Wifi Radio Review Macworld reviews the Pure Evoke Flow saying “if you understand the Evoke Flow’s limitations and embrace its primary purpose—a fairly flexible radio as at home at the beach as it is in the kitchen—it may be for you.” That doesn’t sound like unconditional thumbs up to us so it’s worth digging deeper into the review. The sound quality is acceptable, producing “quality akin to that of a decent clock radio—perfectly fine for the kitchen or bedroom or for spoken-word content, but not something that’s going to blow you away sonically.” Wifi Radio Review

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Talksport (styled as talkSPORT), owned by UTV Radio, is one of the United Kingdom's three terrestrial analogue Independent National Radio broadcasters, offering 24 hour sports radio service broadcast from London to the United Kingdom. On 2 April 2012, Talksport became a 24 hour sports station with the remaining 39 hours of non-sports content dropped.[2] Talk Radio era[edit] The station was originally and officially launched as Talk Radio UK on 14 February 1995, with Sean Bolger and Samantha Meah presenting the original Talk Radio Breakfast Show. talkSPORT talkSPORT