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Outils web. Web 2.0 Tools. Live Ships Map. 5 Great Interactive Fiction Games You Can Play Online Right Now. Yep, 2010 is the best year yet.

5 Great Interactive Fiction Games You Can Play Online Right Now

This deep love I have for today doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally wish awesome things from the past would come back, however. In the early 80′s most of the best games were text-based, meaning the graphics were provided by the player’s imagination. Just as film-making will never match books in my opinion, modern graphics haven’t yet caught up to the power of well-written text games and their ability to harness the imagination. But today such games are all gone, right? Nope. Lost Pig And Place Underground by Grunk Pig lost! So begins this less-than-epic quest, in which our hero attempts to find a pig. No, really: that’s the plot. This short game’s narrative voice is deceptively simple, and will have you laughing out loud more than once as you play it.

You can play Lost Pig online right now or find more information about Lost Pig at the Interactive Fiction Database (IFDB.) The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams For A Change by Dan Schmidt Conclusion. Responsive browser emulators. Server based computing: index. Bluelounge. How to Control Multiple Computers with a Single Keyboard and Mouse. Inspiration web design. Real-Time & Social Media Search.

13 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Building WordPress Themes. 202 shares MP6: The Shape Of Things To Come For The WordPress Dashboard?

13 Helpful Cheat Sheets for Building WordPress Themes

Let’s be honest, the WordPress dashboard is neither attractive to look at nor particularly conducive to efficient workflows. The design is reminiscent of web apps from the early years of the century and would benefit from some serious sprucing up. Because of WordPress’s power and flexibility, that lack of visual and UX pizazz hasn’t held… Read More 277 shares 17+ Resources for Churches Using WordPress Since more than 15% of the web is powered by WordPress, itís not surprising that many churches are utilizing it.

Useful sites. - Ultimate Homepage - Your Gateway to the Internet. Elements of Creativity Blog. UNICEF Smartphone Challenge February 21st, 2014 How long can you put down your phone?

Elements of Creativity Blog

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It’s coming. Get in on it. June 13th, 2013 BBQOTB rules - And TSG rocked the event creative. PLN. Interactive. Photo editor online pixlr free edit image direct in your browser. Iconscrabble (β) - Got a picture? Blabberize it! Research & Reference.