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Best jobs a Hospitality Management degree can offer - CGC Landran. The expansion and the dynamism of the hospitality industry within the country and beyond have been creating more and more job opportunities and are getting youngsters to join this domain.

Best jobs a Hospitality Management degree can offer - CGC Landran

Adapting the new requirements as per the market trends and standards this industry is making great strides. According to the latest report by IBEF, the Indian Travel and Hospitality market will be worth a whopping USD 488 Billion by the end of 2029. This would account for 9.6% of the total economy. As the government is also trying to infuse more money into this sector, it is envisioned to become an even better job hub. However, the status quo of this industry is fairly impressive. It might take you by surprise to know that there are different verticals subsumed under the hospitality industry. Lodging and AccommodationFood and BeveragesTravel and Tourism Recreation and Entertainment Now, depending on these, there are different degrees and diplomas offered by colleges. Duration: Four years. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS SCOPE IN DIFFERENT INDUSTRIES. Over the years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives.


Today, artificial intelligence is ubiquitous. From devices at our homes to the palmtops that we carry everywhere with us, we are amazing problem-solving abilities of artificial intelligence. It has become almost impossible to survive without this technology in our daily lives. Owing to this, it has also become intrinsic to the field of academia. As per the rising demand, the best engineering colleges in India have ensured to include the pertinent academic programs in their curriculum. Although the mere fact of artificial intelligence becoming important for modern survival is compelling enough to consider the field as a career option, the voluminous scope of AI across industries must be known to the aspirants who are trying to pursue degrees or diplomas in this discipline. The Top career options in Artificial Intelligence include: Conclusion: Artificial Intelligence is the future. Best Engineering College in India - CGC Landran. Top Career Paths After B.Pharm Degree - CGC Landran. The growth of the pharmacy industry has attracted a lot of students.

Top Career Paths After B.Pharm Degree - CGC Landran

They understand that pursuing a B.Pharm degree from one of the best colleges for pharmacy in India, today, is advantageous for career building. This, in turn, increases the academic institutes’ responsibilities of rendering the finest educational services. However, the fact is that if a candidate has completed his or her degree from a reputed and recognized institution, B.Pharm automatically brings a sea full of career choices for them.

The post-degree job prospects are innumerable and branch out to various sectors. Steps to choose the right Institution for your Professional Education -


YouTube. Which Job Oriented Courses Can be Pursued after B.Com? Chandigarh Group of Colleges ,CGC Landran. Commerce has always played a significant role in the making of the modern world.

Which Job Oriented Courses Can be Pursued after B.Com? Chandigarh Group of Colleges ,CGC Landran

Best MBA College in Chandigarh. Best Engineering College in Chandigarh. When you talk about engineering, you tend to come up with a lot of college names.

Best Engineering College in Chandigarh

Engineering is a discipline of the future. Those who want to write a future packed with opportunities can choose this discipline to do so. It is also one discipline that is versatile as it offers a plethora of options. Although there are a plethora of streams subsumed in this discipline, these three have remained to be on the top from the start: Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology engineering.

If one wishes to hit the bull’s eye with this discipline, he/she needs to have the support of one of the best engineering colleges in Chandigarh. Well-furnished laboratoriesExperiential learningUnmatched placement recordInternational exchange programsInternational partakingIndustry-academia interfaceTraining for the overall developmentUp-to-date Campus Resource CentreInnovative teaching methods. Mechanical Engineering as a career option in India School, College In Chandigarh.

Description In India, Mechanical Engineering has come up as the choice of the youth.

Mechanical Engineering as a career option in India School, College In Chandigarh

More and more candidates--especially male candidates--try to pursue this degree to unlock a plethora of golden opportunities. YouTube. What is the difference between B.Sc. and B.Sc. (Hons.)? B.Sc. stands for Bachelor of Science which is generally of three-year duration.

What is the difference between B.Sc. and B.Sc. (Hons.)?

It is offered by the best colleges across the country under different spheres. Some of the most sought-after B.Sc. degrees include B.Sc. Biotech, B.Sc. 5 Reasons You Should Choose Hotel Management for a Successful Career by DM update. CGC Landran Admission 2020 School, College In Chandigarh. YouTube. 5 reasons you should choose Hotel Management for a successful career. Hotel management is a niche subsumed in the hospitality industry which included transport, lodging, and accommodation.

