gap at one side!

How to make tag blankets - Making Baby clothes and accesories

Turn right way round and sew the hole up. Making a Buggy Snuggle - Crafty Mums. Making a Buggy Snuggle You will need: Fleece fabric 2x 30” open ended zips 1.

Making a Buggy Snuggle - Crafty Mums

Cut 2x rectangles of fabric approx 42” x 21” – these will be the ‘seat’ part of the snuggle and will run from the top of the buggy, down the seat and to the footrest. 2. You may need to adjust these sizes to fit your buggy, and you may want to make the 'cover' longer so you have a flap to turn over the top (or tuck around LO) 3. 4. 5. Stroller Blanket. How cute is this vintage owl fabric?

Stroller Blanket

I love it. Spring has been very chili here, so a stroller blanket was in order for H. It has a micro fleece solid pink fabric on the underside and folds under on the bottom for her little feet. I chose these fabrics because they are warm, but not to heavy. You can see a little more detail in the pictures below. I sewed ribbon about 4 inches from the top of the blanket in order to tie the blanket to the stroller. Here, you can see that the blanket folds under. Here it is unbuttoned. Its in the mid 60's today, we we're going to test it out today! DIY Carseat Cover. Last weekend I washed Peanut's old infant carseat cover.

DIY Carseat Cover

After washing it, and letting it air dry it was looking pretty sharp. All the spit up stains and random carseat crud came out just fine on the actual cover, as well as the infant cushiony insert. Then I remembered that I gave the winter carseat cover that we used with Peanut, to an expectant mom last year. Well here we are having a baby in Sept/Oct. Obviously by Nov/Dec, we'll need a cover for the carseat. Here is what it looks like finished: I promise it is super super easy, took about an hour start to finish and I watched Burn Notice while doing it.

You will need: What is a Pram Snuggle? I have had a lot of new fans on my facebook page lately, so just thought I'd explain a bit about my business.

What is a Pram Snuggle?

I started making Pram Snuggles after talking to a friend about the trouble of keeping babies wrapped nice and warm while in a pram. I then made up a trial blanket, changed it a bit, tried out some different fabrics, and the Pram Snuggle was born! A Pram Snuggle is a specially shaped, very warm and snuggly pram blanket with universal harness holes that will fit any three or five point harness system in any pram, car seat or bouncer. Having harness holes means baby can be snugly wrapped while safely secured. Pram Snuggles are simple to use! 1. New Babys are so cute. I got an invite for my cousin's baby shower, unfortunately I had other things going on that same day and wasn't able to attend.

New Babys are so cute

I wanted to make something special for cousin Michele's new baby so I found the perfect graph pattern at donnas crochet shoppe. BuntingBagEmbroidery. How to make a Winter BuggyBag. Foot muff for toddler buggy. Bye, baby bunting. For the first four months of her life, Hannah Davis viewed the world from a snug little duffle bunting bag that her mother had made.

Bye, baby bunting

Newfoundland craftswoman Marget Davis got the idea from Labrador, where everyone "duffles up" for the winter. The blanket-like wool fabric appealed to Marget because it doesn't slip and slide in your arms as nylon bunting bags do. "Duffle seems so warm and cosy," she says. "And lining it with a closely woven cotton adds a windproof feature. " Many Labrador bunting bags have fur trim around the hood, but Marget preferred to finish the edges with blanket stitching to complement the flowers and butterflies she embroidered down the front. To make:1. 2. 3. To stitch:Use 13 mm seam allowance throughout. Bag:1. 2. 3. Lining:1. To embroider:1.