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Comocrearcursosonline. Miriada X - Estadística descriptiva (5.ª edición) (Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena) Estrategias Inteligentes Para Vender Formación Online. Teachable ultimateguide launching. The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Online Course. Recently, I sat down with a friend to help them launch their online course.

The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Online Course

But when I put fingers to keyboard to write the emails and plan out our strategy I got stuck. What do I say? What works? What's actually going to make money? When do I send these things? After getting stuck, drinking cider with my friend for a few hours, and realizing I hadn’t yet written about this on the Teachable Blog, I went back to the drawing board. Everyone who creates a course hopes to launch it - hit publish and watch the sales roll in. Pulling inspiration from our 12K course launches, hours of research, data mining and launches of our own, I’m going to give you everything you need to launch your online product. Think strategy, timing and advice for your copy. Download the Guide Preparation. 5 Features of Google Docs you Are Probably Missing Out On. Get Google Apps News & Tips While just about EVERYBODY’S using Google Docs these days, there may be some important features you’re missing out on, so if you’re having GDocs FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), read on… Suggesting ModeThis relatively new feature allows you to highlight a mistake in a document, type a suggestion on top, then lets other document editors choose whether or not to accept your suggestion.

5 Features of Google Docs you Are Probably Missing Out On

Writing teachers and peer editors: Don’t miss this feature! To use Suggesting mode 1: Turn on Suggesting mode by clicking the pen in the top right corner and selecting Suggesting. 2: Highlight the text you want to make a suggestion about, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom. July 25, 2014 Following the posting of "Managing iPad Videos in Schools" somebody emailed me asking about some suggestions for tools and apps to create instructional videos to use in a flipped learning setting.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom

In fact, over the last couple of years I have reviewed several web tools and iPad apps that can be used in flipped classroom but the ones I am featuring below are among the best out there. 1- Educlipper Educlipper is a wonderful tool for creating video tutorials and guides to share with students. As a teacher you can create an Educlipper board for your class and share the link with them. Now that you have a shared space with your students, you can go about creating instructional videos using the iPap app of Educlipper. APRENDIZAJE. Best Practices For Setting Up Effective Trello Boards. A blank Trello board can cause you to stop in your tracks.

Best Practices For Setting Up Effective Trello Boards

In some ways it’s a fresh canvas, ready for your ideas. But on the other hand it feels like there’s just so much to organize. Where to start? Here are the conventions that make for a truly successful board: one that’s easy to understand, that keeps your team on the same page, and that ensures tasks never fall through the cracks. Get Started… In Style You know the ins and outs of Trello. You’ve got this. Ok. Maybe you should see if you’ve gotten any new emails… no, stay focused. Looking better already! Start With Lists And Move Left To Right. Pricing : Best Pricing for DIY Animation - Animaker. Otter. DIGITAL STORYTELLING. Paper & Pencil by FiftyThree. Trello. Udemy Download. Quirky: The Invention Platform. Easy Screen Recorder, Video Reviews & Wiki.

82 webinars gratis de marketing digital que no puedes perderte. Curated open source photos. FileDiva – The File Meta-Search Engine. Infographics Templates Archives - Page 2 of 6. Be Known For What You Love. Coding in the Classroom: 16 Top Resources.

As cool as technology is, its intricacies and inner workings are sometimes intimidating, especially for young people who may be more interested in what technology can do for them rather than what they can do with technology.

Coding in the Classroom: 16 Top Resources

However, when students hurdle that obstacle and see the value of computer science — specifically coding — they gain a broadened perspective and the potential for a rewarding career in the tech field. Homeschool Mall: Curriculum, Software, Online Education. 3D for Everyone. Create and share visual ideas online. Text To Speech, Free TTS, TTS-API, audio book, e-Learning, ESL > YAKiToMe!

IVONA Text-to-Speech. From Text To Speech - Free online TTS service. Gestión de la Información. Free Infographic Maker - Venngage. Herramientas para la escritura académica: Artículos/Tesis.

Licenciado en Lingüística y Literatura, Licenciado en Educación (Universidad de Chile), Magister en Ciencias Sociales (Universidad de Gales, Gran Bretaña).

Herramientas para la escritura académica: Artículos/Tesis

Ex Docente Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Playa (Chile). Ha participado en docencia de posgrado en las Universidades Arturo Prat (Iquique, Chile), Universidad Católica del Maule (Chile), Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina), Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina), Universidad del Aconcagua (Argentina), entre otras. Ex consultor del BID. Your Web Desktop. By Blackboard is a free learning management system for K12 and Higher Ed Instructors enabling blended & eLearning.

Hosting y Alojamiento Web Gratis en Español con PHP y MySQL, con cPanel y creador de sitios web. TEMPLATED - CSS, HTML5 and Responsive Site Templates. Your Source For Free Knowledge. Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes. Curadores de contenidos. EdmodoCon 2015.

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