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Cozy, Delicious Cozy, Delicious Sometimes the washing machine breaks and floods the basement with sudsy water. Sometimes the heel of your favorite black leather ankle boot breaks off as you’re walking up the stairs to your office. Sometimes a jagged pebble on the interstate bounces up and cracks your windshield. Sometimes, all of these things happen on the same day. And at the end of a day like this, simple, unfussy food can feel so, so good. There was a time when the more exotic ingredients a recipe had, the more desperately I wanted to rush out and buy every single one.
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A Fit Foodie's Guide To Survival Ok, so now I am mad. Someone stole the name. Well, they did have it first. K squared meals is a Indian food company in Canada. Great, we even outsourced my name! But I won't let that stop me. A Fit Foodie's Guide To Survival
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