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Cool Programs Cool Programs - After Death - Christian Pages - Windows 98 - Humor - More Pages This web site contains a collection of freeware programs that I have downloaded from various places on the internet. To download one of the programs listed below, click on the download "here" link that appears in the description of the program. These programs are all in ZIP archive format. On this web site, there are no dead download links! Cool Programs

Hacking the Internet of Things - Daily Blob - Jan 23, 2014
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Computer News | Speeding Computer Computer News | Speeding Computer Orange County Computer Repair We just wanted to let you know that we now provide our professional and affordable computer repair in Orange County as well as Los Angeles. We service all laptop and desktop computers. We have convenient on site repair services available or we can pick up the machine and drop it off to you with it running like new again .

PS3 Case for Raspberry PI browse your computer drag and drop here Ctrl + V PS3 Case for Raspberry PI

Deprecated : Function eregi() is deprecated in /nfs/c04/h03/mnt/60280/domains/ on line 92 A better office isn’t built out of the latest formica and drywall — it’s built on the shoulders (and spirits) of the people that work there. There are lots of things that a manager can do to make their office a positive place to work, from the immediate and obvious to the longer-term and more subtle. Build Trust and Communication Techyshit Techyshit
Home and Office Computer Support Home and Office Computer Support Adding movies to an iPad with an SD card is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, but with each step having several sub-steps and annoyances. The SD Card Reader will pull in movies, so long as they are formatted as if they are taken from a camera. That is, they should be in the following directory: And the files should be named DCM_0001, DCM_0002, etc.
Zotac Mag Equipped with NVIDIA’s ION chipset with GeForce 9400M IGP, the ZOTAC MAG starts off strong. You can either get a dual-core Intel Atom 330 processor or a single-core Intel Atom 230. Continue Reading » Mini PC MAG Mini PC MAG
InfoNIAC Without doubt Internet is one of the greatest inventions of human kind, giving us w myriad of wonderful things, among which email, social networks and cute cats. But the coin has two sides. ...comments (1) A team of researchers managed to come up with a microscopic sphere that is able to spin at a speed of 600 million rotations per minute, which makes it the fastest spinning object on the planet so far. ...comments (2) Have you ever thought how a real spacesuit looks on the inside? Even if not, you should. InfoNIAC
itoPad - Laptop heat dissipater Putting the laptop back on the lap Do YOU feel a great deal of discomfort when using your laptop on your lap for long periods, as it gets incredibly hot? You're not alone. Our patented product, the itoPad, will provide you a prolonged and productive relationship with your laptop. Inventor itoPad itoPad - Laptop heat dissipater



In order to bring in more online business, some scrupulous business entrepreneurs adopt scamming strategies to get more views to their business web site. One such strategy that has become frequent over the last five years is Browser Hijacking. In this course of action, when the user searches for a specific web site through a browser, instead of that required web site, the user would be taken to some other page or web site. This highjacking is frequently performed by a malware or a spyware that gets injected in to the browser. HitChrome HitChrome