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Technology2. Computer History Exhibits. Computer Hardware. Facebook's first blind engineer is revolutionizing social media as we know it. Ben Heck Visits Berlin #MTF Hack Camp. The first wearable camera that can fly. Hardware.

Google glasses. ANDROID-appsit TABLETEILLE. REGEX tools. Maker Space. Portal. 15 Computer Sounds That Will Take You Back to the '90s. Those of us who were really hip in the '90s got online, usually via a dialup modem (or your college's awesome network...if you could afford a network card).

15 Computer Sounds That Will Take You Back to the '90s

There were distinct sounds associated with computers of that time that we don't think about today, but they're lodged deep in our memories. Let's go back to some computer sounds you probably haven't heard in decades.... 1. 56k Modem Connecting Modem connection sounds varied based on speed, modem brand, the quality of the connection, and so on. But today, the 56k modem (the pinnacle of modem technology in the '90s) is the best-remembered "modem screech. " 2. 3.5" Floppy Drive Sound If you ever installed software or copied a lot of files, you heard this. 'USB Killer' is a flash drive designed to fry your laptop. Have you ever heard stories about malicious USB thumb drives frying laptops and thought they were far fetched?

'USB Killer' is a flash drive designed to fry your laptop

An electronics engineer heard them too, and then set out to create a prototype. The “USB Killer” device was created by a do-it-yourself hardware enthusiast who described his project, complete with pictures and technical details, on a Russian blogging platform in February. An English-language version was posted on a different site earlier this week.

What happens when a hard drive crashes. When Manoj Yadav took his dead PC to a repair shop, he was told that the drive had crashed.

What happens when a hard drive crashes

He asked me what physically happens to a drive to crash it. Hard drives, unlike the SSDs slowly replacing them, are mechanical machines with moving parts. Each drive has one or more spinning platters, extremely tiny magnetic read/write heads, two motors, and a fair amount of circuitry. When working properly, one motor spins the platters at a very fast speed—usually 5400rpm or 7200rpm. Tech stuff. Tutorials. MWC 2015: Are tablets falling out of favour? 26 February 2015Last updated at 19:05 ET By Leo Kelion Technology desk editor Initial sales of tablets were brisk, but recent demand for the computers has not met expectations Not long ago, we were assured the iPad and its ilk were destined to dominate our everyday lives.

MWC 2015: Are tablets falling out of favour?

"Tablets will rule the future," one analyst said three years ago, forecasting sales would swell to 375 million in 2016. Nobody is that bullish anymore. The tablet sector recently suffered its first drop, according to tech consultancy Canalys - down 12% over the final three months of 2014 compared with the same period the previous year. Apple - the market leader - sold 15% fewer iPads over 2014 as a whole compared with 2013.

Barcelona's Mobile World Congress (MWC) will attempt to reinvigorate interest next week - a Sony leak indicates its will unveil a model with "industry-leading battery performance". Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, LG and Microsoft will all unveil new devices at MWC. Information Technology Companies. Raspberry PI What Is It All About. Online Safety. Banana Pi. Review: Intel’s Broadwell mini PC is a next-generation Ultrabook in a box. Intel's "Next Unit of Computing" (NUC) was one of our favorite gadgets last year.

Review: Intel’s Broadwell mini PC is a next-generation Ultrabook in a box

Desktop computers aren't exactly the most exciting things in the world of technology right now, but there's something to be said for a fast, versatile, upgradeable desktop that can squeeze underneath a monitor stand next to a stack of phones. Intel unveiled a new NUC lineup at CES last month alongside the second wave of its oft-delayed Broadwell processors. The desktops look similar from the outside, but on the inside everything from the CPU and GPU to the Wi-Fi card to the storage interface has changed. Stack Based Imparative Programming Language. Computer Ref. 15 Upcoming Linux-Friendly Single Board Computers Of 2015. Number of SBCs (Single Board Computers) were introduced in 2014.

