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How To Use The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage System. Is your two car garage really a no car garage with all the clutter you’ve got messing it up?

How To Use The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage System

Don’t waste that empty wall. Get a Rubbermaid FastTrack garage system to help you organize. It combines endless flexibility with strength and style – you’ll wonder how you’ve managed without it for so long. Photo credit: Rubbermaid Products. Check out the rest of our Rubbermaid FastTrack series to learn everything you need to know about this simple system and take your garage back now. Advertisements: What is the FastTrack system? Ideas for Strategic Organization & Storage. Don't forget! - Template. I first saw the idea to print on post-it notes on Kristen's blog "Inkablinka"....

Don't forget! - Template

(here). It got me thinking it would be fun to make little post-it note handouts for various reasons. I'm in the process of making Sunday School handouts for 2012 for the 12/13 year old's using post-it notes. I created a few templates that I thought I would case you'd like to make your own. 3 x 3 Template - Click here 2 x 1.5 template - Click hereSTEP 1 - Open your file and print it BEFORE you start working on the file. STEP 2 - Keep the same file open and type your message or notes in the first box. STEP 3 - Before you print, put a post it note on each box of your template. STEP 4 - Finished! Let's say you've printed a set of notes as a reminder for an activity, choir practice, etc. Don't forget template 1 - [doc] [docx] Don't forget template 2 - [doc] [docx] Don't forget template 3 - [doc] [docx] Don't forget template 4 - [doc] [docx] You Asked: Organizing Cords.

A little bird told me that I should do an "Organizing Cords" post.... so happy day because it's here!

You Asked: Organizing Cords

However, I didn't always think happy thoughts about cords. In fact, when Emily mentioned to me that I was getting quite a few questions on the subject, I hung my head a bit.... I knew where my cords were, so I guess I get a point for that, but they really weren't organized. They lived in some stacked media boxes on a shelf by my computer: But open those boxes and you would see a jumbled mess of cords, all webbed together. So I emptied the contents of the boxes onto the table - I wish this was an exaggeration to make a great before and after story, but it's 100% what I was dealing with! I also gathered all the cords that were around the house that weren't originally in the box, to take inventory and make sure we weren't keeping any that we no longer used or needed.

Since cords can be a bit hard to tame, I turned to these Q Knot Reusable Cable Ties: SO much better already. Pretty cute eh?