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Tips to Managing Emails. Over the past few decades, email has become a primary communication method for businesses and among groups of individuals.

Tips to Managing Emails

Electronic messaging has replaced those paper interoffice memos and most communications that had previously come by post. Cloud Services are being used more and more among businesses. Now, during the current pandemic and the trend toward working remotely, managing emails efficiently has become an even higher priority. What may have begun as a trickle of messages is becoming an overwhelming and time-consuming avalanche for many. Many business managers find that unnecessary emails take up too much employee time while significantly reducing productivity.

Email Overload Wastes Time Some people check their emails frequently, concerned that they may miss something urgent. Computer Repair. Ways to Secure Your Web Browser. Your web browser is your window to the world.

Ways to Secure Your Web Browser

But like most windows, an unobstructed view can also be available for those who are striving to peak into your unprotected browser. Cyberattacks are an epic, ongoing problem caused by experts and amateurs engaged in introducing harmful malware into enterprise and personal IT systems everywhere. While motives for these intrusions vary, the financial damage caused by malicious cyberattacks is estimated to reach $10.5 trillion globally by 2025, according to Cybercrime Magazine. Computer Repair. Disaster Recovery and Backup Options to consider to Avoid Data Loss. For any enterprise, large or small, data loss due to natural disaster or other unexpected events can be traumatic.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Options to consider to Avoid Data Loss

Without access to even the most recent transactional data, inventory, employee records, payroll, or accounting data, a company becomes virtually helpless in a competitive world. Having access to cloud services within your company can help. In our modern world, the data we accumulate drives our organizational growth and innovation. For most companies, extended or complete data loss will interrupt production, retard or stall growth, and even mean failure as competitors step in to fill the void. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable as most rely strictly on their in-house hardware to maintain their businesses. Computer Repair. Microsoft Teams is Growing to the New Workplace Hubs. Today, more than ever, enterprises of every type encounter the challenge of real-time communication and collaboration among team members working in multiple locations.

Microsoft Teams is Growing to the New Workplace Hubs

Whether they are office-based, working from home, traveling, communicating from across boundaries, or all of the above, tools are evolving that facilitate seamless and timely virtual interaction. Setting up cloud services to help with your ever-growing and changing business can be done by most IT Companies like Computer Engineering Group.

Moving to Cloud Services while working more from home. Although many work from home or remotely already, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed the workplace landscape dramatically.

Moving to Cloud Services while working more from home

Currently, a high number of employees are encouraged to work from home to maintain personal distancing and to remain protected from the effects of the virus. Fortunately, technological enhancements allow us to perform many functions electronically without the need for physical proximity to others. How Cloud Services Facilitate Working from Home Employees do not usually work in a vacuum. Whether onsite or off, their efforts require access to add to or draw from their employer’s central database. IT companies that specialize in designing custom managed cloud services can create the means for employees to access data securely while sharing their input. A custom Cloud Services for any company offers advantages that include: Work-at-Home Trend Today, many third-party IT companies are working to create custom cloud services tools for nearly every industry. Phone Repair. Should you use 2-factor authentication? During a time of growing cybercrime and sophisticated identity theft, internet commerce and communication is leaving users more vulnerable than ever.

Should you use 2-factor authentication?

Although it may require a bit more time and effort, an extra layer of login security keeps your information far more secure. Two-factor authentication is a method of accessing online accounts and devices by requiring an additional step beyond the initial password. This protocol protects your data from intrusion by requiring a hacker to have two credentials, not just one, to gain access. While finding ways to access your initial password is not always straightforward, it is frequently successful. A second layer of authentication makes intrusion by uninvited guests nearly impossible. Single-Factor Vulnerability Hackers discover single passwords, even complex ones, through a variety of techniques. Phishing: Hackers may send you a link to a malicious website that entices the recipient to enter a password or other information. Contact CEG Group. Computer Repair. IT Support. Best ways to backup your data. A business relies on its accumulated data to make crucial fact-based business decisions involving finances, investment, customer interaction, human resources, and product and service information.

Best ways to backup your data

Your data is your company’s accumulated history, and losing it, even for a short time, can be a very traumatic event. Maintaining a business continuity plan in the event of computer failure, electrical outage, or natural disaster is critical. Even in the worst instance, you need to be able to keep your business running smoothly and seamlessly without interruption. Should you experience a severe disruption that affects your company’s ability to perform, your competition can quickly move in to fill your void. Phone Repair. IT Support.

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