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The Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists, founded in 1956, is the primary psychological organization for psychologists engaged in clinical practice in the Greater Philadelphia region. In conjunction with the Human Services Center, we serve both the public good and the good of the profession. The purposes of this organization are: To publicly represent and interpret psychology as a profession and as a science. To utilize psychological techniques and principles to improve community welfare and to advance scientific knowledge. Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists Website Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists Website
Top 10 Psychology Blogs on the Web | The eduFire Blog Top 10 Psychology Blogs on the Web | The eduFire Blog Psychology is powerfully linked to education; without research in neuroscience, speech pathology, learning, cognition, and much more, we would never be able to advance and improve teaching. Besides being useful, psychology is extremely interesting and can tell you a lot about how you learn and why you think the way you do. Sadly, there aren’t too many psychology courses on eduFire, though that will hopefully change in the near future! In the meantime, here are ten blogs about various fields within psychology. All of them provide great ways to learn more about the subject (the links and articles are REALLY interesting) and see how it relates to important social issues like bettering education or special needs learning. 1.
School Psychology Blog - Improving educational outcomes and wellbeing
NAPPP If you have an idea or a completed manuscript for a book, contact NAPPP for an evaluation of your work. Publishing a book can be a great practice builder. Contact Us If you need to find a qualified psychologist in your area just SEARCH our free database. NAPPP
EMDR Products EMDR Products If you have any difficulty obtaining these books contact the author, Phil Manfield at or telephone 510-528-7000 EMDR Casebook, edited by Philip Manfield, Ph.D. Published by W.W. Norton, 2003. List price: $27
Cornucopia Software, Makers of Practice Magic Cornucopia Software, Makers of Practice Magic Welcome to Cornucopia Software, makers of Practice MAGIC, the billing and practice management software that counts for your psychotherapy practice. If you are looking for the website of Philip Manfield, Ph.D., go to Cornucopia Software offers reasonably priced psychotherapy billing software for both Macintosh (all but LION OS) and all Windows operating systems. Once you've tried MAGIC, you'll understand why Practice Strategies (July, 1996) cited Practice MAGIC as one of the two (out of 19) that were recommended as the best for solo practices. (The other recommended package costs eight times as much as MAGIC)