15 Upcoming Linux-Friendly Single Board Computers Of 2015

Some new open-spec, community-backed SBCs gained lot of popularity last year. Most of these SBCs were powered by Linux or Android. Raspberry Pi was hit the market for a while. Single Board Computers with high specs are available in the market. Some SBCs come with new quad and octa core CPU boards with more memory, built-in WiFi and extra features. Articles. TechnicalNews. Linux Mint Unveils Pocket-Sized 'MintBox Mini' PC - OMG! Ubuntu! Linux Mint has announced that a new PC in its ‘MintBox’ line of PCs is coming in the spring: the ‘MintBox Mini’.

Linux Mint Unveils Pocket-Sized 'MintBox Mini' PC - OMG! Ubuntu!

The new box continues the distro’s long-standing partnership with Israeli computer manufacturer CompuLab, which began with the release of the original MintBox PC back in 2012. That was followed the year after by the more powerful MintBox 2, a device which sold out in Europe on its Amazon debut last year. Code Academy. Seagate offers low-cost 8TB hard drives. Finally, an affordable 8TB drive has surfaced.

Seagate offers low-cost 8TB hard drives

Sold by Seagate under the "Archive Label" brand and aimed at those looking for a cost-effective storage solution, the drive retails for around $270, which is far more palatable than the $1,000 or so that 8TB drive from HGST are currently going for. That works out at around $0.033 per gigabyte. The drive 3.5-inch 5,900RPM SATA-3 drives feature 128MB of cache and come in two flavors; the ST8000AS0002 which doesn't have hardware encryption, and the ST8000AS0012 "Seagate Secure" model which does.

The drive contains six platters and uses Shingled Magnetic Recording technology that allows an extra 25 percent more data per platter. Average read speeds are rated at 150MB/s with a maximum sustained rate of 190MB/s. HP takes on Apple Mac Mini, Chromebox market with tiny Windows PC. HP's latest desktop computer is -- tiny.

HP takes on Apple Mac Mini, Chromebox market with tiny Windows PC

There's no other word for it. Are PC hard drives destined to die at the hand of the cloud? Maybe, analysts say. LAS VEGAS—As more and more users store their data on the Internet, does the need for local hard drives diminish?

Are PC hard drives destined to die at the hand of the cloud? Maybe, analysts say

Fortunately for hard drive makers, the answer is a definite maybe, a panel of analysts said Sunday. At the Storage Visions conference prior to CES, analysts said that PCs and consumer devices will still have need for “hot,” frequently-used data. Less important data will be stored on the Web and accessible via cloud storage. But others argued that the trend to offer terabytes of cloud storage for next to nothing indicates that local hard drives and SSDs are on their way out. CyberPower's Fang Trinity gaming PC is simply insane. CyberPower's new Fang Trinity looks like no PC we've ever seen here at PCWorld.

In fact, it looks more like a futuristic space pod than a computer. First Ever Pong Pedestrian Walk Sign Installed In Germany. An arcade classic gets reintroduced as a novel way to entertain and help keep pedestrians safe at one German crosswalk. Pong was one of the first arcade games to popularize the coin-operated entertainment industry and help make the likes of all arcade machines a common sight at every pizza parlor, movie theater lobby, and shopping mall across the country. Perhaps the famed electronic table-tennis game can do the same for an invention just newly installed for official public use. It’s called ActiWait, an interactive walk sign that allows pedestrians on either side of the crosswalk to happily partake in a round of Pong while waiting for the signal to change. Sandro Engel, Amelie Künzler and Holger Michel, three design students from Hawk University in Göttingen, Germany, Sandro Engel, unveiled the idea for the ActiWait in 2012, and were on hand to witness their invention being formally introduced in the city of Hildesheim, Germany.

RPG Tools. ▶ How to reuse or repurpose an old PC. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday past us, the holiday shopping season is now in full swing, and many people are pondering a new PC purchase. Whether you're getting a new tower for gaming or an ultraportable to tote around at meetings, don't throw out your old PC! Sure, its glory days may lay in the past, but as long as the aging machine you're about to replace still runs there are plenty of ways to put it to good use. Home theater PC. Imparative Programing Languages. UI/UX tools. Robotics. What Your Smartphone Says About You, According To YouGov's Hilarious Poll Toll.

