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A bunch of stuff about game controllers: Photo. Net Data Space vs. Every Day Life. ‘Dust’ is a 1:1 scale replica of one of the most played computer game maps in the world.

Net Data Space vs. Every Day Life

The idea is to build the 3D model of ‘de_dust’ of the first person shooter game ‘Counter Strike’ as a permanent ‘building’ from concrete, making this map accessible as a large scale public sculpture. Dimension: ca. 115 x 110 x 15 meter, Material: concrete Computer games differ from other mediums such as books, movies or TV, in that spatial cognition is a crucial aspect in computer games. To win a game the player needs to know the 3D game space very very well. Spatial recognition and remembrance is an important part of our human capability and has formed over millions of years by evolution.

Made from concrete in 1:1 scale, the map becomes an art piece and a museum for a game at the same time. Aram Bartholl 2011 “Today Dust is - according to the statistics - one of the most played maps in the world, and certainly racks up a remarkable amount of multi player time. Université Européenne de Bretagne. Y'a pas que les jeux vidéo dans la vie ! Vous êtes nombreux (et je vous en remercie c’est sympa) à regretter que, depuis quelques mois, mes publications se fassent rares sur ce blog.

Y'a pas que les jeux vidéo dans la vie !

La vie d’un game designer est faite de cycles. Il y a des périodes pour la réflexion, l’échange et les recherches, et puis il y a les périodes de production qui laissent beaucoup moins de temps à la prise de parole. C’est le cas pour moi. Le jeu vidéo n’est pas un art. En couverture de Canard PC apparaît une étrange Joconde aux moustaches.

Le jeu vidéo n’est pas un art

Mais le magazine satirique ne reproduit pas le chef d'oeuvre de Marcel Duchamp : la tête de Super Mario remplace celle de Mona Lisa, dans une sorte de collage surréaliste. Habitué des jeux de mots plus caustiques, Canard PC se demande gravement en Une : "le jeu vidéo est-il un art ? ". Certes, cette problématique n'est pas nouvelle, surtout en France, où certains grands noms du jeu -dont le père de Mario - ont reçu les honneurs nationaux. Mais le débat est cette fois-ci plus intense. Outre le statut d'oeuvre, la question de la critique est également posée, comme le relève le site Overgame.

Rien n'est moins sûr. Ces considérations économiques n'empêchent pas de poser la question de fond, celle du statut du jeu vidéo. Je défendrai pour ma part l'hypothèse inverse : le jeu vidéo, dans sa globalité, n'est pas une oeuvre. Laurent Checola Crédits : DR ; Canard PC ; Nicole Lee ; Remote Sky. Scalable City by Sheldon Brown. RennesCraft, quand Rennes et Minecraft font la ville. Machine à calculer made in Minecraft. Minecraft. A short horror game by Tale of Tales. A short horror game by Tale of Tales. Journey Launch Trailer. Thoughts and processes. Journey. Sleep Is Death Flip Book. Sleep Is Death Flip Book.

Passage: a Gamma256 video game by Jason Rohrer. Robbie Cooper. Faces is an interactive installation result of the work on face substitution in collaboration with Kyle McDonald.

The piece resembles a mirror where people get their face swapped. The installation is based on the idea of wishing for a new identity: when the subject first steps up, they see their face unmodified. After closing their eyes to make a wish and opening them again, they discover they are wearing a new face. The result is a mixture of a playful, surprising and some times scary experience. This installation takes advantage of the unique experience of slowly recognizing yourself as someone else playing also with the concept of the uncanny valley by showing a face that perfecly matches the visitors facial expresion but still has some lighting and texturing imperfections. Knowing that it takes approximately one second for someone to respond to a completely unexpected event, we store a photograph at 1.5 seconds after the swap -- capturing that moment of realization. software. Made of Myth.

Super Mario Bros. Maps - Julianoliver. Frances A Yates, in her book The Art of Memory, traces a geneaology of memory systems, practiced as an art, from the ancient Greeks through to the late mediaeval period.


In a time without printing and paper for taking notes, these memory arts were of vital importance, both to the recollection of cultural artefacts (prose, theory, philosophical treatises) and practical tasks involving the storing of patterned information (numbers, names, dates). Of the many earliest methods used was the construction of imaginary architectures (memory loci) that were designed to specification precisely for the purpose of storing information such that it could be retrieved by 'walking through' the building in the mind.

So it follows that the relationships between objects of memory were configured as being spatially associative, with the walking imaginary self acting as a reader. Mythologie des jeux vidéo, Laurent Trémel et Tony Fortin Le Cavalier Bleu, coll. MythO ! Video Games: 14 in the Collection, for Starters. Now on View!

Video Games: 14 in the Collection, for Starters

We are very proud to announce that MoMA has acquired a selection of 14 video games, the seedbed for an initial wish list of about 40 to be acquired in the near future, as well as for a new category of artworks in MoMA’s collection that we hope will grow in the future. This initial group, now installed for your delight in the Applied Design exhibition the Museum’s Philip Johnson Galleries, features: ITW Marc Atallah pour Playtime. Mardi 5 juin - UNIL cours public.