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The World Famous Index of Arduino & Freeduino Knowledge. [ Wikidébrouillard ] Catégorie:Arduino. Rewind: 35 absurdly awesome Arduino projects from 2015. Arduin-OMG!

Rewind: 35 absurdly awesome Arduino projects from 2015

This year was great! Here are 35 Maker marvels with the best or craziest (or maybe both) Arduino-powered projects that we stumbled upon in 2015. Wacky, weird and we love it. Wake-Up Machine Always seem to hit the snooze button? Combo Breaker Your Master Lock has met its match, thanks to Samy Kamkar. KeySweeper Another security project from Kamkar, this stealthy unit camouflages itself as a functioning USB wall charger and passively sniffs, decrypts, logs and reports back (over GSM) all keystrokes from any Microsoft wireless keyboards in the area.

JöLLY Tracker Ad agency McKinney introduced a wearable of a different kind. Mjölnir Replica Like Thor from The Avengers, engineer Allen Pan created his own real-life Mjölnir replica that only he could lift by using electromagnets, an Arduino Pro Mini and fingerprint scanners. Railgun Most commonly associated with the military or NASA, railguns are electromagnetic projectile launchers based on similar principles to the homopolar motor. Arduino Mini CNC Plotter Machine from dvd drives. In this project I will show you how to easily build your own low-cost Arduino Mini CNC Plotter!

Arduino Mini CNC Plotter Machine from dvd drives

This project is an update from my previous cnc, with better construction and with more accuracy. I decided to make this detailed guide to help you make it on a few easy steps. Small description: For the X and Y axes we will use two stepper motors and rails from dvd/cd drives and for the Z axis we will use a small servo motor that moves the pen up and down. Bricoler son 1er piano électronique sans coder ni souder. Vous hésitez à construire un vrai piano et voulez faire une version zéro d’abord, pour essayer ?

Bricoler son 1er piano électronique sans coder ni souder

Vous voulez réviser vos compétences de base en électronique ? Vous voulez casser les oreilles de vos proches ? Tout ça est possible avec ce piano électronique simple de Joshua Brooks, maker contributeur du site de partage de tutos Instructables. Démonstration en vidéo. Pour monter votre clavier huit notes, une gamme donc, il vous faut : Arduino Weather Station (AWS) Travaux Pratiques Arduino. Introduction La plateforme utilisée pour les travaux pratiques est la carte Arduino.

Travaux Pratiques Arduino

Voiture arduino

Robot arduino. Toise arduino. Smart home with arduino. Drawdio. Crayon musical inspiré du drawdio. De Wikidebrouillard.

Crayon musical inspiré du drawdio

Article incomplet en cours de rédaction Crayon musical alias le Drawdio Ce montage est librement inspiré du Drawdio. Découvrez le Drawdio en vidéo. Découvrez comment nous avons procédé pour le fabriquer. Présentation Si vous pensez encore que le crayon n’a qu’une seule utilité, alors vous n’allez pas en croire vos yeux, ou plutôt vos oreilles. Aruduino gardening. Exemple d'applications Arduino. Peser un objet avec Arduino. LightScythe - The Mechatronics Guy.

Battery power is provided from a 6V SLA battery, which is able to power the strip directly without regulation.

LightScythe - The Mechatronics Guy

Parts list (Per scythe): Software: Arduino code: The arduino code is quite simple. The software parses input from the serial port (Xbee) and writes it to the staff. The use of the ‘M’ allows for easy synchronisation with the start of the colum, as well as allowing future codes using other letters. To aid in triggering, there’s a button on each scythe controller that sends a serial ‘1’ or ‘2’ (depending on scythe number) to the PC. To prevent the battery from being drained excessively, there’s a snippet of code to check the voltage (via a 2:1 voltage divider and analog in pin), and flash the top 3 LEDs red to let the user know it’s time to charge.

There’s also a potentiometer on each control box, which I might use in future code to add demo modes, etc. to the firmware. Xbee setup: The Xbee module setup is quite minimal for this application. Puzzlebox Orbit: Using an Arduino to Control an Infrared Helicopter. Here we explain in a very broad sense how an infrared remote control works.