Most polls about what your smartphone 'says about you' are completely boring. But most polls of these types don't also include hilarious drawings of what people with different mobile phones actually look like. We're still digesting the results, but here is a first-run look at YouGov Profile's vast database of information. The findings are hilarious.

HTC One: Left-Wing Scottish Researcher BlackBerry Z10: Ultra-Right Wing Yorkshire Lady Samsung Galaxy S4: Sassy Green Party Voter Lumia 1020: Centrist Default Man Nexus 5: Conservative Telecoms Nerd iPhone 5S: Foxtons Employee iPhone 4: Labour-Voting Architect. 0 1 1 0 1. Tips for Creating a Truly Strong Password or Passphrase. Passwords vs. Passphrases In general, a password is a continuous string of characters that could include letters, numbers and symbols. Apple iphone 6. GPS back-up: World War Two technology employed. PDFProtect! - Add password protection to PDF files online for free. David Cenciotti's weblog. Brian Solis. FUTURISTS. Next Big Future. Gearlog - Gadget Guide by Geeks for Geeks.

Life Hacks and Technology News. Recording Techniques. Screencasting. LaptopnCameraReviews.Com. Students, Rejoice Because There Is An App That Will Solve Your Math Equations. Work stuff. Tecnología. Can Static Electricity Kill Your PC? The evolution of the desk by the harvard innovation lab.

DJI Feats: Eruption at Bardabunga Volcano (montage) How To Be a Google Power User. Setting up GlusterFS on four Banana Pi servers. Banana Pi. The Banana Pi. Apple. Tecnología. Airbus Group - The future of e-aircraft. Tech. TECH. Nexus 7 Tablet. iPhone 6 Plus Mockups and Size Comparisons. Lego Antikythera Mechanism. Programming. Technology. Flying the Birdly Virtual Reality Simulator. PC & Mobile. Logitech's new Bluetooth keyboard quickly switches between PC, tablet, and phone. Switching between three different devices while working is a real problem, albeit one of the first-world variety.

Logitech thinks it has the solution: A new keyboard that, with the turn of a dial, can connect to a computer, smartphone, and tablet simultaneously and quickly switch between them. The K480 keyboard works across the major platforms: Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android. According to Logitech, it supports keyboard shortcuts for each of the desktop operating systems.

It even puts platform-specific keys, such as command and Start, where you would expect them so both Windows and Mac users should be happy and feel at home. Computer Science. ▶ How to use the Raspberry Pi B+ computer for your next DIY project. You don't need an electrical engineering degree to build a robot army. With the $35 Raspberry Pi B+, you can create robots and connected devices on the cheap, with little more than an Internet connection and a bunch of spare time. Techotopia. Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine. Science & Technology. Techland - Tech and Gaming News and Reviews - Regulators are wary of facial recognition software Facebook rolled out a new photo-sharing app in the U.S. this week, but it won’t come out in Europe in the near future due to concerns over how it uses facial recognition technology.

The app, called Moments, allows users to share photos with each other privately based around specific events and uses facial recognition software to detect which friends are in a given photo. Tech Blog for Linux, Windows. European Internet Radio stations guide. The Future According To Films.

How Do I Figure Out How Many MegaPixels Are Necessary for Printing a Photo at a Specific Size? MakerBot Industries. Steps to Success Every now and then we’re reminded 3D printing is not science fiction, but a real technology used every day to make amazing things in homes, studios, schools, and businesses. At MakerBot we’re proud to be leading this Next Industrial Revolution with the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem, which makes desktop 3D printing and 3D scanning affordable and reliable for everyone, and includes a variety of products and services to help unleash your creativity. One of the newest members of our family is MakerBot Desktop, a complete, free 3D printing solution for discovering, managing, and sharing your 3D prints.

As we learned in last week’s post on connectivity, MakerBot Desktop was built to access the powerful software capabilities of the new Fifth Generation line of MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers. World Of Technology. Diy book scanner. Tested - We Test It So You Don't Have To. PCWorld. Nokia Users. Tech tomorrow's Channel (videos)

Upload. Phone Arena - Phone News, Reviews and Specs. Command-line interface.