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4-20-99 a Columbine site.

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Mothman Prophecies. The final stages of decay.

Mothman Prophecies

Others were unpainted, neglected, forlorn. The wholesetting was like the opening scene of a Grade B horror film from the 1930s. Along the road there came a stranger in a land where strangers were rare and suspect. He walked up to the door of a crumbling farmhouse and hammered. Matthew White's Homepage. John Keel. In November 1966 four young people in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, reported a chilling encounter with a seven-foot-tall monster with glowing red eyes and a ten-foot wingspan.

The press labeled it Mothman, and during the next year more than 100 West Virginians would see it. If it had been just another ten-foot-tall hairy monster I would have ignored the report. After all, Bigfoot sightings were superabundant. But the West Virginia critter had wings, could take off straight up like a helicopter, and was fond of pursuing automobiles at 90 miles an hour.

Delaware County History. Census, Taxes, Directories, etc.

Delaware County History

Records Can Be Found By Clicking on Township Links. Before September 30, 1885 marriage licenses were not required in Pennsylvania. The court at Upland.