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Chris Harrison's Visualization Projects

Digg Rings Using the Digg API, I grabbed the top 10 most-dugg stories of the day (by midnight) for the past year - May 24, 2007 to May 23, 2008. I then rendered a series of tree-ring-like visualizations (moving outwards in time). Rings are colored according to Digg's eight top-level categorizations (see key at bottom of page). Ring thickness is linearly proportional to the number of diggs the story received. Chris Harrison's Visualization Projects
arts numériques arts numériques The On Line Festival for Digital Arts on its 10th edition comes under the aegis of collaborative networking, intending to exploit the potential of the internet in the dissemination of digital art by online presentations, screenings and video installations in alternative spaces, streaming performances, workshops, residencies , etc. In this sense, the 2014 program will consist in activities proposed by network partners, both in Portugal and abroad, activities that may be proposed either by the direction of FONLAD as the festivals / partners. The Festival program have been in constantly change, adapting to the partners with which it has maintained its relationship towards a closer approximation to the artistic community and the general public .