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Hong Kong

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Secret islands in Hong Kong. Po Toi: So close, so different It's incredible that only a few kilometres from the hustle of Hong Kong Island there is a place inhabited by people who have no official electricity and no running water supply.

Secret islands in Hong Kong

This is Po Toi – a serene and scenic island that lies to the southeast of Hong Kong. It used to be home to over a thousand people, although the population has dropped to under 200 in recent times, resulting in several streets of eerie, abandoned village houses. There's one main path on the island, the Po Toi Country Trail, which loops over the south of the island in a figure-of-eight.

The coastal section of the walk is shorter and easier, and can be completed in well under an hour. Finish up your day at the small village down in Tai Wan – the whole village is powered by a noisy, old-school electrical generator, which you can go and check out for yourself. The 10 best beaches in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's best public parks.

Hong Kong Yesterday - FAN HO 1931-2016. Hong Kong Image Database. Discover the charms of Wang Chau island. I used to be quite ignorant of Hong Kong geography, particularly in relation to some of the islands scattered in the waters around the territory.

Discover the charms of Wang Chau island

So when a friend mentioned something about Ung Kong Islands (罋缸群島) a few years ago, I thought he was talking about a tourist destination in mainland China. Well, it was quite embarrassing when he informed me that the islands were not in China, but right here in waters off the New Territories. I finally made a trip to the area and tried to learn more about the place. The Ung Kong Islands, located in the southeast of Sai Kung, is composed of four major islands — Wang Chau, Basalt Island, Bluff Island and Town Island — as well as many other small islets. Wang Chau is the smallest amongst the four key islands. Dubbed as one of the famous “Four Sea Arches”, the sea cave is spacious enough for a small boat to go through when the sea is calm.

If you are an adventurer like me, you wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to swim through it. Useful information: Discover the charms of Wang Chau island. HKFP Lens: Restored and coloured images of Hong Kong in the late 1800s. A series of historical pictures of Hong Kong featuring the Central Praya, Pedder Street and the waterfront have been restored by Chris Whitehouse.

HKFP Lens: Restored and coloured images of Hong Kong in the late 1800s

Central Praya, 1896. Photo: Chris Whitehouse. The original images were taken by the English photographer John Thomson between 1869 and 1871. Waterfront, 1869. Photo: Chris Whitehouse. Pedder Street, 1871. The Wellcome Trust released the images into the public domain. Pedder Street & Clock Tower from Pedder Wharf, 1869. Mounted prints are now on sale at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum Gift Shop at the Star Ferry, Central. Painter in his Studio, 1869. The surreal mania of China's Kowloon Walled City. Craft supplies: 10 Shopping Places Every Craft Lover in Hong Kong Should Know! 27 August 2015 If you don't know where to buy craft supplies in Hong Kong, I hope the list below will help you find what you need.

Craft supplies: 10 Shopping Places Every Craft Lover in Hong Kong Should Know!

In most of my posts I try to give you shops recommendations, but I have realized it would be great to summarize all these shopping places in one post. Hong Kong sample clothing stores HK shopping bargains discount outlet shops. Being located at the foot of the world’s foremost clothing producer has its benefits.

Hong Kong sample clothing stores HK shopping bargains discount outlet shops

While shopping in Hong Kong offers a cornucopia of brands, there are even more choices tucked away on side streets around the city. In fact, almost every major neighborhood in Hong Kong has some sort of store selling factory samples at a fraction of their normal retail price. If you derive pleasure from uncovering hidden treasures, then sample store hunting is for you! Let’s get the definition of a sample store straight. I’m not talking about outlet stores that feature one brand, or the stock from one chain. Hong Kong doesn’t have someplace like New York’s Century 21, which is a whole department store filled with discounted brand name goods.

Brands I’ve spotted include contemporary names such as Ed Hardy, Dsquared, and Neighborhood, in addition to dozens of more blue-blood labels. Are they fakes? Secret Foods That Could Help You Survive A Disaster… Edible Weeds! - GrowingSmart.HK. Why would we want to eat weeds?

Secret Foods That Could Help You Survive A Disaster… Edible Weeds! - GrowingSmart.HK

Usually farmers and gardeners are spending time and money trying to get rid of them. But that’s short-sighted. Weeds are often full of vitality and incredibly health-giving. Unfortunately, weeds are often completely overlooked as a food source, which is a loss to both our health and our medicine cupboards. Foraging wild wood sorrel with flowers. Recently on our garden-farm, we had a visit from our friend and chinese herbalist expert: Wanda. But if you can be sure that you know your weeds and that they are from a reliable, organic source… you’re in for a treat! Wild Wood Sorrel Wild wood sorrel. 香港格價網

HK venue rental

Peng Chau. Les copains d'abord. Green Peng Chau Association : Ancient History. Neolithic Era of Peng Chau Peng Chau has a history that is long and glorious and great biological diversity.

Green Peng Chau Association : Ancient History

Peng Chau was shaped like a dumb-bell. (After government reclamation work it now looks more like a horseshore.) Because of the shelter from hills on almost four sides and two natural sheltered bays, the island has long provided a work and rest spot for travelers. Unexpectedly the island has an extremely rich fresh water source, so it's been inhabited since the neolithic period. Hong Kong Observatory. Welcome to the Crossroads Foundation — Crossroads Global Distrib. HK Clubbing. HK Space Museum.

Peng Chau