5 reasons you should choose Hotel Management for a successful career

Since more and more people are traveling in the present times, this discipline is gaining importance. Best Biotechnology College and Scope of Biotechnology in India by DM update. BCA or BTech: Which is a Better Degree for you. The conclusion of intermediate leads to a deeper dilemma.

BCA or BTech: Which is a Better Degree for you

Since there is a multitude of options are available for the students in the present times. Depending on different subjects there are a variety of streams and a variety of disciplines. Before comparing the degrees, first let’s know what different intermediates are available for students: Humanities/ArtsCommerceMedical (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) Non-Medical (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) Talking about BCA, all of the above-mentioned can opt for this degree but when it comes to B.Tech, only those who had opted for Non-medical are eligible. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) Which branch in B.Tech has the best future scope? by DM update. What can you do after B.Sc Non-Medical course? From further studies to career opportunities. The world is filled with multiple choices, options, and opportunities and B.Sc.

What can you do after B.Sc Non-Medical course? From further studies to career opportunities.

Non-Medical is one of them. This B.Sc non-medical course incorporates different subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Computer Science thereby forming the basis of a trailblazing adventure! B.Sc. Non-Medical is a three-year degree program to which theoretical understanding and practical learning are integral. In the three-years of this degree, it is highly likely that the students will get a kick-start in their professional life.

Is Nutrition and Dietetics a good career? In an era when it is a well-substantiated fact that food can work as medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics is indeed a good career. It is a three or four-year course offered under various heads in different colleges across the country. This degree incorporates different areas such as the study of food management, promotion of health, the nutritional content of different articles, treatments with nutrition, etc. Today when the world is in turmoil of serious diseases, food can help better. It can lower the effects of the ailments, if not completely eradicate it. Talking about it as a good career—it is excellent if one pursues the degree from one of the best hotel management colleges in India. If one has concluded the degree from colleges like this, then he or she can get a job as health advisors/nutritionists/dietitians in private as well as public firms.

All in all, it is a degree full of options and yes, a good career opportunity! BCA: Course Details, Eligibility and Career Opportunities. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications, which is a three-year undergrad degree. It is offered by various reputed colleges across India. But what is the degree all about? As the name suggests, it is about the computer, its uses, components, and applications across fields. About the degree: BCA Course teaches students about the database, networking, data management, software engineering, programming, computer languages such as C++, Python, etc. In addition to these aforementioned subjects, the degree teaches everything about web scripting, coding, development, etc. What are various career opportunities after Which is the best college for Computer Science Engineering ? Computer Science Engineering is one of the best streams subsumed in the Engineering discipline.

Undergrad and graduate degrees are offered under this head. In recent times, this degree has gained a lot of respect and following owing to its vast career scope. So, being a heavily followed degree, every college wishes to intact it within its curriculum. Which is better among computer science and mechanical engineering ? Engineering is a discipline of great success, great scope and overall, a discipline of a great time! Within this discipline, there are multitudes of niches subsumed.

But there are four niches which have managed to remain on the top shelf for some time and the best engineering colleges in India have always included them in their curriculum. These include Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, and Engineering in Information Technology. Different streams have different scope and that is why we should sort them accordingly. So, before actually concluding, make sure to take notes on how they are different from each other.

Which is the best hotel management institute in India? Hotel Management is a highly rewarding degree being offered by almost all of the Hotel Management colleges in India. Now there are uncountable colleges in India which offer this degree and one thing is very true: not all colleges are the best. You have to filter the best colleges out, which can be a tiring task if not done smartly. So, here are some steps using which the best hotel management institute in India can be found out. CGC Landran Admission Guide: Forms, Eligibility, and Dates. Reaching on the career’s peak of perfection can be both daunting and tiring However if you fall under the aegis of one of the best colleges in India, your efforts will pay off.

