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No Sunlight Singing - glossary of Australian expressions. This is a glossary of the distinctively Australian words and phrases used in the novel No Sunlight Singing. The glossary was not part of the original print edition of No Sunlight Singing. It has been compiled for this website by Alan Walker. Each definition is followed by a quote from No Sunlight Singing showing how the term was used. Many of the words and phrases listed here are quite obscure, even to Australians, as some of them are dated, and some are confined to outback regions. Visitors to Australia would be advised not to use this glossary as a phrase book! Note on sources The main reference work used in preparing this glossary was the Australian National Dictionary, 1988, Oxford University Press. Other sources are mentioned in the individual entries. Note on offensive language abo Offensive disparaging term for an Australian Aborigine. arsy Lucky. Babbler Cook. Barcoo rot Scurvy, resulting in chronic skin sores. Book One, Chapter 4 beauty, beaut Something excellent or extraordinary.

VideoLAN - Downloads. RAAF crash: Memorial service held for WWII crew after plane wreck found off Broome. Posted The families of two men killed during World War II gathered at dawn at a beach in Broome for a memorial service they have waited 70 years for. Flight Sergeants Ronald Smith and Ronald Kerrigan were killed in September 1944 when their RAAF Beaufighter crashed just after take-off in the waters off Broome. But for many years the plane wreck could not be found, and their bodies were never recovered. Two years ago two amateur historians decided to solve the mystery once and for all, beginning a painstaking search using a small boat and donated sonar equipment. In June, they were able to phone the men's families with the news they had been waiting for — the wreck had been found. Now a memorial plaque has been erected high on the grass overlooking Cable Beach, less than two kilometres from the men's final resting place.

It's nice that they're recognised. Val Bullied was 15 years old when she got the news her brother Ronald Kerrigan had been killed. She said it was an emotional morning. Summer Workout 2016. Chappie.