Puzzlebox Orbit: Using an Arduino to Control an Infrared Helicopter

There is at least 1 infrared LED (or Infrared Emitter, IR LED, IR Emitter) inside every infrared remote control, including the one you use to control your TV set. When you press a button on the remote, the IR LED will give out a certain series of "LOW"s and "HIGH"s which represents a series of "0"s and "1"s. (To be strict, it is common that a "HIGH" and a corresponding "LOW" consist of a "0", and another combination of "HIGH" and "LOW" with different period represents a "1".)

Different series of "0"s and "1"s can mean different things, for example maybe "1100100000111" can mean "Turn Off the TV", and "001101011100" can mean "Volume Down". Infrared is also cast by light and heat sources all around you: light bulbs, sunlight, heaters, even people. Fabriquer son propre Arduino (sur un breadboard)

Un miroir coloré à Led infini à fabriquer. Arduino-controlled RGB LED Infinity Mirror. Update 11/22/2013: Thanks to everyone who voted for this project in the Microcontroller Contest!

Arduino-controlled RGB LED Infinity Mirror

It was one of three first-prize winners. Fabriquer un robot balai à base d’Arduino. 20 Arduino projects of 2012. While looking for ideas for new some new project I noticed there aren’t many lists of Arduino projects online so I decided to make one and in the last few days I’ve been carefully digging Reddit (r/Arduino) and the Arduino forum until I ended up with a list of 20 Arduino projects.

20 Arduino projects of 2012

All the projects in this list follow two simple criteria: They’ve been published/released in 2012.They provide quite detailed info (the more the better). The second criteria forced me to discard some amazing projects, but I didn’t want this post to be a simple showcase of cool Arduino projects, I wanted it to be an useful reference for Arduino users. 20. arduino-l3dgecomm This project aims to integrate a 3D world with real sensors and motors, more a proof of concept than a proper project, but still an interesting idea. 20 Arduino projects of 2013. The world is full of incredible makers which make new amazing things with Arduino every day and I think that collecting and showcasing the most interesting ones can be truly inspirational, especially for people who just started with Arduino or are planning to start soon.

20 Arduino projects of 2013

In this post, which follows the very popular 2012 edition, I collected 20 amazing Arduino projects of 2013 carefully selected after digging the web for days. All the projects in this list follow two simple criteria: They’ve been published/released between January and June 2013.They provide quite detailed info and instructions (the more the better).

As you may have imagined reading the first criteria, this is only the first list of the year, a second one will be released in January 2014 collecting 20 more Arduino projects created in the second half of the year. Robot Turns Your Watercolor Paintings Into Masterpieces. Child prodigies, take note. Sylvia Todd is a 12-year-old tech genius who created a robot that paints watercolor paintings for you. The device, called Watercolor Bot, works much like an Etch-a-Sketch. The sketch is recorded in real time, via a USB connection and RoboPaint software downloaded to the computer. Two motors are built into the robot's frame, and the cords attached to the rod (see above video) control the position of the brush. ArduinoPhone. At the very beginning, we’d better prepare the materials.

Of course, most of these modules can be purchased directly, such as Arduino Uno, TFT Touch Shield and GPRS Shield. Owning to we want to put our Arduino Phone into a 3D printed shell, and in order to adapt the size of this shell, we have to DIY a charging and discharging PCB board (including two parts) and an expansion PCB board which can connect to the headphone jack of GPRS Shield. If you want to make a shell by yourself, you can directly take Lipo Rider, or something like this, as the charge sheet. Thus, you do not need to DIY PCB board in order to meet the size of the shell. Control your computer with Arduino and a Joystick. DIY : Réaliser une photo thermique simplement avec un mobile Android et un arduino. Arduino: how to build an electronic MIDI xylophone.

Lego’s stress test reveals the magic number is 37,112. A cicada warning system with Arduino. A cicada warning system with Arduino Zoe Romano — April 2nd, 2013 This spring, patches of the East Coast will turn buzzy and crunchy because of … bugs. Periodical cicadas (or Magicicadas) usually live underground but after 13 or 17 years, they emerge synchronously and in tremendous numbers to look for a mate. InMoov Arduino Animatronic Robot Hand 3D Printer Part9. Some cool Sensors with the Arduino. Enough Already: Silencing Celebs with Arduino. Cool arduino. Sun Tracking Solar Panel w/ Arduino - Powers ITSELF!!!

Contrôleur en pâte à modeler. My Arduino Plays Sweet Child O' Mine. Arduino EMF detector. Arduino. Arduino Air Drums. Arduino + Sharp IR Ranger Fruity Loops Midi Test.