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Shopify — Ecommerce Software and Shopping Cart Software Solutions. Home. Ecommerce Software & Shopping Cart Software Solutions by BigCommerce. PrestaShop Free Open-Source e-Commerce Software for Web 2.0. Problems with Big Commerce - Andrew Bleakley. UPDATE: My Bigcommerce or Shopify wizard is live and takes all the guess work and reading out of choosing between Bigcommerce and Shopify. try it now it only takes a minute and if you are having problems with Bigcommerce it could help you out.

Problems with Big Commerce - Andrew Bleakley

Before you accuse me of jumping ship – I haven’t. I am still a huge fan of Bigcommerce. However, I am also in the business of giving clients the best solutions possible and every so often, but for whatever reason that isn’t Big Commerce or Interspire. This isn’t a random bitching, I work hard with Bigcommerce and Interspire software most days.