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How to choose the best dab tool stick spoon

06 july 2022

How to choose the best dab tool stick spoon

With the simple appearance, dab instruments are essential to your dab rig setup. A dab tool is a crucial link between your intense and delectable dab, whether you're dabbing shatter, crumbles, sauce, or THCA crystals.


Here are some important things to consider while selecting the dab tool stick spoon if you're trying to complete the dab rig arsenal.


What do dab tools do?


A dab tool stick spoon, commonly referred to as a dabber or a wand, is a simple device used to remove any focus from its container & apply it to your dab nail or travel vape pen.


Dabbers are a safer alternative to using your fingers or any other handmade instrument. Dabbers come in various sizes, materials, & designs, but they all serve the same purpose. These things must be considered while looking for the greatest dabber.


What qualities a dab tool should have -


Most dab tools available at head store & online dealers are simple to use & safe, but you must always check that they are heat-resistant &won't break down when used on hot dabbing surfaces. Along with its components, you should think about your dabbing type and style.


Do you like to dab at home or while traveling? By responding to these queries, you can choose which dab tool is ideal for you.


Use only high-quality materials -


The greatest dabber tools are constructed from several heat-resistant & long-lasting materials, including chrome, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and quartz, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Glass dabbers, for instance, can complement your glass setup but are more likely to break than those made of titanium or stainless steel.


Ensure the titanium dabbers you purchase are made of medical-grade 2 titanium, which is strong, light, and affordable. Dabbers made of stainless steel can also be found in colorful & anodized variations, making them a more robust and eye-catching option.


Dab tool designs -


Scoop-style dabbers are made to be used as a spoon to scoop up large amounts of your preferred dab, such as crystals or sweets. With such a scoop-style dabber that also serves as a shovel, you can avoid scooping up sticky dabs. A flat edge on some scoop dabbers can be used as a blade to cut dabs.


Searching to combine your carb cap and dabber? You should use a dab tool & cap combination. These little dabbing tools have a pointed dabbing tool on one end and a bucket-like shape on the other. For most nails and electronic setups, carb cap & dabber combinations are the finest.


Glass dabbers are more prone to breaking, although they can be simple to clean and have elaborate patterns. Some stuck spoons are tough to scoop or pick up because of their rounded edges, but they might be handy for dabbing on your most expensive glass.




To cut the focus with the bladed portion and then scoop it up, flat & blade dabbers may have a small scoop. Dabbers with flat or blade surfaces work best with tougher consistencies. Flat dabbers' straight edges can support many different sorts of concentrates.