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Bike Lock Cable Blusmart

The 5-digit combination allows 10,000 possibilities, making this bicycle lock nearly impossible to crack. Set your own combination in the strong and complicated mechanism for easy keyless convenience. Order at:

Disco dj lights. Lapel mic. I was sent this item to review.

lapel mic

This is a small tie mic which is can be plugged into anything which has the ability to record from a 3.5mm jack plug, this could be for example a computer/laptop, tablet, Dictaphone or SmartPhone. The microphone comes with a foam windshield which is especially useful if you’re recording outside, but also helps remove some of the popping/hissing picked up when people talking into it and/or it rubbing on people’s lapels. LED String Lights. Buy your own Led Glasses at best price. Outdoor string light- Holiday string lightamazon. Chain Lock - Blusmart.