What are the good colleges for B.Pharma in India ? Is B Pharmacy a good career ? Why CGC Landran is the best pharm d college. Computer Science Engineering , CGC Landran Admission Chandigarh Classifieds - What is Computer Science Engineering and what are career options after Computer Science Engineering ? What is the scope of an MBA in finance in the future. Which is the best college for BBA Course? BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration which is a three-year undergraduate degree. This revolves around the working and functioning of the managerial staff. BBA includes many sorts of subjects such as marketing, organizational behavior, sales, accounting, finance, and many more. These all aim to provide a holistic view of how the managerial sector works. Best MCA College in Chandigarh , Mohali, Punjab , India Other Services In Mohali.

What is the best career after completing a Pharm.D ? How to choose the right Engineering College? Choosing one of the best engineering colleges can be a task too tedious but it can be simplified with a simple yet useful technique. To save you the hassle, providing you a blueprint via which choosing the best engineering college will become a child’s play. There are dedicated steps that trials to a good decision! These steps include: Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC) Landran. When in the examination hall, one feels that the time is slipping out and running fast, and it seems almost impossible that one will be able to attempt the exam within the specified timelines. The mental pressure and the ticking clock become the two most common reasons behind candidates reassigning to their fate rather than trying to gather the strength to compete with the fears.

What is BCA all about? Know Eligibility and Career Opportunities. Is Computer Science Engineering the best? Which is the best B.Tech College in India? Top Hotel Management Courses and How to Choose Them. How to Become a Graphic Designer ? Best Specialization for Computer Science in M.Tech: dmupdate1 — LiveJournal. 5 Steps You Should Take to Become a Great Mechanical Engineer. Computer Science Engineering:Future, Career, and Opportunities. Ms or best option after b tech. Scope after M.Pharm in India. Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC) Landran.

BCA or B.Tech: Which is a Better Degree for you? : dmupdate1 — LiveJournal. Career options after b tech in electronics and communication. Hospitality Management and Tourism Management – What’s the Difference? Hospitality Management – A Thriving and Interesting Career Path. Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM) Course. What are the best career options after M.Com Degree?: dmupdate1 — LiveJournal. Why you should pursue M.Tech ECE ? by DM update. Is hospitality management a good career. Career options after M.Sc. Biotechnology. MBA Finance vs. MBA Marketing – Which is a better career option: dmupdate1 — LiveJournal. CGC Landran - best biotechnology college which gives wings to your dreams. Job oriented courses after mechanical engineering. Career in BBA or B Com: Which is better? What is the scope of Indian Pharm.D in foreign countries?: dmupdate1 — LiveJournal. MBA in Marketing: Career Options & Prospects. Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran - One of the Best Engineering Co…

Travel and Tourism Industry: How can it unlock a world full of opportunities? 5 Reasons to Take a Management Course in College. Comparison between engineering branches: CSE and IT. Scope of B.Tech information technology in the future. What to expect in Bakery and Confectionery Course? Scope after nutrition and dietetics course. Things to Consider before Choosing a Hotel Management College in India.

What is the scope of Tourism and Travel Management Course. Why & where you should study B.Sc. Biotechnology Course After 12th. Why and where should you study hospitality management Courses? Career Prospects and Scope of B.Sc.Biotechnology Course in India. Steps to Choose the Best Engineering College in India. What skills make a successful Web Designer? M.Com or MBA after B.Com—which course has a better scope?

Factors to be considered before choosing the right b schools in india. Graphic designing or web designing-which one is better? What is Graphic Designing and its future scope. Does M.Sc Biotechnology help you in shaping a successful future? Which is the Best Hotel Management Course In India ? 5 Opportunities you can take after an engineering degree. Here’s why Biotechnology Degree can be a good career option. What are the options available after M.COM ? Career Options after M.Com. Is it better to pursue BBA from India or from abroad? Why CGC Landran is among the Best B Schools in India?

5 reasons to do bba from best college. Career Opportunities After B.Ed. Course. Why Choose Mechanical Engineering As Your Career Path ? 5 Reasons to Choose Mechanical Engineering from CGC Landran. Ten Tips To Make Your Freshman Year Memorable. Is An MBA Worth It? The Future of the MBA. Is it worth doing an engineering course nowadays in India? MCA Colleges in India.