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Stay Positive, Stay Healthy! Socializing It is an important aspect to look into.

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy!

Socializing is a key to keep yourself healthy and energetic. Though physical distance has increased, there is an abundance of virtual meeting scopes. Pick up a phone and call your best friend or your relative, or a friend with whom you haven’t talked to for a long time. Share your experience, listen to theirs. Communication is an important thing as it will help you to stay connected with your loved ones despite the distance and you won’t feel lonely. Stay healthy. Impact Of Technology In Teaching, Benefits Students. Improved Student Engagement Technology supports an interactive and collaborative environment.

Impact Of Technology In Teaching, Benefits Students

It encourages students to understand lessons better in a more engaging way. With the use of digital content or projectors or videos or other technologies, the teacher creates a better demonstration for the stimulation of young minds. Thus, along with the subject, the students learn technical skills too. While the technology re-shapes and enhances traditional teaching methodologies, it is a proven fact that students experience better learning. How to label your child's emotions?

Name The Emotion The first way is to introduce your child with a ‘How Are You Feeling Today’ chart.

How to label your child's emotions?

The chart will be different for various ages, based on their emotional development. For a child between 4-5 years of age, four emotions will be enough. When it comes to 6-10-year-olds, pick a chart with words, which will help them to develop an emotional vocabulary. For children who already express their emotions well or have their own language, give them a blank chart and let them complete it in their own way. How significant is technology in the CGR School Syllabi and how does it benefit students? Best ideas for enhancing science education. What is global education and how are teachers helping kids become global citizens? What is game-based learning and how is your school implementing gaming into the classroom?

How to Stay Motivated? 6 Preventable Measures for Making Your Kids Flu-Free This Season. The Influence of Teaching on Society. Avoid plastic & Save Environment. Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Children. Why We Need Sports in School Curriculum? Amazing Facts about Some Animals. CGR International School. CGR International School. Kennedy High The Global Schoolster Parent Engagement. Effects of Social Media on Children. When the whole world is busy eyeing the latest Facebook post, and catching up with each other through FaceTime and WhatsApp, it is but obvious that the next generation is also influenced and curious enough to explore this much talked about platform – Social Media.

Effects of Social Media on Children

Social platforms like WhatsApp can be very appealing, especially to the teens, but little do they know about authenticity of the information that they are sharing, and also about the effects of negative information on their minds. Not only parents and teachers, but as a good citizen, and someone enthusiastic to grow and build their lives and careers, even students should be more vigilant and responsible about what they are posting on social media.

The question is, how far do the children go with social media? It is therefore important, that faculty, parents and the children together learn about the effective ways to use this platform, and strike the right balance between life, studies and social media. Why We Need Sports in School Curriculum? All you need to know about COVID-19 that has created havoc across the world. Global Positioning System vs Visual Positioning System. 3 tips to get hired by companies amidst Covid-19 pandemic. Here are few tips to grab a job in these tough times – Take advantage of the extra time and organise yourself – It’s time to update your Resume, LinkedIn profile and other professional handles.

3 tips to get hired by companies amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Remove anything that doesn’t appeal to a potential employer. Learn new languages, enrol in courses and get certified on multiple skills to make your CV stand out amidst the crowd. Focus on sectors that are employing – Apart from some industries that have been hit hard by this pandemic, other sectors are hiring. Make a striking first impression – If you successfully land an interview then it is time to present the best first impression.

Though times are harder than usual but don’t lose hope as companies are still hiring and the situation will move towards betterment once this Corona virus pandemic is over. All you need to know about COVID-19 that has created havoc across the world. 5 ways to make the most of this Coronavirus lockdown. All you need to know about COVID-19 that has created havoc across the world. It all started when headlines broke that a deadly virus originating from a seafood market in Wuhan, China where wildlife was also traded illegally has spread all over the country.

All you need to know about COVID-19 that has created havoc across the world

A huge crisis has emerged where the country had to go for a shutdown and make emergency hospitals within few days to curb the situation. While everyone was praying for the country, the virus slowly took over the world and spread across other countries. It has been only three months since the first case at China was reported where scientists shared that there has been an outbreak of a virus that causes unusual cases of pneumonia, and as of April 24, more than 1,91,000 people worldwide have died of COVID-19, more than 2.71 million people have tested positive.

In India within few weeks number of effected have reached almost 23,239 and the death toll is rising regularly.