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To Sell or Not to Sell: How Would You Sum Up ‘Hamlet’? Jean-Paul Mari: The chilling aftershock of a brush with death. 25 Most Important Plays Every Actor Should Read - Acting in London. 25 Most Important Plays Every Actor Should Read / Photo credit: RWCMD It’s becoming increasingly more unpopular for actors to read plays.

25 Most Important Plays Every Actor Should Read - Acting in London

Thespians seem to forget the people responsible for creating the art form of drama, and that’s only to the detriment of their own careers. When it comes to theatre, some will normally watch the performance on stage, if that. But the biggest issue is that by avoiding masterful work of great playwrights, actors avert themselves from developing their creative skills, expanding imagination, and learning roots of the acting craft in itself. Finally and most importantly, actors that do not read plays on a regular basis will not comprehend how theatre is made and how words are bestowed with life when transforming written material into performance. RELATED: Guide to becoming a working actor. The Alignment System. A creature's general moral and personal attitudes are represented by its alignment: lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, or chaotic evil.

The Alignment System

Alignment is a tool for developing your character's identity. It is not a straitjacket for restricting your character. Each alignment represents a broad range of personality types or personal philosophies, so two characters of the same alignment can still be quite different from each other. In addition, few people are completely consistent. 50 ways to take care of yourself in the arts. Image: As a sector, the arts is on the verge of burnout if not already teetering far beyond its edge.

50 ways to take care of yourself in the arts

Lack of support, the precarious nature of freelance and contract work, the emotional and physical toll of creative and community arts work, frequent requests to work for free, and the undervaluing of work in Australia is confounding. Yet there is a silver lining in that these issues are finally being broached. At the Making Time: Arts and Self-Care conference held by Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) last week, the discussion was stripped bare of the appearances we are often greeted with at exhibition openings, or daily dealings with colleagues and friends.

Delegates shared candid accounts of dealings with trauma, mental health difficulties and illuminated the dark corners of community arts work. Community arts workers in particular are often exposed to difficult or traumatic situations through working with those that have experienced hardship. Vocational Personality Radar Test. Thinker - Analyzes problems deeply with intelligence.

Vocational Personality Radar Test

You always try to find a logical explanation for something you are interested in. You like things abstract and theoretical. You have more interests in acknowledgement rather than social communication with people. Which is the worst of the seven deadly sins? 5 Realities of Life When Your Brain Wants You to Murder. When you hear "OCD," you probably think about a serious anxiety disorder with physical compulsions, or about how wacky you are for wanting to keep your bookshelf alphabetized, depending on your level of knowledge.

5 Realities of Life When Your Brain Wants You to Murder

The Role of Storytelling in the Theatre of the Twenty-First Century. I’m absolutely thrilled to be with you.

The Role of Storytelling in the Theatre of the Twenty-First Century

I can feel the energy in the room. 13 Amazing Facts About Your Brain. 13 Amazing Facts About Your Brain 13 Ultimate Facts About Your Brain Did you know that your brain needs to make an effort when you laugh at a joke and 12 percent of our dreams are in black and white?

13 Amazing Facts About Your Brain

The Secrets to How Broadway Stars Power Through Colds, Flu and Fatigue. Sick before the show?

The Secrets to How Broadway Stars Power Through Colds, Flu and Fatigue

Too tired for the audition? Got the winter blues? Broadway pros provide an expert guide that everyone can use to stay in top vocal and physical health. Vocal health is crucial for a performer, especially in an eight-show week environment. Why Did People Stop Saying "Thou"? Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by, an easy and affordable way to help individuals learn.

Why Did People Stop Saying "Thou"?

Instantly stream thousands of courses created by experts on business, software, web development, graphic design and more. Jessa Gamble: Our natural sleep cycle. Why do we cry? The three types of tears - Alex Gendler. 5 Great Men Who Built Their Careers on Plagiarism. As anyone here at Cracked will tell you, without even the slightest provocation, writing is hard.

5 Great Men Who Built Their Careers on Plagiarism

When the strain of coming up with new material becomes too great to bear, a writer has two options: He can pepper his work with penis jokes and pictures of cute animals (see our entry on T.S. Eliot, below), or he can steal his words from a better writer. Occasionally, a brilliant (or at least sort of clever) mind comes across a bad spell of writer's block and gives into the temptation to be a cheating plagiarist. 8 Things Nobody Tells You About Climbing a Mountain. #4. Then We Walked Into an Avalanche Via Ian Overton. Top 10 Bizarre Mental Disorders. Health Mental disorders effect millions of people in the world and can lead to years of psychotherapy. In some cases, the psychological problem suffered is extremely rare or bizarre. This is a list of the ten most bizarre mental disorders. Find the Perfect Word for Your Feelings with This Vocabulary Wheel. Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language.

Translate emotions into written body language We are always told to use body language in our writing. Sometimes, it's easier said than written. Myth, Legend, Folklore, Ghosts. Bone and Muscle Defects: Birth Defects: Merck Manual Home Edition. Birth defects can occur in any bone or muscle, although the bones and muscles of the skull, face, spine, hips, legs, and feet are affected most often. Bones and muscles may develop incompletely.

Acting Tips : Building a Character. Char. Why it’s so hard to come home from war. Man with OCD Blows Internet Away with Hauntingly Stirring Love Poem. Such Sweet Thunder. Skeleton.png (1500×1200) 14 Foods You Should Never Eat. Disgusted By Food? What's the one food you refuse to eat? Medieval Castle History, Design of Medieval Castles, Haunted Castles:

Vedic Age. 10 Best Acting Schools In The World. 10 Audition Tips for Actors. Monkey Orchid. Speech Accent Archive - StumbleUpon. Hamlet and neuroscience. Emotionally}Vague: A research project about emotion, sensation and feeling. Musicals & Lyrics - Lyrics For The West End Musicals. Psychological ("personality") Types.

THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF THE ACTORS STUDIO. Dramatic Monologues for Women. Six Tips to Help You Remember Your Lines. Acupressure Points for Relieving Anxiety and Nervousness. Absurd Drama - Martin Esslin.